17 Impressive Enclosed Patio Design Ideas

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Sitting on your patio after a long day of work can be utterly relaxing. If you have plants and pets to spend time around, it can become your favorite place at home.  

But because most backyards are open, they leave you at the mercy of weather conditions and could eventually become less of a place for relaxing and more of a nuisance.

Luckily, there’s a solution. An enclosed patio can be your go-to place to relax, have fun with friends, or simply host reunions. And it will be a lot more convenient than an open one.

Below, we bring some of the best enclosed patio ideas you’ll find to make even the dullest of patios a much more exciting place to be. Take a look!

Why Consider Getting an Enclosed Patio?

Why Consider Getting an Enclosed Patio

Apart from what we already told you, there are many other reasons why an enclosed patio can be an excellent idea. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Higher Property Value – An enclosed patio with a gorgeous and practical design can increase any house’s value exponentially.
  • More Indoor Space – While patios are not necessarily part of the house, they’re still considered indoor spaces that are much safer and cozier than outdoor ones.
  • Improved Privacy – Being outdoor places, everything you have and do in the patio will be at a peek of distance from neighbors. An enclosed patio prevents that.
  • Enhanced Customization – While an outdoor patio is not exactly dull, it doesn’t offer the customization and decoration advantages that an indoor patio has. You can push your creativity to the max with one of these.
  • Less Discomfort – From pests to changing weather conditions and even the scorching sun itself, an indoor patio will take you away from all of them.

So, does an enclosed patio sound like an excellent idea for your house? Then don’t hesitate and take a peek at some of the most impressive ideas below!

17 Enclosed Patio Ideas You Can’t Dismiss

We focused on enclosed patios designs that anyone could replicate but also could make dull patios a lot more attractive. You’ll find a mix of both gorgeous yet straightforward enclosed patio ideas to consider. Keep scrolling to check them up!

1. Exciting Close-to-Forest Wooden Patio

Exciting Close-to-Forest Wooden Patio

Do you live close to a forest or big trees? Is your hose made of wood? If yes, then this idea can come in pretty handy.

The focus is to make a cozy area that combines indoor furniture with large windows that connect you further with nature.

It doesn’t have to be the complete patio this way. A small part could be enough, especially if connected to the rest of the outdoor patio for a seamless experience.

2. Classic Close-to-Garden Wooden Patio

Classic Close-to-Garden Wooden Patio

In case you live in a slightly rural area, or your house is filled with plants all around, then you’ll love an enclosed patio in the middle of the garden.

It is the simplest way to make your backyard much safer, cozier, and worth spending several hours in.

The customization level on this type of enclosed patio is unlimited – you can make it look like a living room, a shed, a hut, or just whatever.

3. Simple but Spacious Wooden Patio

Simple but Spacious Wooden Patio

If you want to go the simple path, then a few pieces of wooden or aluminum furniture, concrete or ceramic floor, plus wooden windows should be enough to make a cozy place for conversations.

You could use it to relax, chat with friends or family, or even host gatherings if needed. The best of all? You won’t have to spend too much on it.

4. Comfy Patio with Ventilated Wooden Roof

Comfy Patio with Ventilated Wooden Roof

If your house or apartment has a small patio but tons of homes and other apartments around, then you probably want some privacy.

The best way to achieve that? An enclosed patio with a wooden roof that lets some air go in. This way, you can enjoy some privacy, pleasant climate, and still hold reunions or relax at any moment.

5. City Rooftop Glass Patio

City Rooftop Glass Patio

Do you have a large rooftop or terrace connected to your apartment? Then building glass panels as walls and ceilings will come like an excellent idea.

It will protect you from all weather conditions but give you tons of freedom, so you can relax however you want.

This type of patio can be made of any size and with any design. It can be a huge creative opportunity to put your decorative skills to the test.

6. Living Room Green & Wood Patio

Living Room Green & Wood Patio

Pick a rustic table, a sofa and chairs, a wooden floor, and some plants. You’ll have an almost-perfect patio that looks like a living room.

It can have an open roof with walls around or a complete enclosed ceiling. Either way, it will be a cozy and fun place to be at. Whether for relaxing or hosting parties, this type of patio offers the privacy and convenience that outdoor patios don’t.

7. Close-to-Nature Rooftop Patio

Close-to-Nature Rooftop Patio

Simplicity never goes overlooked, especially if you’re on a short budget. If you live in an apartment or house with a rooftop made of wood, you always add some windows, small furniture, a pot with a plant, and call it a day.

It will be an excellent place to hold gatherings and enjoy alone if needed. Either way, you won’t have to spend a fortune.

8. The Curtain Paradise

The Curtain Paradise

An enclosed patio doesn’t need to have all the walls. A semi-open enclosed patio with curtains to reduce sun exposure or protect against the rain can be enough.

Mix it up with rustic stone decoration and classic-looking furniture to achieve an enticing look all around. Having a cup of coffee or tea after a long day of work will be a total pleasure.

9. The Pool & Cabana Hut Patio

The Pool & Cabana Hut Patio

Building a small canopy close to the pool is always a worthwhile endeavor. But what about a large hut with pool-side furniture, a mini-bar, and a kitchen or barbecue? Sounds exquisite, right? Well, it is.

You’ll need a lot of space for something like this, but it is totally worth trying if you want to give some life to your patio. On top of that, it combines well with other patio parts, including pools, gardens, and lawns.

10. A Rustic Patio for Reunions

A Rustic Patio for Reunions

Going small and simple is never a bad idea. If you have a small terrace or patio with ceramic/concrete floors, you can always set a ceiling with fabrics.

It looks rustic and over-simplistic, but it can be an excellent idea if you want to save some money and still build something worth spending time in.

Sure enough, you’ll still enjoy the protection and privacy you want without spending much money.

11. A Cozy & Peaceful Wooden Rooftop

A Cozy & Peaceful Wooden Rooftop

Hang a hammock, bring a wooden table, and let the timber walls and ceiling bring an air of freshness. You can build with windows or without, and it will look fantastic.

It works well on rooftops and elevated decks more than ground-level ones. But either way, it works wonders to make your patio a lot more attractive, relaxing, and pleasant.

12. The Mini-Bar Patio

The Mini-Bar Patio

You don’t have to go the extra mile to produce a fun patio. Building a mini-bar with a few seats and an open wall or windows can be enough.

Add some vegetation in pots, a cute ceramic or concrete floor, and it will be ready. It will be the perfect place to grab a drink after a long day of work or host the most exciting get-togethers.

13. The Cozy Apartment Patio

The Cozy Apartment Patio

If you’re lucky enough to have a small area on your apartment that works almost like a patio, you can transform it into a living-room-like experience with some outdoor furniture.

And if it has opened spaces, then it will be even better. This type of cozy apartment patio works wonders in both rural and city areas. Adding some vegetation and wooden decoration could make it even more enticing.

14. A Classic Glass-Enclosed Porch

A Classic Glass-Enclosed Porch

Connect with the nature of your patio without the annoying outdoor elements by building a wooden ceiling with full-wall glass windows.

It does not only look fantastic on any home, but it also works wonders as a place to spend some time after work or with friends and family.

You can choose any type of furniture to make it work. And add some pots and hanging plants if you’re looking for a greener look.

15. The Classic Place for Conversations

The Classic Place for Conversations

Outdoor decks lose their appeal after some time, starting with the amount of maintenance they require. Luckily, you can always build a roof and some walls around and make a cozy porch-like patio.

Find the most comfortable furniture possible, bring some ventilation, and get some windows so you can see everything around. It works wonders to host get-togethers, bring friends or family, or just relax on Sundays.

16. White Wood & Glass Patio

White Wood & Glass Patio

Whitewood has a unique appeal that almost nothing else can match. For areas that change seasons consistently, white furniture with this type of wood works like a charm.

It contrasts nicely in the summer and spring, gives the fall more color, and matches well with the winter.

With some glass windows for maximum outdoor visibility, a sofa set, and polished concrete or ceramic floor, you can build a year-long patio to spend time at.

17. The Office Living-Room Patio

The Office Living-Room Patio

Do you work from home but are tired of indoor areas? Then build yourself a patio office.

With some plants, a small table, chairs, and a sofa, you can make even the smallest of patios a lot more attractive and functional.

The best of all? You won’t need much. It works with any kind of ceiling and walls. And it can be either concrete, wooden, or ceramic floor. The focus is to have a place to work that’s also relaxing.


Did you find our enclosed patio ideas useful? Don’t hesitate and start building your new patio now!

With this many options, you won’t have an excuse to leave your patio as if. Whether you’re missing some construction or just a bit of decoration to match these ideas, this is the time to start working on it.

Making a dream-like enclosed patio a go-to place to be at home will be a pleasure. And later on, it may become your favorite place. So, what are you waiting for to make it happen?

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