John Deere 400 Tractor

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John Deere 400The John Deere 400 tractor is a garden-type tractor and the first in the 400 series.

The 400 is equipped with a powerful 19.9 horsepower Kohler gasoline engine with two cylinders. The hydrostatic transmission has infinite forward and backward capability with two ranges in each direction.

The John Deere 400 is designed to handle tough jobs around the home. With power assisted steering, the 400 provides maximum comfort while operating.

You can still find 400’s in use today, after a decent manufacturing run from 1975-1983.

Overview of the 400 Series

The 400 series began with the 400 and branched of into successors like the 420 and 430.

These heavy-duty tractors sport powerful engines ranging from 20 to 22 horsepower (the 400’s 19.9 HP engine is rounded off to 20 HP). Because of their durable build and power, these tractors are used in both home and commercial applications.

The 400 is designed to meet the needs of both types of operators. The 400 series is ideal for cutting 3 to 5 acre areas of grass. The cutter width for this series ranges from 48 to 60 inches

The additional power and torque that these models offer allows for a variety of tractor attachments to be used.

These include but are not limited to

  • the 450 rotary tiller
  • Number 40 loader

In addition, the 400 line can use:

  • front blades
  • baggers
  • snow blowers
  • and many tow-behind tools.

Features of the John Deere 400

Now we will take a look at the specific model 400 and the features it offers.


The John Deere 400 packs a powerful Kohler 19.9 horsepower engine.

As usual, John Deere exceeded expectations John Deere 400when they revealed the 400 to the public. This powerful combination of engine, tool capabilities, and comfort resulted in a tractor that is suitable for home and commercial use.

The engine (model KQ532) has two cylinders and is air cooled. The displacement is rated at 53.67 ci and maxes out at 3500 RPM. It has a 3 quart oil capacity.

The engines on John Deere ride on mowers are known for being exceptionally reliable and easy to maintenance.


The 400 has a hydrostatic transmission with infinite 2-range forward and reverse. The chassis is 2 wheel drive with power assisted steering.


  • 4.5 Gallon capacity

Lawn Mower

  • 60 inch

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