Great Deck Lighting Ideas

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Deck LightingA typical wooden deck isn’t that stunning to look, is it?  But it’s not too hard to transform.  You just need to add some decking lights.

This is why plenty of people are very particular when it comes to the deck lighting idea, and they invest a lot in lighting fixtures to enhance their decks.

To get that perfect looking deck, let me share with you three old-time secrets to great lighting ideas. These three secrets are as follows:

Choosing The Lighting Concept

To start with, you need to know that deck lights are capable of transforming a garden or back yard into a second living space. Which means that your deck lighting concept is very important.

There are tons of lighting ideas for decks.  It can feel overwhelming to consider all of the options.

The three most popular lighting concepts are as follows:

1. Recessed Lighting – Recessed lights are pretty good to install in decks. Recessed lighting fixtures are those that are installed within the actual deck, and the top of the light is flush with the floor’s surface. In other words, the lights are installed on the deck’s floors.

2. Accent Lighting – Accent lighting is all about installing lights to highlight certain areas or features of the deck. These lights are typically installed on the side of the wall or a railing.

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3. Post Lighting – Post lighting is classic. This is the typical lighting style used in most decks wherein lights are placed in posts that are installed in specific areas of the deck.

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Buying the Best Fixtures

After you’ve decided on your deck lighting concept, the next part is the shopping for the fixtures to use. The first buying tip is to always keep in mind your chosen concept or theme; remember, you need all your fixtures to go with your concept or theme.

Next, it’s also ideal to comparative window shop, before you make any actual purchases. Check out 2-3 stores first before you decide which one to buy.

Lastly, always ask assistance from store personnel when shopping for lighting fixtures. They’re more knowledgeable in that area, and it’s always advantageous to get expert advice.

Sustainability and Upkeep

A great deck lighting idea isn’t just about having a very good concept and design, it is also about thinking long-term. Ask yourself — can you maintain your deck lighting’s power requirements in the long term?

How much will it cost you in utilities and maintenance?

For this very reason, more and more people are preferring low voltage deck lighting fixtures.

It’s basic science — the lower the voltage, the lower the power consumption, and this means that you’ll have lower electricity bills compared to if you use high-voltage deck lighting fixtures.

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One consideration for your deck lighting project is the environment. In our day and age, we spend so much of our time focused on what we want and what will look best, that we often forget the impact it could have on our surroundings.

We are, in essence, narcissistic as a human race.

And I’m not saying that using solar deck lights will turn the game around– but perhaps you have a slight inclination to become more eco-friendly… this could be a great starting point for you to dip your toe in the water.

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