The Ultimate Guide to John Deere Tractors

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John Deere was founded in 1837 and ever since then, they have been consistently delivering products and services that support our farming and agricultural communities as well as homeowners looking to better their yard. If you are in any way connected to the land, then there is a John Deere product that was made for you to make things a little easier.

From different products, machines, and equipment, there isn’t a limit to what they offer. What once was reserved for the farming community, John Deere has extended their service and products to us at home. So, in addition to compact tractors and garden tractors, you can also find different snowblower models and lawn sweepers that will help you keep your yard looking pristine during every season of the year.

At Yard Surfer, we are interested in everything that has to do with backyard landscaping so we have compiled a list of some of the best John Deere products that can help you with every aspect of your lawn care and yard needs.

Choosing a John Deere Tractor

If you have a farm or a home with any kind of acreage, then the advantages of having the right tractor to help you are nearly endless. When choosing the right tractor for the job, you need to consider several different factors including the size and configuration of the yard or acreage you are looking to care for. You should also take a good look into the future and anticipate any bigger upcoming jobs you may have to tackle later.

close up of brand new blue tractors

You should also consider the type of jobs you need a tractor for. For example, are you going to be mowing the lawn or will you also have to eventually take care of some snow removal? In that case, you also need to consider the type of tire tread you will need so you can have the best possible traction while tackling your jobs.

Additionally, power is also important. The horsepower of a tractor and the size of the jobs it can handle are of utmost importance as well. Will you need to be able to lift and move heavy loads? What kind of materials do you feel you will have to move around the most?

john deere tractor artisanry

Finally, the smaller the tractor you choose, the longer the job may possibly take. A homeowner with a smaller yard and garden can do well with a much smaller tractor. However, farming land with a lot of acreages will require a much bigger machine that can handle the heavier workload while also cutting down on the amount of time it takes to complete each task.

John Deere Lawn Tractor Series

Here is a list of different John Deere tractor series.

John Deere 4440 Tractor

john deere 4440 tractor

The most desired tractor in the Iron Horse line, the John Deere 4440 Tractor is a full-sized farming and agricultural tractor that offers the power you need when faced with challenging terrain or higher crops that require higher clearance.

This article will breakdown each part of this tractor from its engine, the power, its hydraulic system and more.

This tractor has two different variations including the standard and high-crop so you can be sure to get the clearance you need for each and every job. A tractor like this is a good choice for harvesting and having to maneuver around more difficult and rough terrain.

John Deere 317 Garden Tractor

John Deere 317 Garden Tractor

When looking for a more deluxe tractor for your agricultural needs, the John Deere 317 Garden tractor features a hydrostatic transmission.

Due to issues with the previous model, this tractor was redesigned with full pressure lubrication and an improved engine to overcome any problems faced in the past.

New additions were made to this model that made it better than the previous model. The older model had a lot of engine problems, and this was rectified with the 317 Garden Tractor. It now features an engine with full pressure lubrication which helped eliminate the possibility of engine failure.

John Deere 2305 Compact Tractor


john deere 2305 compact tractor

If you want the ability to use attachments and want something that is heavy-duty while still being compact, then the John Deere 2305 Compact Tractor is what you need.

With its diesel engine and power steering, you will find both comfort and power with this tractor. It also includes safety features that will help regardless of the load you are carrying or the incline you are on.

Have a job that will take a while? Then the ergonomic features of this tractor will leave you in maximum comfort even over the roughest terrain.

It features a high-back seat for support and makes it much easier and manageable when you have tasks that go beyond just a couple of hours to complete.

John Deere 955 Tractor

John Deere 955 Tractor

When stepping away from standard consumer garden tractors, the John Deere 955 Tractor offers much more power packed into a tractor capable of more professional applications in the farming industry.

It is also one of the only John Deere tractors to be manufactured overseas in Japan rather than in the United States. One of these tractors, still in good working condition, goes for under $10,000 and includes the attachments needed for working on adverse and uneven terrain.

It is the ideal machinery for both farming and load running in a more professional capacity.

John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor

John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor

Affectionately known as the Cadillac of John Deere Garden tractors, the 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor is one in the 400 series that continues to exceed consumer’s expectations even today.

Featuring a lawnmower deck, this tractor can help you cut more grass in far less time than before while still allowing a good amount of maneuverability while you do it.

Attachments?  No problem. This tractor allows a lot in the way of versatility and capability.

John Deere 650 Tractor

John Deere 650 Tractor

For a more fuel-efficient option that is easy to care for and maintain, then many people turn to the John Deere 650 Tractor.

It is a versatile option that can handle a variety of attachments making all your farming and agricultural tasks much easier to manage.

It can handle small and medium jobs as well as the bigger ones. It is also affordable and can be found under the $5000 mark. It is definitely much smaller than some of the other models we discuss, but that doesn’t mean it packs any less of a punch.

John Deere 400 Tractor

John Deere 400 Tractor

One of the first tractors in the 400 series and one designed to handle garden-type work the 400 Tractor is the perfect piece of equipment to have around the home to help you keep your yard looking beautiful and pristine.

It also provides the rider with a lot of comfort, and it offers both durability and power for the homeowner looking for some help with cutting and maintaining their lawn.

With a cutter width of up to 60 inches, you will get even the biggest yards done in no time.

John Deere 430 Garden Tractor

John Deere 430 Garden Tractor

Another garden tractor that is perfect for around the home is the John Deere 430 Garden Tractor.

It is one of the most durable models available because they combined their power steering feature with a diesel engine and hydrostatic drive to create a machine that is dependable and ready to work.

Have a lot of work to do? This tractor can hold a sufficient amount of fuel, and it also has a reserve tank that awards you with an additional fifteen to thirty minutes so you can get all your tasks done.

John Deere 3010 Tractor

John Deere 3010 Tractor

Let’s take a quick step away from the garden tractors that are perfect for home projects and take a closer look at the John Deere 3010 Tractor that is larger and more heavy duty and able to handle farm and agricultural work in the industrial sectors.

It is quite heavy due to its size but can be used in a variety of farming applications including utility, standard, row-crop, and orchard. Rough terrain? That isn’t a problem for this machine.

This tractor is definitely a workhorse and is both powerful and reliable.

John Deere 420 Tractor

John Deere 420 Tractor

Have a lot of jobs that need to be done and don’t want to have to have several machines around to complete the work? The John Deere 420 Tractor can handle a variety of different jobs including general-purpose, Hi-Crop, standard, utility, special, and crawler varieties.

Its large fuel tank is ready to work as long as you need it to and with the other features this tractor offers, you will wonder why you didn’t consider this model sooner.

When looking at this particular tractor model, you may also find that there are some that may be a different color than others. The newer model replacing, the older 40 was changed to the traditional green and yellow color.

The earlier models you find will be painted in just the green color. To be sure of the model you are looking at, you can always check the serial number.

John Deere 455 Tractor

John Deere 455 Tractor

Also often called the Cadillac of tractors, the 455 series is a workhorse like its predecessors. It fits the bill for everyone including farmers, homeowners, and other people in rural areas needing a little help with the care and maintenance of their land.

It is powerful to handle any job big or small and is a reliable machine that can work for hours on end. If you have heavy materials to move, the front-end loader helps simplify this process and cuts down on the time you have to spend doing the hard work yourself.

John Deere 318 Tractor

John Deere 318 Tractor

Another smaller but powerful tractor designed to handle lawn and garden use at home is the John Deere 318 Tractor.

While it is ideal for home applications, it can also handle consumer applications as well when it comes to landscaping and even plowing snow. If you also want to ensure that you are going to have a good resale value, then this is also the right choice for you.

It is a highly sought after and dependable tractor that people still look for because it has proven to outwork all the other tractor models available.

John Deere Snowblower Models

John Deere Snowblower Models

While John Deere is most well known for their powerful and dependable line of tractors and other heavy farming equipment, they also corner the market when it comes to snow blowers as well.

They offer both hand pushed and tractor mounted snowblower models that can stand up to the demand for snow removal you face every winter. The hand pushed models work like a lawnmower and is equipped with a gasoline engine that can operate in all types of environments.

The tractor-mounted variety costs more than the previous type, but it is worth it if you have a lot of land you have to clear. The push varieties are more suited to homeowners that just need to make a few passes to clear away the snow.

John Deere Snowblowers

John Deere Snowblowers

With a name like John Deere on your machinery and equipment, you know you are getting high-quality, dependability, and durability.

From hand push snowblower models to the costlier tractor mounted snowblowers, there is one to handle every job from the smallest up to the biggest.

For needs more suited to the home and the driveway and sidewalks, the push snowblower is definitely a contender. However, if you find yourself facing much more area to clear, then you need a more powerful system, and this is where the tractor mounted snowblower models step in and take over.

This type can pick up much more snow and clear it much faster.

John Deere Snowblower Guide

In addition to John Deere’s farming and agricultural equipment, they also offer machinery that can help the average homeowner keep up with their lawn and landscaping and also help clear snow during those cold winter months.

However, before you rush to purchase your new snowblower, there are several things you need to consider making sure you are purchasing the right machine for your needs.

While you may feel that all snowblowers are the same, there are distinct differences between them that can make the buying process a bit more challenging.

For example, single and double stage snowblowers, larger snowblowers, the kind of starter they are equipped with, the handlebar height, tire chain options, and plastic cabins. Do you know what features you need to have in a new snowblower?

The handlebar height is what determines how comfortable you are while working. If the handlebar is too low, you will find yourself straining your back as you are hunched over. Keep in mind that you will be using the snowblower for a good amount of time, so you want it to be as ergonomically fit as possible.

Tire chains are used on many tractor models but can also be quite effective with the snowblowers as well. The tire chains offer more stability and traction for you by gripping the ground better than the tires alone could.

No matter what kind of yard or acreage you need the tractor or snowblower for, we have compiled a list of viable options that you can consider that will work in a variety of different applications.

When finding the best snowblower for you, certain considerations need to be made such as the kind of started the snowblower will have, the handlebar height, the tire chains, and the cabins. Not every John Deere snowblower model comes equipped with an electric starter; however, it is highly recommended that this is a feature you consider. When it is cold outside, you may find that it is much more difficult to get it going. Pull cord starters work well, but they do go through a lot of wear and tear much faster than those with electric starters.

The Benefits of a John Deere Snowblower

While you’re at it, you might as well also consider what you can do about clearing snow while you are in the process of purchasing your new tractor. Are you in an area that sees a lot of snow? There are different types of snowblowers you can choose from that can help you get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it manually without the help of any machinery or equipment.

Lawn Sweeper

Lawn Sweeper

Yard debris. It is never a fun chore when it comes time to pick up the yard, and this is where a lawn sweeper can come in very handy to help tackle these less than desirable yard jobs.

A lawn sweeper is considered a kind of specialty lawn tool that can be operated in one of two ways-by hand or by a tractor.

They help you effectively clear the debris from your yard quickly and efficiently and can work on a variety of different surfaces and terrain from the grassy areas of the yard to even the hard terrain of the sidewalks running in front of your home.

Other Products From John Deere

Whenever we think of John Deere, our mind conjures the image of the brand’s riding lawnmowers and tractors painted in green and yellow. But JD is more than just a “tractor cum mower manufacturing brand.”

Besides lawn tractors, John Deere manufactures many other products, many of which have multiple versions. So, for those who are not that familiar with other products manufactured by the brand, here is a list.

Agricultural Equipment

The association of John Deere with agricultural machinery is partially correct. After all, it started as a brand name of Deere & Company, a manufacturer of various machines, including agricultural machinery.

Having said that, John Deere has consistently concentrated on manufacturing agricultural equipment that meets farmers’ demands today and makes their jobs simple for a long time. The brand is renowned for being “forward-looking” and consistently producing equipment that is cutting edge.

The company owns a variety of agricultural machinery, from inexpensive commercial tractors to harvesting and fodder equipment. So no matter how much property you have, agricultural equipment is always appropriate for your needs.

The following is a list of John Deere-made agricultural machinery.

  • Tractor
  • Tracked tractor
  • FEL attachment
  • Combine Harvester 
  • Cotton picker
  • Sugarcane harvester
  • Forage harvester
  • Seed drill
  • Field sprayer
  • Telescopic handler
  • Horse-drawn manure spreader

Forestry Equipment

John Deere makes various heavy forestry equipment to ensure excellent and safest performance. The reach of John Deere extends beyond only gardens and agricultural fields. The company has also dabbled in forest machinery.

Here is a list of John Deere forest equipment.

  • Harvester
  • Skidder
  • Forwarder
  • Log loaders
  • Feller bunchers

Construction Equipment

The construction sector is another area where John Deere has influence. The company manufactures powerful construction tools designed to be safer, smarter, and more productive than ever. Construction machinery such articulated dump trucks (ADTs), backhoe loaders, lightweight track loaders (CTLs), crawler loaders, crawler dozers (bulldozers), crawler excavators, and others are produced and sold by John Deere Construction. The business also owns the German-based Wirtgen. Deere would grow due to the acquisition, strengthening its position in the European construction and agriculture markets.

Here is a list of the brand’s current construction equipment offerings.

  • Excavator
  • Articulated dump trucks 
  • Loader
  • Tracked loader
  • Backhoe
  • Skid-steer
  • Grader
  • Crawler loaders 
  • Crawler dozers
  • Wheel loaders, etc

Engines And Drivetrain

John Deere also produces exceptional diesel engines and drive trains designed for large machinery.

Industrial Diesel Engines

  • Final Tier 4/Stage V (EPA/EU)
  • Final Tier 4 (EPA Only)
  • Interim Tier 4/Stage III B
  • Tier 3/Stage III A
  • Tier 2 and Lesser Regulated

Drivetrain Components

  • Axles
  • Planetary Gear Drives
  • Pump Drives
  • Transmissions
  • Vehicle Electrification

John Deere Store

The purchasing of John Deere goods is relatively easy. In addition to having physical storefronts, the company has a significant online presence. So, you can go to their website or the John Deere dealer closest to you.

Numerous countries, including the USA, Germany, India, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, the Netherlands, and so forth, have approved dealers for the brand. 

From there, you may purchase John Deere tractors, tools, accessories, workshop gear, clothing, and other necessities.

Other Equipment for Lawn & Garden

Customers love the tractors and ride-on mowers made by John Deere. But did you know that the company also invests in other lawn and garden machines and equipment? Yes, you heard correctly. 

The garden and lawn equipment made by John Deere is highly effective and uses green technologies to minimize its adverse environmental effects. So whatever landscaping concept you have, John Deere has the ideal hiring opportunity for you.

Lawn Care

  • Lawn Tractors
  • Zero-Turn Mowers
  • Riding Mower Attachments
  • Tillage Equipment
  • Tracked Feller Bunchers

Utility Vehicle

  • Gator™ Utility Vehicles
  • Gator™ UV Attachments
  • Traditional Gator™ Utility Vehicles


  • Compact Tractors (22.4 – 66 Engine HP)
  • Attachments


  • Home and Workshop Products

John Deere Sponsorships

  • The John Deere Classic- an American professional golf competition.
  • Supporting the #23 and #97 vehicles driven by NASCAR driver Chad Little in the ’90s.
  • Representing the #17 car driven by NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in the 2010s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.
  • Ice resurfacing for the Carolina Hurricanes: early 2000s until mid-2010s

John Deere Subsidiaries and Affiliates

  • John Deere Capital Corporation
  • John Deere Financial
  • Agreentech
  • John Deere Technology Innovation Center
  • Bear Flag Robotics – Autonomous agricultural technology & equipment company
  • AGRIS Corporation (John Deere Agri Services)
  • John Deere Ag Management Solutions (intelligent mobile equipment technologies), Urbandale, Iowa
  • John Deere Electronic Solutions
  • Kemper, Stadtlohn, Germany
  • Waratah Forestry Attachments 
  • NavCom Technology, Inc.
  • John Deere Electronic Solutions
  • Ningbo Benye Tractor & Automobile Manufacture Co. Ltd.
  • Machine finder 
  • Hagie Sprayers
  • QCFS and Consolidating
  • KingAgro
  • PLA (sprayers) Argentina
  • Blue River Technology
  • Wirtgen Group


To save a good amount of time and relieve some of the pressure and pain that comes from the back-breaking work involved in maintaining your yard and clearing out feet of snow every year, it is always a good idea to invest in a tractor and snowblower that works well in your home applications.

Why get stuck using that hand shovel you keep in the corner of your garage to clear out the snow when there are other easier, faster, and much more efficient options at your disposal that can get the job done right and in half the time?

For typical lawn maintenance and grass cutting for smaller, flat yards, then a smaller and more compact tractor may be all you need to get the job done.

However, if you have a bit more land and also have other tasks you need to accomplish like moving hay bales or other heavy loads and harvesting, then you will need a larger tractor with the right attachments and horsepower to successfully complete the job.

Compact and lighter duty equipment usually costs much less to purchase. However, if you do have a lot of space to cover, you also need to factor in the cost of your time if you choose to use a smaller machine for the bigger jobs.

When it comes to the availability and selection of John Deere equipment, you will not be disappointed. They offer the right tools to get the job done, and they are committed to innovation and offering only the best tools.

They are also wholly committed to quality and tradition which means that any machinery you purchase with the John Deere name can stand the test of time. No matter your needs or the size of the jobyou can always count on the John Deere name when it comes to value and service.

In addition to reviewing the John Deere tractor and snowblower information we have, you can also take a closer look at some of the other valuable information we have to offer you.

We have everything you need to know about backyard landscaping and so much more. You will find that it is easier than ever to maintain and care for your yard and garden.

Not sure what tractor to purchase?

We have broken down each tractor and have listed its features and other important information that can help you decide which is best suited for your home’s needs.

List of John Deere Tractors
John Deere 317 Tractor
John Deere 318 Tractor
John Deere 400 Tractor
John Deere 420 Tractor
John Deere 425 Tractor
John Deere 430 Tractor
John Deere 455 Tractor
John Deere 650 Tractor
John Deere 955 Tractor
John Deere 2305 Tractor
John Deere 4440 Tractor
John Deere 3010 Tractor

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