Companion Planting Chart (Guide)

Companion planting is the art of arranging your garden so that your plants are happier, healthier, and supportive of one another. Strange as it may seem, plants are very much like people. Certain varieties of plants get on very well with some others, while others can’t thrive if they’re planted next to each other. Companion […]

57 Garden Tools – The Complete List

Good tools are like keys; they unlock the secrets of your garden; take you through the gateways of success and allow you to turn your garden, however big or small, into something truly beautiful. Good gardening tools are the medium by which the imaginations of the heart become a stunning reality. A gardener without tools […]

5 Ways Gardening Helps our Planet

For those of us who have fallen in love with gardening, the numerous benefits it brings to our minds and bodies are beyond dispute. But is it really limited only to our personal well-being or there’s something more to it? Let’s consider the ways gardening closely helps the planet on a larger scale and understand […]

5 Products You Need To Get Started In Hydroponics

What is Hydroponic gardening? Hydroponic gardening is becoming a prevalent method of home gardening these days.  Wondering what it is? Hydroponic gardening means growing plants without soil. Yes, you read it right! Now you can grow your plants without soil and prevent them from the dangers of bacteria, weed, and pests from ruining your garden. […]

Awesome Glass Bricks Ideas to Love

One reason why the glass bricks are popular fixtures in the backyard is that they make that space outdoors look big and spacious. Putting some glass blocks on the floor and even walls, if there are walls in the backyard, is indeed, the solution to small yards. According to garden and landscaping experts, many people […]

Bench Cushion to Have

A bench is now a fast-becoming popular must-have in the garden and yard. A lot of homeowners nowadays are investing in the designs outside their homes. Aside from plants, flowers and beautiful landscapes, benches and outdoor furniture are now essentials that should never be taken out when planning for the design. If you intend to […]

Shade Cloth to Have for Yard, Garden, and Outdoor Living

Do you know how important a shade cloth is in your yard, garden and outside your home? If you do, it’s either, you already have one protecting your plants, flowers and all the things around you, or, you are already planning to put some shade outdoors using a cloth. There are different factors you can […]