John Deere 650 Tractor Detailed Specifications and Review

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John Deere Tractor Models are the most popular tractors in the world. The company is well-known for producing high-quality agricultural machinery, lawn tractors, engines, and other heavy machinery.

The John Deere 650 is one such lawn tractor model. This riding lawn tractor has exceptional qualities and features that allow for productive work on farms and in yards.

In Japan, the John Deere 650 tractor made its debut in 1981. Since then, this model, which was in production for 8 years, has adorned homeowners’ lawns.

Fans of John Deere continue to laud this model even today. The JD 650 tractor is well known for its fuel efficiency, tough engine, and durable body. This tractor is useful for lawn mowing- it can also be used for weeding, fertilizer application, snow removal, tilling hard dirt, and other tasks.

It is impossible to summarize this great tractor’s features in the introduction section.

As a result, we’ve devoted this entire post to dissecting this machine and bringing its features and specifications to light. So hold on to your seat as we delve into the world of the John Deere 650- a fantastic riding tractor.

John Deere 650 Specs

John Deere 650 Specs

The power and dependability characteristics of the John Deere tractor line are packed into the John Deere 650.

Although it is smaller than other riding tractors, it is incredibly adaptable and capable of carrying many attachments. As a result, the 650 is the tractor of choice for small to medium-sized jobs.

Understanding this fantastic tractor is therefore essential. Before going deeper, let’s first look at a table of specifications.

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere 650
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeRiding lawn tractor
Series50 Compact Series
Length (overall)107.5 inches
Weight 1530 lbs
Wheel Base56.1 inches
Width43.2 inches
Height2WD Hood- 43.1 inches
4WD Hood- 44.7 inches
Exhaust- 77.4 inches
Lawn/turf front23/8.5-12
Lawn/turf rear31/15.5-15
Standard tires (ag)Front: 5.00-12. Rear: 9.5-16
Front: 6-12. Rear: 9.5-16
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelYanmar 2T80
Engine typeLiquid-cooled inline
Engine Power (Gross)17 hp
No. of cylinders2
Bore and stroke3.15x3.35 inches
Displacement 52.1 ci
PTO (claimed)14.5 hp
Compression ratio22.5:1
Starter volt12 V
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Rated RPM2600
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel tank capacity6.2 gal
Battery12 V
Ground6.2 gal
Battery12 V
Rear PTOTransmission
Rear RPM540
Engine RPM540@2350
Front PTOIndependent
Transmission & Chassis:
Oil capacity2.5 qts
Coolant capacity4.0 qts
BrakesDifferential mechanical dry, internal expanding shoe
Gears8 forward and 2 reverse
Steering typeManual
Operator systemTwo-post ROPs
Chassis4x2 2WD
4x4 MFWD 4WD
Speed9.5-16 rear tires
TypeOpen center
Pressure2030 psi
Attachments (optional):
Mower deck60” mid-mount mower deck
Snowblower 59” front-mount two-stage
Blade54” front-mount blade
LoaderJohn Deere 67 Loader
John Deere 60 Loader
BackhoeJohn Deere 7 Backhoe
Manufacturing locationJapan
Production years1981 - 1988
Price$6,030 (1983 2WD )
$8,400 (1989 2WD )
$9,300 (1989 4WD )

John Deere: The Brand

John Deere- The Brand

Before getting up and close with John Deere 650, let’s introduce the brand. John Deere is not an unknown brand. Yet, for those who are not that familiar with it, here is a brief introduction.

American company John Deere is well known for producing various agricultural, yard, and forest equipment.

It was established in 1837 in Grand Detour, Illinois, in the United States, and initially focused on producing steel plows for the tillage of American Midwest prairie soil.

The company didn’t enter the tractor industry until 1918. As a division of John Deere, the current business, John Deere-Delaware Company, was established in 1958. You can click here to learn more about this company if you’d like.

John Deere 650 Features in Detail

John Deere 650 Features in Detail

This post section is crucial because it thoroughly discusses the John Deere 650 tractor. In this section, we’ll go over the John 650’s features in greater detail.

From general specifications and engines to attachments, we’ll go over every significant aspect of this fantastic machine. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Physical Specifications/Overview

The physical specifications of any tractor play a crucial role. The exterior building enhances the tractor’s look and speaks of its durability. John Deere has always paid very meticulous attention to building their tractors strong.

The body of their tractors is made of welded steel coated with anti-rust and corrosion protection. The same can be stated for the John Deere 650 compact tractor.

The iconic color coding is also something worth the mention- yellow and green. It won’t take much time to recognize this tractor, among others.

The size of the machine comes next. Now, not all tractors will work with all types of land. Here, we concentrate on its size rather than emphasizing the tractor’s capabilities. It is always advised to purchase a tractor appropriate for your yard size.

You won’t want a machine partially outside your yard, after all. Let’s examine the JD 650’s dimensions in this regard. The dimensions of this tractor are 107″ x 43.2″ x 43.1″–44.7″. (depending on the 2WD and 4WD variety).

This machine’s size makes it suitable for farms or yards with a medium to large size. It weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 1530 lbs. We identify it as being a bit heavy.

This small tractor’s hood is also incredibly smooth and straightforward to open.

You can open it on your own to check out the interior, including the engine. The hood is also fastened in place by a latch. Therefore, the hood won’t open no matter how you mow or how far you drive the tractor in reverse. It’s a highlight in terms of safety!

The 650 has attachment points, thanks to its standard 3-point hitch and three PTO clutches. These features make moving power between various attachments simple.

There is also the option to choose between power steering and manual steering. The tractor also had a 4-wheel drive manual version near the manufacturing end.

The operating noise of this tractor is one issue we have with it. Noise cancellation is not a feature that comes with this tractor. Even though this is a very personal opinion, operating this tractor while ignoring the noise it makes at first may become a nuisance.

Verdict: Most John Deere 650 models are generally in good condition. However, remember that it is a retired model prone to aging problems. So, before buying this tractor, always check its specs and features. Additionally, you might have to pay extra for maintenance.


Any vehicle’s engine is its most crucial component. A strong exterior cannot save a vehicle if the engine is weak or underpowered. And John Deere is well aware of this.

As a result, the company never compromises when choosing the engines for its tractors. The liquid-cooled inline Yanmar 2T80 engine found in the John Deere 650 compact tractor produces a maximum output of 17 horsepower while using diesel as fuel.

This engine’s oil and coolant capacities are 2.5 L and 3.8 L, respectively. The tractor also has a 52.1ci displacement and a rated RPM of 2600. In addition, this engine has a reputation for being incredibly adaptable and simple to maintain.

While reviewing the engine of this tractor, we were pretty impressed by its durability. But what disheartened us is the gross power output. It may not be at par with the tractors that come nowadays.

On the other hand, the fuel tank capacity in this tractor is 6.5 gals, which is enough to mow for a prolonged time without refilling the tank.

Verdict: The engine is powerful and long-lasting enough to be used on lawns or yards with a medium to large size. Although the fuel tank capacity is impressive, the machine’s USP is not its gross power output.

Electric Start

What is there to say regarding the electric start? It is perfectly suitable. The 650 has an electric start powered by a 12 V battery, just like other John Deere tractors.

With no need for acceleration, the tractor can be started quickly, thanks to this feature. Additionally, even in below-freezing temperatures, creating an engine with an electric start becomes simple.

Transmission and Chassis

The 8-speed gear transmission (8 forward, 2 reverse) that comes standard on the John Deere 650 might strike some as being archaic.

Now, for those unfamiliar with this transmission, let us give some introduction. A gear-drive transmission restricts the speed of a tractor to one. This transmission is suitable for use on sloppy and uneven terrain.

Additionally, it permits optimal PTO performance. However, a gear transmission does not offer limitless variable switching, unlike a hydrostatic transmission. Additionally, the tractor has a 200mm dry disc clutch.

You’ll achieve the following speeds with the 9.5-16 rear tires:

  • 1 – 0.7 mph 
  • 2 – 1.0 mph 
  • 3 – 1.4 mph 
  • 4 – 2.3 mph 
  • 5 – 3.2 mph 
  • 6 – 4.5 mph 
  • 7 – 6.3 mph 
  • 8 – 10.3 mph 
  • R1 – 0.1 mph 
  • R2 – 3.1 mph

In a nutshell, the John Deere 650 Yanmar transmission offers a wide range of speed options.

Fuel Tank

The John Deere 650 has a 6.5 gals fuel tank capacity, which is pretty impressive. However, we could not overlook the lack of a reserve tank.


Another aspect of this model that deserves attention is the tires. The tires are turf-type solid tires. They are 23/8.5 to 12 and 31/15.5 to 15 in (front and rear, respectively).

The weight of this tractor is distributed evenly, thanks to the enormous size of the rear tires. Due to their turf nature, they will also have little effect on your yard. The tires will also float over the ground if the yard is wet.

Verdict: Suitable tires to support the tractor’s weight without damaging the ground.


In the John Deere 650 compact tractor, you will find 3 PTOs- a front, middle, and rear.

The rear PTO, with 540 RPM and a transmission-type over-running clutch, is located above the three-point hitch, which makes it easy to load attachments like the backhoe. In addition, the middle PTO is an independent electromagnetic clutch.


The John Deere 650 tractors are available with both power and manual steering. However, this model comes standard with manual steering and offers power steering as an option (in some models). So, if you desire power steering, you’ll have to look for the power steering variety.

Operator’s Cabin

The 650 tractor is not only powerful and effective; it also takes the comfort of the rider into account. It is simple to operate, and the shift stick is positioned for easy access.

There won’t be any stifling or restricted spaces due to the open cabin. Additionally, getting on and off the tractor is much simpler with an open operator’s cabin. Two-post ROPs, which increase the operator’s comfort and weather protection, are also a choice if safety is a concern.

Canopies for John Deere ROPs are easily found on Amazon.com. A seat belt is also a feature, ensuring the riser’s security while operating the tractor.

Verdict: A combination of ease and safety.


As we’ve already mentioned, the standard three-point hitch and rear PTO of the John Deere 650 compact tractor make attaching equipment simpler. The following is a list of some equipment that this tractor can handle.

  • Mower blade
  • Snowblower
  • Rake
  • Backhoe
  • Loader
  • Rototiller, etc.

Thanks to its attachments, this tractor can be used for more than just mowing. You can use it to rake, till, blow snow, weed, plant seeds, and other things in your yard.

Pros and cons of John Deere 650

Pros and cons of John Deere 650

In the US, small to medium-sized farms and lawns use the John Deere 650 utility tractor. Home lawn owners continue to use this machine in great numbers. Yet, it is not all good with this tractor.

While reviewing it, we also discovered some noteworthy drawbacks. For your reference, the following is a list of the John Deere 650 compact tractor advantages and disadvantages.


  • Large fuel tank: The 650 tractors have a fuel tank of 6.5 gals capacity, which is great.
  • Compact size and prevents dents/rusts: This model comes compact, ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and farms. Also, prevents dents and rusts from being rigid.
  • Sturdy and value for money: Indeed, the 650 tractors are sturdy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to use them refurbished.
  • Good for small yard tasks: The 17hp is ideal for undertaking small to medium yard activities.
  • Attachments: The JD 650 has many attachment options, making it a versatile machine.
  • Easy to maintain and ease of use: This tractor is easy to maintain and does not bother you. Plus, super easy to function.


  • Gear transmission: The JD 650 features a gear-drive transmission, which is not as efficient as the hydrostatic ones.
  • Noise: You cannot ignore the operating noise of this tractor
  • Not apt for larger yards: Its 17 hp is not very ideal for undertaking larger tasks on larger yards.
  • Aging issues: The JD 650 is an old and retired model. Hence, you may encounter aging issues like a leaking fuel pump, transaxle leaks, jammed carburetor, etc.

John Deere 650 Tractor Serial Number

Several variations and serial numbers are available for the John Deere 650 tractor. The tractor’s serial number and manufacturing year are listed below.

YearSerial Number

Cost of John Deere 650 Tractor

Cost of John Deere 650 Tractor

The John Deere 650 compact tractor originally cost between $6000 and $9000. Its refurbished version, however, is offered at various price points. 

This tough and durable tractor is still reasonably priced, even after refurbishing, which is noteworthy.

The Bottomline

So there you have it—our impression of the John Deere 650, a machine that may be old but never loses its gloss. This model from the company, which is still praised for its powerful features, is tough and durable.

However, we want to make clear that you should keep in mind that this tractor model is an older one. You’re going to receive JD 650 models that have been repaired.

Therefore, before buying a tractor, always give it a thorough inspection. With this, we have come to the end of our post, but we remain open to your feedback.

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