John Deere 3010 Tractor

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John Deere 3010The John Deere 3010 is a large farm/agricultural tractor manufactured from 1961-1963.

It is equipped with a 4 cylinder John Deere engine with one of three fuel types.

This New Generation series tractor sold for $4700 back in 1963 and weighs 5800 pounds.

As with many John Deere tractors, the 3010 had both agricultural and industrial versions which varied in functionality and size.

The agricultural version alone comes in four different orientations: utility, standard, row-crop, and orchard.

The large tires and impressive 90-inch wheelbase ensure that the 3010 can handle any terrain. The Synchro Range transmission features eight forward speeds and three reverse.

Quick Overview

The 3010 is a true workhorse tractor, blowing away the consumer tractors seen today. A variety of attachments can be used on the 3010’s 3-point hitch. You can still see many 3010’s working on farms today, along with many people restoring and collecting them.

A total of 44,000 of these tractors were built at the John Deere plant in Waterloo, Iowa. capable of pulling a maximum 6323 pounds, you won’t find a more powerful and reliable tractor anywhere.

Agricultural Version


Three different engines were put into the John Deere 3010 tractor, each with different fuel capabilities. The type of motor depends on the tractor’s orientation.

The gasoline and LP gas engines are each liquid cooled and have 4 cylinders. The rated RPM is 2200 with a displacement of 201 ci. The diesel engine is the same except for a larger bore/stroke and higher displacement of 254ci.


The transmission is a Synchro Range, which requires the tractor to be stopped and the clutch depressed to select one of four shift stations. Once a station has been selected, the tractor can be shifted between two forward gears while in motion by using the clutch.

Power Take-Off:

The 3010 has rear independent power take-off with RPMs of 540 and 1000.


The closed-hydraulic system has a capacity of 9.5 gallons. Two valves control a flow of 18gpm.


John Deere claims 52 HP on the drawbar and 55.09 HP on the PTO. Testing in 1960 revealed a power of 52.8 HP on the drawbar and 59.4 HP on the PTO.

Industrial Version:

Known as the John Deere 3010 Wheel, the industrial version of the 3010 was produced in 1961. An experimental crawler version was built but no crawlers were ever produced. Owners could choose between a Gas or Diesel engine.

LP gas was not used on the industrial models for safety reasons. All of the other hydraulic and hitch options were available including the three point hitch. All of the heavier parts caused the Wheel to outweigh the agricultural version by a couple thousand pounds.

Industrial Version Information:

The frame rails were built bigger and stronger, with the holes drilled in a different configuration than the agricultural version. The 6-inch C Channel steel frame extends farther back over the tranny case than the agri-version.

For added weight and protection of the gas tank, a cast iron nose frame was installed.

The shifting system is set up so the right lever shifts through all gears, while the left lever shifts through the high/low/reverse ranges.

  • Heavier front axle
  • Flat industrial style front grill
  • 10 gauge steel sheet metal
  • Fixed tread size

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