John Deere 425 Lawn & Garden Tractor

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John Deere 425The John Deere 425 is a lawn and garden tractor in the 400 series.

The 425 is part of the “Cadillac” line of John Deere garden tractors, including the 445 and 455 models.

These tractors are considered to be some of the best ones ever produced by John Deere and continue to exceed expectations even to this day.

History of the 425 by John Deere

Produced between 1992  and 2001, the 425 sports a 20 HP Kawasaki 2 cylinder gasoline engine.

Liquid cooled and ready for anything you can throw at it, the 425 packs the power to handle a wide range of attachments and jobs.

These tractors accept any attachments you want to put on them, including snow blowers, plows, and front-end loaders.

All of these features are packed within a heavy duty robotically welded frame.


The John Deere’s Kawasaki engine packs an impressive 20 horsepower into a small space. Two V-twin cylinders make this engine easy to work on and maintain. With reduced moving parts, breakdowns are less likely. The Kawasaki is liquid cooled with an oil capacity of 1.6 quarts. The two cylinders have a 35.7 ci displacement and a maximum rated RPM of 3550. It also has a full pressure lubrication system and a replaceable oil filter. The model number is FD620D, which is good to know when you’re looking for a replacement or spare parts.


The John Deere 425 tractor is equipped with power steering, adding unparalleled comfort to its operators. Power steering allows for quicker and tighter turns and allows users to navigate rough & difficult terrain without straining. The stock models were equipped with 2 wheel steering but could be upgraded to 4 wheel steering upon request. In 4WS mode, all four tires rotate into the turn, vastly shortening the turning radius. The two models have different weights:

  • 2WS:   955  pounds
  • 4WS:   1050  pounds


The 425 has a hydraulic power take-off (PTO) system to use with attachments. Attachments are connected via a 3-point rear hitch (category 0). The John Deere 425 garden tractor is well known for its versatility in attachment capability.

Just about any attachment you want to put on it will work.

Lawnmower Deck:

The 425 features a 54 inch mower deck standard, with  48 inch and 60 inch deck options. The larger deck cuts more grass in less passes, while the smaller deck allows for more maneuvering room.


The hydrostatic transmission features infinite forward and reverse control of ground speed. The no-clutch shifting is an added bonus.

Comfort Items:

Tilt steering allows the steering wheel to tilt up and down to accommodate operators of different heights. Simple comforts such as this are often all it takes to make long work hours more enjoyable. In addition, cruise control comes standard on the John Deere 425 tractor, allowing operators to set a constant speed on long stretches of land.

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