Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs

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Pool furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. The best pool furniture ideas can be used both in and outside of the pool.

The most common types of pool furniture include chaise lounges, pool floats, and dining/patio sets.

The sheer number of pool furniture ideas out there can leave a person overwhelmed. However, by sticking with durable furniture pieces such as those made of aluminum or teak, your furniture selection will be long-lasting.

Outside of the pool, lounge chairs let people take a break from the water while they bask in the sun. In-pool furniture is designed to float or be pushed around for fun.

Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs
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Best Pool Furniture Ideas for Summer Fun

The following are some fun pool furniture ideas to try out this summer!

Chaise Lounge Chairs

pool furniture ideas

Ideal for lounging next to the poolside, chaise lounge chairs are the furniture of choice for resorts and clubs.

The low profile design of a chaise lounge allows users to hop back into the pool without getting out of the chair.

More importantly, it is the lounge-style construction of the chair which places the user into a comfortable horizontal orientation.

Users can lie on their back, stomach or side to get a full-body tan. Many models are adjustable at the back and legs.

Since poolside furniture is likely to get splashed by water, look for the lounges which feature waterproof sling-style mesh backings.

Chaise lounges are light enough to move around the pool deck quickly.

Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs
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Anti Gravity Lounges

The anti-gravity lounge chair features a mesh backing which is suspended by flexible cords.

The cords allow the backing to stretch and flex around the body to take the pressure off. A steel frame supports the mesh and allows the back and leg sections to be adjusted. Most adult models are able to support well over 200 pounds.

The mesh materials used in anti-gravity lounges are waterproof and will not mold or fade. The portable frames are easy to carry and can be unfolded at home or abroad.

Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs
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Floating Chairs and Loungers

Designed for in-water use, the floating pool chair suspends users on top of the water.

Floating chairs keep the body well above the waterline as the user bobs and floats around the pool.

Many models have onboard cup holders to keep a cold drink on hand. Luxurious models take it a step further with overhead shades to keep the sun off.

Floating chairs are designed to let the legs dangle in the water, while loungers keep the whole body above the water. Some are inflatable, while others have buoyant foam inserts.

Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs
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Floating Coolers

One of the more interesting types of pool furniture is the floating cooler.

These mostly inflatable coolers hold ice and drinks to keep them cool. Many have an exterior ring of cup holders.

Difficult to topple, floating pool coolers keep drinks close by so users never have to leave the pool.

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Deck Dining Sets

Pool decks are not complete without at least one patio set. Consisting of a table and set of chairs, these furniture pieces are used for outdoor dining next to the pool.

Food from barbecues and parties can be eaten without making a mess of the pool deck. For the best water resistance, look for patio sets that are made of aluminum.

Not only can it be painted, but it will not rust even if the paint gets scratched. It is also very lightweight and easy to handle.

As with most types of metal pool furniture, rubber feet protect your deck when sliding chairs in and out.

Inspirational Poolside Furniture Ideas and Designs
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