The Ultimate Outdoor Chairs Guide

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There are so many types of outdoor chairs!  It can feel overwhelming for anyone. That’s why we’ve created this 8,000+ word definitive guide. 

We want to help you decide which types of chairs you may truly need by providing every detail and pre-purchase thought you may need to consider.

The Ultimate Outdoor Chairs Guide

Table of Contents

Let’s Start With an Overview

Be sure to check out the handy table of contents to quickly jump to the right section, but here’s a quick list of the types of outdoor chairs we’ll cover in this post:

  • Hanging Chairs
  • Hammocks
  • Bubble Chairs
  • Folding Chairs
  • Zero Gravity Chairs
  • Beach Chairs
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Padded Chairs
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Hammock Chair Styles and Mounting Methods

Hammocks Rada
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Perhaps the most comfortable outdoor chair is known as the hammock chair. It hangs from virtually any solid structure and suspends the body in the air.

Learn how to hang one yourself as well as what different styles are available.

Hanging Method 1: Freestyle

Your typical hammock chair has a bracer bar at the top which has two cords connected to it on either end. The cords come together at a single point (a metal loop) which can then be hung from a patio awning.

Most awnings have several columns which support a wooden overhang from where the hammock chair swing can be hung.

An industrial hook can be screwed into any solid wood structure in the area. After drilling an appropriate pilot hole, the screw can be screwed in by hand.

Additional leverage can be acquired by placing a long screwdriver through the hook loop and twisting.

For best results, use a swivel clasp between the hammock and the hook so that the chair can spin around without twisting the cable.

Hammock chairs can also be mounted to tree limbs.

Hanging Method 2: Free Standing Mount

If you do not want your hammock chair to be limited to a single location, place it on a free-standing metal mount. These mounts are not fixed to the ground and can be moved from place to place.

Some have wheels which make transport even easier. A typical hammock chair stand has an “X” shaped base which supports a “C” shaped overhead support.

The support suspends the hammock chair in the air in the middle of open space. The powder-coated steel frames add durability and waterproofing.

outdoor hammock chairStyle 1: Cotton

This style of hammock chair is crafted from pure cotton and a wooden bracer bar. Most can support up to 200 pounds.

One benefit of a cotton chair is the airiness of the mesh design.

Air passes through the cotton rope to cool the user as they sit.

They do come with some downsides, however.

Since they lack much structural support, some users complain that the rope restricts their bodies and pressed against their ides.

Also, the white cotton rope is difficult to keep clean and retains a lot of water.

Style 2: Padding with Rope

Hammock Chair

With pads supported by a rope on the sides, this style of hammock chair swing offers more support.

The relatively rigid seat maintains most of its shape when a user sits on it.

The seat section can be made of weather-resistant PVC or polyester and colored in any number of patterns.

The weight limit for such models is generally greater than a basic cotton hammock.

Style 3:  Sling Style

Sling style hammock chairs have more than one bracer bar and provide the greatest support.

Hammock Chair

They maintain their shape quite well and will not restrict or compress the body.

Sling chairs have a series of fabric canvases which are suspended from wooden bars.

Many have footrests which hang in front of the chair.

Even so, you still only need one mounting point to hang it.

Hanging Chairs

When you get tired of that uncomfortable plastic patio chair, then it’s time to switch to something more substantial. Cushioned chairs can feature some really comfortable pads, but nothing compares to a hanging chair.

Hanging chairs make you feel like you’re floating on air, contouring to your every curve and taking the pressure off your body. Hanging hammock and rope chairs are especially good at doing this.

These chairs hang from a rope or chain on your porch (although you can use them as an indoor hanging chair as well). When hung from a solid mount such as a wood beam, these chairs can support full-sized adults.

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with these chairs because they have such a distinct charm and unique look.

Hanging Rope Chair

hanging chair

Rope chairs are usually made from spun cotton rope linked together into a durable mesh.

Unlike rigid chairs, this rope mesh material can stretch out so you can even lie back and take a nap.

The mesh design allows air to flow freely through the openings, keeping you cool even on a hot summer’s day.

A retainer bar sits above your head to keep the mesh open, preventing it from enclosing and restricting the occupants.

The bar connects directly to the ceiling to a wood beam or stud.

Studs can easily be found using a stud finder. A hole must be drilled for a loop screw to be inserted from which the chair will hang from.

This hardware is usually included when you purchase the swinging chair. If the installation isn’t your thing, free-standing mounts are available for the chair to hang from. These mounts can be moved around the yard, too.

Hanging ChairsHanging Cushion Chair

A happy medium between a conventional and hanging chair, these cushion chairs have padding which forms a seat-like shape.

The chair maintains a seat shape which in many ways makes it easier to get into. Reading and holding drinks becomes a lot easier with this more rigid design.

Just like the rope chair, this cushion chair allows users to swing back and forth.

Comfy foam or cotton fills the seat cushions, providing a super soft floating-on-air experience. They can be safely mounted on trees, patios or ceilings or a free-standing mount.

Some of the more elaborate models feature leather chair cushions.

Both the padding and rope comes in a variety of designs and textures. I don’t think there’s any better way to sit outside and enjoy a spring day than with a patio furniture swing.

Indoor Hanging ChairChoosing Indoor Hanging Chairs

Although hanging chairs are commonly used outdoors, you can also bring this comfort inside having the indoor hanging chair.

There are a few varieties, specifically the rope, hammock and bubble chair, that go particularly well in offices, bedrooms and more.  

As you may know, these chairs hang from the ceiling from a wood beam.

It is important that you use a stud finder to locate a beam underneath the drywall for secure mounting. When installed properly, many of these chairs can hold a couple of hundred pounds.

An alternative is to use a special indoor hanging chair mount. These mounts sit freely on the floor and can be moved from place to place.

Comfortable padding combined with a floating-on-air sensation makes these chairs prized among people looking for ultimate comfort in their homes.

Hammock Chairs

Despite their name, hammock chairs are actually more chair-like than hammock-like. They work by holding up a rigid cushioned chair from a series of ropes.

Many of these chairs are coupled with a hanging leg stand as shown in the picture on the right. This allows users to sprawl out, sit back, and swing in comfort.

A wooden or metal frame keeps the seat in chair form while allowing you to swing freely. Additional features include cup holders, book slots, and adjustable ropes.

Rope Chairs

Hanging Cotton Rope Macrame Hammock Swing Chair
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These chairs are made entirely from a rope made from cotton, polyester or other materials. The rope is woven into a mesh chair which hangs from an overhead retainer bar.

This bar opens up the mesh so you can enter and exit easily. It also ensures that the mesh retains a chair-like form while sitting inside.

The mesh can expand outward, allowing your legs and feet to get support.

You can choose to sit in an upright position or lie back to catch some sleep.

Bubble Chairs

Fine Mod FMI1122-SILVER Bubble Hanging Chair
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Bubble chairs are unique in that they consist of a hollow semi-sphere where users sit inside. This ultra modern design looks great in offices and kid’s bedrooms.

People get a kick out of the surreal sensation they get while lounging inside. Bubble chairs come in a variety of fantastic colors, although the clear shelled varieties are definitely a favorite.

They hang just like any other hanging chair, able to attach to the ceiling or a mount.

A metal retainer ring sits around the opening of the hanging bubble chair from which the chain attaches to.

The height of the swinging chair can be adjusted by switching chain links.

If you’ve read any of our other posts on hanging chairs, you probably know by now that these chairs are super comfortable and stylish.

Rope and hammock chairs make a bold statement, but if you really want to turn heads, consider getting a hanging bubble chair.

Bubble chairs consist of a large circular seat with a cushion inside.

This cove-style seating encloses you in a protective bubble while you swing around freely.

While many of these bubbles have a very modern look, some of these chairs are made out of wicker for a more down-to-earth style more suited for a backyard or porch.

Most people place these chairs indoors in an office or bedroom, but some are intended for outdoor use. An indoor hanging chair can easily become the main conversation piece in a home.

So many colors ranging from wacky to bold are featured in bubble chair designs.

Plastic Hanging Bubble Chairs

Plastic bubble chairs are very modern and outer-space-like in design. The plastic bubble shell has an opening at the front where users enter. The plastic shell is supported by at the rim by a sturdy steel circle.

At the bottom of this bubble sits a padded cushion which can cover the bottom and/or back of the shell. Pads can be switched out to change styles and colors if your tastes change.

The shell can either be a solid color, textured color or completely clear. The clear bubbles allow you to see not only through the front but the sides, back and top as well.

Solid colors only allow you to see through the front.

Hanging bubble chair owners have a lot of fun swinging around their room in all directions. If you want to be able to move the chair from room to room, a hanging chair stand can be used.

Stands also eliminate the need for ceiling installation.

Wicker Bubble Chairs

Outdoor Wicker Tear Drop Hanging Chair
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Wicker is a material that fits well into just about any environment, including patios and gardens. Wicker bubble chairs are coated with a weatherproof resin, allowing them to be used outdoors.

The wicker is painted or stained different colors to match your decor. A tight weave around the rim of the opening keeps the structure rigid. Inside, pillows and cushions can be placed to make it a super comfortable chair.

Some hanging chair owners stuff a bunch of pillows inside to give themselves cushion on all sides. Unlike plastic chairs, these wicker varieties usually have a rope instead of a chain to better match the style of the chair.

Inside this serene chair cove, users can drift off into dreamland, enjoy a cold beverage, read a book or even sit with the kids.

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Additional Types of Outdoor Folding Chairs

Portable Folding Chair with Arm Rest
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outdoor folding chair

Folding chairs make for great outdoor seating because they can be set up instantly and stored between uses.

Many models are made from lightweight steel frames that can be carried around to events and gatherings.

Not everyone likes to clutter up their backyard with a bunch of furniture which can rot in the sun.

Outdoor folding chairs can be stored safely within a garage or storage shed to prevent decay. Storing extra chairs for unexpected visitors becomes a breeze with a chair that can fold up to a couple of inches thick.

Folding chairs can be just as comfortable as their indoor counterparts depending on the included features. Many outdoor folding chairs offer extra comfort features like “zero gravity” suspension and soft padding.

Additional extras include cup holders, armrests and carry bags.

Let’s look at some of the key features of folding chairs intended for outdoor use

Outdoor Folding Chairs

Folding chairs come in many varieties, ranging from lightweight portable models with fabric backing to beautiful hardwood reclining chairs. Portability is a key factor in determining which chair is best for you.

For instance, if you plan on needing seating on the go, a lightweight chair such as the one in the picture may be best.

Chairs that will never be taken from the yard don’t need to be so portable, making a heavier hardwood folding chair a viable choice.

A common outdoor folding chair, such as the orange one seen in the picture above, features a jointed steel frame that can expand or retract in an instant.

Instead of folding up like a sandwich, these chairs collapse into a tubular shape. Multiple chairs can be stacked into the trunk of a car or placed within a storage shed with ease.

On each leg is a rubber pad that keeps the chair in place while in use. They can be used on multiple surfaces including grass, concrete, and sand.

The seat and back are crafted from synthetic materials such as polyester and are stretched over the metal frame. The fabric conforms to the user’s curves, creating exceptional comfort wherever it’s needed.

This concept can be adapted to chairs of all types, ranging from lounges to folding lawn chairs.

Outdoor Canopy Chairs

SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair
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Some folding outdoor chairs offer protection from the sun with an overhead canopy or umbrella. If you plan on enjoying the outdoors in direct sun, the addition of a canopy can help prevent sunburn.

You will find that many children chairs feature a canopy to protect their delicate skin. One chair from Strathwood features a canopy that becomes a carry case.

Outdoor Sand Chairs

Designed specifically to be used near on the beach, sand chairs sit low to the ground so users can play in the sand and splash their feet in the water.

They fold up just like the previous examples and have durable fabric as the backing and seat. You will often find these chairs features in bright colors and designs.

Sand chairs have a more prominent incline in the back portion so users can experience a reclining sensation and perhaps do some sun tanning.

Because they are so low to the ground, the user’s legs lie flat or slightly bent directly on the sand. The lack of hardware makes these outdoor folding chairs exceptionally lightweight and easy to transport.

Outdoor Reclining Chairs

Outdoor Reclining Chair
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Companies like Strathwood and Lafuma make a different type of outdoor folding chair that acts as a portable recliner. If you want to reach a pinnacle in outdoor comfort, a folding lounge chair is the way to go.

Most of them can be adjusted at the back and leg sections to customize the experience. Outdoor grade fabric supports the body from head to toe.

The jointed metal frames allow the chairs to fold up.

While they might not fold as flat as the standard chairs, they are still remarkable portable. If traveling is your goal, a carry case is recommended.

The higher end folding recliners have a “zero gravity” feature. In these versions, the fabric backing is suspended with flexible cord to provide a “floating on air” experience.

Taking a trip to the beach? Bring along a folding beach chair.

Folding Lounge Chair Guide

folding lounge chairs

When you need portable seating, forget those stiff, bulky plastic chairs.

Why sit in an uncomfortable chair when you could lie back in a comfy, conforming folding lounge chair?

Folding lounge chairs are a portable, lightweight seating solution that allows users to sit upright or lie back and take a snooze.

The best part is that these chairs fold up into a compact profile, perfect for popping into the car for a trip to the beach or park.

With additional features such as a carry bag and neck pillow, folding lounge chairs will become your one and only portable chair.

Folding lounge chairs come in enough colors, styles, and materials to fit everyone’s tastes.

Whether you like the feel of plastic tubing or airy mesh as a backing, these chairs offer body-conforming comfort from head to toe.

These loungers are supported by a lightweight metal tube frame that has joints that allow it to fold up easily.

When folded, multiple loungers can fit into the trunk of a car, allowing the whole family to enjoy the fun. Children sizes are available as well.

The functionality of Folding Lounge Chairs

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio Outdoor Lounger Chair
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Although lightweight and portable, folding lounge chairs do not lack the comfort and style of rigid varieties. These chairs fold up through the use of specially positioned joints.

Most of these loungers fold up to just a couple inches thin. When traveling, the last thing you want to lug along is a big, bulky rigid chair.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what a lot of people end up doing.

Collapsing and opening the chairs is a breeze, simply pull open the sections to open it up.

Once open, the frame becomes rigid and able to support several hundred pounds.

Both the back and leg sections of these chairs open and close, allowing users to sit in a variety of positions. If you want to sit up to read, eat a snack or watch fireworks, simply pull the latch and move the back into the upright position.

To lie back and sunbathe or take a nap, the back and legs can fold flat.

Comfort and Types of Material 

Folding Lounge Chair

The comfort of a folding lounge chair lies in the backing. The backing runs from the top to bottom, and can be made from a variety of materials:

Mesh Material

When mesh is used as a backing, users experience an airy, open feel. The mesh allows air to flow through, keeping users cool and reducing sweat.

Some folding lounge chairs use a bungee suspension system around the edges to add more conforming benefit.

Fabric Material

Fabric is a popular and comfortable material used in folding lounge chairs. Fabric can be dyed and colored into many styles.

The fabric backing is attached to the frame through folded looping that has been stitched closed. Stitching on these loungers is of the highest quality in order to support the user’s weight for many years.

Plastic Tubing

Plastic tubing is generally only seen on the lower quality folding loungers, although is quite comfortable. Hollow plastic tubes are wrapped around the metal frame to create the backing.

In the hot sun the tubing can become hot and soft, although this doesn’t bother some people.


  • Pillow
  • Travel Bag
  • Side Pouch
  • Arm Rests

Pillow: Some folding lounge chair users like to add a neck pillow for added comfort. A pillow provides additional neck support and can sometimes come with the chair.

Travel Bag: Many folding lounge chairs come with a handy travel bag. Although these chairs are lightweight and easy to carry, a travel bag allows users to carry the chair with shoulder straps.

Side Pouch: To keep your beverages, novels, wallet and anything else close at hand, a side pouch is essential. Multiple pockets keep your goods safe and by your side at all times.

The pouch is attached to the chair and folds up with it. Outdoor folding chairs such as these can become great carry cases when equipped with a pouch.

Arm Rests: Unless you’re sun tanning, you probably want a pair of armrests on your folding lounge chair. The arms fold up with the chair.

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Trips to the beach are best done with a  folding beach chair. These chairs sit low to the ground and come in many bright, summer-themed colors.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero Gravity Chair
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zero gravity chairs

People who have back and joint problems can find a much-needed reprieve in a zero gravity chair.

Zero gravity chairs are designed to provide excellent full body support by suspending users over a fabric backing.

They are most often seen in lounge chair form, although eccentric pieces like hammocks are available too.

There are two main kinds of zero gravity loungers:

  • Chairs that uses breathable backing
  • Chairs that use padding and leather

Gravity chairs with fabric backing have the lowest cost and are the easiest to carry around. Made of a tubular frame, these chairs have a single piece of textile backing which runs from the head down to the toes.

The fabric itself is suspended between the two sides of the frame, leaving no hard surfaces for the body to press on. Bungee cords woven on either side allow the fabric to conform and shape itself to the various pressure points on the body.

Users can adjust the position of the back and legs as they see fit. You can even lie back completely flat.

An adjustable neck pillow on the back keeps the head level and stable, while armrests provide a comfortable spot for the arms to sit. This type of zero gravity chair is for casual users who simply want a bit more comfort in their home or on the patio.

For people in pain, a precision engineered zero gravity chair is a must.

The Ultimate Outdoor Chairs Guide

These models have lush padding with soft leather on top. They can shape into a lot more positions than the aforementioned model.

They are capable of folding back with the torso lying flat and the legs held above the heart.

This position allows for easy breathing and a reduction in back stress. Some models can be adjusted automatically using a control pad.

Most are adjusted manually.

Orthopedically designed with a lumbar curve, zero gravity chairs reduce spine pressure so you can take a nap in peace.

Chairs designed for patio use are equipped with UV resistant fabrics and protective paint over the frame. It is not advised to use an indoor-rated chair outside for extended periods of time.

Lightweight tube-framed zero gravity chairs have the advantage that they can be taken in the car or moved between locations around the house.

Many companies include carrying bags for these kinds of chairs.

Think about portability when choosing an anti-gravity chair.

Various Types of Wooden Folding Chairs

Wooden Folding Chairs

Wooden folding chairs speak of elegance and comfort whether used on the beach, in the backyard or on the patio. Wood is a versatile material that blends well with just about any type of outdoor decor.

So many types of backyard events can be made more comfortable with a few chairs. For casual use, having just a few chairs for yourself and the family usually works just fine.

However, things like birthdays and pool parties require extra seats for visitors.

To keep that many seats on hand could take up a phenomenal about of room. Folding wooden chairs solve this problem by taking on a compact, easy to store shape when folded up.

This allows many units to fit inside of a small space such as a garage or shed, and taken out only when needed.

The Beauty of Wood Chairs

Bare Decor BARE-DC1021 Vega Outdoor Folding Chair
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Wooden folding chairs are far more appealing than other chairs made from plastic or metal.

The tone and color of the wood can be altered with different stains. Some people prefer a lightly colored, untreated piece while others enjoy a deep red mahogany.

The grain in the wood gives each piece character and poise.

Wood chairs may not be portable enough for taking to the beach or local park, but they make up for it in strength.

Commonly constructed with “mortise and tenon” or wooden dowel joints, a quality wooden folding chair can last many years if cared for properly.

Some manufacturers like to use wooden joints in the folding mechanism, while others prefer galvanized metal hardware.

Regular cleaning is important for long term wood health, especially when exposed to excessive moisture and dirt. A gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth works well.

If chipping of the sealer or fading is present, the wood will have to be sanded down and re-sealed. This provides the perfect opportunity to change the color of the chair using a new stain.

Types of Folding Wooden Chairs

Wood chairs come in many forms, each of which has a different use around the yard.

  • Standard wooden chairs
  • High-back chairs
  • Folding bench chairs
  • Lounge Chairs

Standard chairs sit at an average height, making them ideal for use at outdoor tables. Tall, high-back chairs are commonly used with outdoor bistro sets.

Folding beach and chairs position users much lower to the ground, allowing their feet to lie on the ground.

Lounge chairs are long, low-standing chairs that allow users to lie back flat.

Adjustable back and leg sections allow for several different sitting positions.

All of these folding chairs can be made from wood.

Chair Pads and Covers

While wood is exceptionally beautiful, sitting for a long period of time on it can be uncomfortable.

Curved back and seat sections are more ergonomic but should be coupled with a seat pad for maximum comfort. Seat pads for wooden chairs are removable and can be taken indoors during the rain.

Pads can be placed on both the seat and back portions by tying them on. Selecting a set of chair pads is fun in itself because you can choose from a wide selection of colors and patterns.

For maximum longevity, chair covers should be used on all of your pieces. Chair covers are made from fabric or plastic and slide easily over your chairs.

They keep moisture and dirt out so they are always clean and fresh.

For additional resources on outdoor furniture products, check out Backyard Design Ideas.

Wood Folding Chairs

Indoor Folding wood chairs have the advantage of being both beautiful in design and compact in shape. The ability to fold up between uses allows users to keep a surplus of chairs on hand for unexpected occasions.

Wood is often chosen over other materials like metal and plastic because of its beauty. Woods like cedar and teak are frequently used in the construction of these chairs.

These hardwoods are resistant to dirt and moisture in outdoor environments.

The individual pieces of these folding chairs are connected together with mortise & tenon joints, dowel joints, and other bonding methods to make them incredibly strong.

Wood folding chairs range in styles from comfortable loungers to functional patio dining chairs. Their flexibility makes them perfect for any outdoor occasion.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of wooden folding chairs

  • Folding Abilities
  • Wood As a “Finer” Material
  • Strength

Folding Abilities

Wood folding chairs typically consist of two rigid sections connected together with joints and bars. Users pull on these sections to open up the chair in seconds.

When in the folded position, these chairs are easy to store by leaning them up against a wall or stacking them on top of each other.

Since wood is prone to damage by moisture, storing them in a sheltered environment can increase its lifespan. Excess chairs can be kept on hand for special occasions like a birthday party or cookout.

Some wood chairs use wooden joints, while others use metal hardware hidden within.

Both are reliable methods of achieving the folding action.

Wood as a Chair Material

Some of the most common woods used in folding chairs include

  • cedar
  • birch
  • pine
  • teak
  • wicker and more

Everything except wicker can be considered a hardwood.

Hardwoods are very strong and rigid, making for the perfect material to use in a chair. The beauty of using wood is that you can sand and finish the product to a color of your choice.

Staining wood can dramatically change its color while leaving the grain to show. Painting the wood completely covers the grain and results in a solid color.

While paint forms a natural waterproof barrier, staining a chair requires a coat of sealer for protection.

Types of Folding Chairs

Wood can be crafted into many different types of chairs. Loungers are popular because they are adjustable and allow users to lie back into several different positions.

Users can suntan or take a snooze in the flat position, or sip on a beverage in the upright position. More conventional chairs include those intended for dining, lawn and patio use.

Manufacturers often incorporate a distinct curve into the seat and back portions of these chairs as to better conform to the body.

Slatted wood chairs allow air to flow through the back and bottom, keeping the user cool.

Comfort Pads

Pads can greatly improve the comfort of a wooden folding chair.

Filled with foam, cotton or polyester, these pads attach quickly and come in many cool designs. These pads can be taken off between uses to maximize their lifespan.

Compact and Comfortable Folding Lawn Chairs

Folding Lawn Chairs

No backyard is complete without a set of folding lawn chairs. Seating is one of the most important parts of enjoying your yard.

Whether you’re sitting in a lawn chair watching the kids play or basking in the sunlight next to the pool, lawn chairs provide the comfort you need while remaining portable and lightweight.

A folding lawn chair consists of a jointed metal frame with a fabric, plastic or mesh backing. Picking the right ones for your lawn depends on your budget and type of material you want.

If your budget is tight, a simple plastic-backed lawn chair will do fine. The more elaborate folding lawn chairs often feature extras like storage pouches, carry bags and armrests.

Folding Design

There’s a reason that you see lawn chairs not just around the home but at events as well. Families often carry along their lawn chairs to events, tailgating, ball games, and more.

The frame that makes up the chair has a series of joints which allow the chair to fold up to just a couple of inches in thickness. The frames are made from tubular steel or aluminum which is incredibly lightweight.

The ability to fold allows users to carry more than one chair, and fit them conveniently into the trunk of a car.

The Durability of Various Materials

There are some important features that you should look for to find a chair that will last many years. All metal frames, including steel and aluminum, should be coated with protective paint.

A “powder coat” is ideal, as this paint has been baked on at high temperatures. This paint offers rust protection which is important when using the chairs on surfaces like wet grass.

You never know when those sprinklers will turn on an surprise you. Aluminum folding lawn chairs are perhaps the most durable because they are not prone to rust.

The comfort of Each Material Type

There are many variations of materials and weaves that go into a folding lawn chair. The lower end models usually have weaved plastic slats for the seat and backing.

You will also find manufacturers using synthetic fabric for this purpose. Quality increases dramatically when you look at the more expensive models.

Woven wicker is a beautiful material used in some lawn chairs and can come in several colors. People who will be sitting for a long period of time will appreciate a chair with extra padding.

Fiber-filled seat cushions and backings make these chairs all that more comfortable. A neck pillow is also a desirable add-on.

For The Kids, Too

If you’ve got kids in the family, give them a kid-sized lawn chair of their very own. These chairs often have colorful designs with licensed characters on the front.

A chair designed for their stature will be a lot more comfortable than one intended for an adult.

Plastic Stackable Chairs

Plastic Stackable Chairs

Plastic stackable chairs are lightweight and easy to store being that each chair can be stacked above the next. This allows many chairs to be kept on hand without taking up excessive space.

Several chairs in the stacked position only take up the floor space of a single chair. Unlike wood chairs which can fade and crack, plastic chairs never need maintenance or painting.

A set of these chairs can last for many years with only occasional cleaning. Most of these chairs have ergonomic curves on the seat and back sections, conforming to the body for comfort.

Adding soft pads to these chairs is as easy as strapping them on. Chairs made of recycled plastic are available for earth-conscience consumers.

Stackable Functionality

Adams Mfg 8234-48-3704 WHT Low Back Chair
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Outdoor plastic stackable chairs can usually be stacked 3-5 chairs high safely. To stack, one must first select a location and set down a chair. This location could be against a wall or inside a shed.

Chairs are then stacked one by one on the first chair until all are stored. These chairs are designed in such a way that each chair conforms in shape to the next.

To ensure that you do not stack too high, test the stack by shaking it a bit with your hand. If it feels like it wants to topple, remove some chairs and create another stack next to the original one.

Plastic Materials

Plastic is the ideal material for use in outdoor chairs because it is lightweight and will not rot or chip. Even in extreme temperatures, dense plastic will not warp or fade like wood.

Plastic does not need any type of sealer or paint which can cost money and time. Cleaning these chairs is as simple as spraying them off with a hose and letting them dry.

Many sets have vents in the back which allow air to flow across the body, reducing heat. During the manufacturing process, plastic is injected into a single mold and let to dry.

The result is a one-piece chair which is rigid and durable.

One-piece chairs are lightweight and require no assembly after purchase.

Covers for Plastic Chairs

Despite its strength, a plastic stackable chair can still degrade over time. Plastic is vulnerable to UV light generated by the sun, and can result in fading and weakening.

To prevent this, one can purchase a stackable chair cover to protect them. Only one cover is needed because these covers are long and can slip over all of the chairs once stacked.

Plastic lined fabric covers are both decorative and waterproof. If high winds are anticipated, a cover with velcro straps should be used to prevent it from blowing away.

Plastic stackable chairs are an ideal seating solution for outdoor environments such as backyards.

They are clean enough to be used indoors as well.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Outdoor rocking chairs are supremely comfortable pieces of outdoor furniture that allow users to rock back and forth while sitting. The conventional view of a rocker chair consists of a white wooden chair sitting on the porch.

However, today’s rocking chairs come in a wide variety of materials and designs. For instance, there are portable rocking chairs available which can fold up and be taken on a trip in the car.

Of course, the classic wooden rocking chair is still popular among many.

Choosing a rocking chair can be an intensive process to match the right style and size to your tastes.

Once chosen, a rocking chair can become a prominent and highly used piece of outdoor furniture.

Rocking Chairs

A truly timeless piece of furniture, the rocking chair is a tool of comfort and peace.

Often seen gracing a garden or patio, rocking chairs go back a long time but are still intensely popular today. Learn more about these chairs below.

Choosing a Material

Plastic rocking chairs have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to clean. They also do not chip like wood or require yearly re-sealing.

However, you will not find beauty which compares to wood.

Manufacturers can only simulate the look of wood by stamping wood grain texture onto the plastic pieces.

Metal rocking chairs made of steel or aluminum are heavy duty and strong but are considerably heavier than plastic and most wooden rocking chairs.

However, a rocking chair made from aluminum requires no maintenance and will never rust. As the paint chips away from steel rocking chairs, they can easily form rust if used outdoors.

Wood remains the most popular material for use in the rocking chair design. After all, it is the most beautiful to look at. Also, no other material can give you that signature “creaking” sound as you rock back and forth.

A wooden rocking chair can be re-painted and stained a dozen times over before needing replacement. As such, many families have a rocking chair in their home which has been in the family for generations.

Indoor Versus Outdoor

Rocking chairs are built for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor varieties tend to be more comfortable overall, coated in decorative and comfy cushions and ergonomic curves.

While the outdoor versions can be less comfortable, there are ways to spruce them up. Adding a set of outdoor cushions to the seat and back can make any hardwood rocking chair feel like a couch.

If you plan on using your rocking chair outdoors, look for models which have an “outdoor rated” label.

These outdoor rocking chairs are the ones most likely to have exterior sealant and hardwoods like teak which are designed to resist rot and bug infestation.

Upholstered rocking chairs should be restricted to indoor use only, as the cushions are not usually removable and not made of weather resistant materials.

Rockers of the Modern Age

It may seem frivolous to some, but rocking chairs exist with electronic features like built-in heaters and massagers. Some even have the ability to recline.

These features are most desired from people like mothers and the elderly who appreciate these extra comfort options. It just proves that rockers are timeless and can be adapted to any age.

Trying it Out

Those who are particular about their furniture should always consider trying a rocking chair out before the purchase.

While this is not always possible, you may be able to find a nice selection at a local furniture store.

Aspects of the chair such as back incline, cushioning, armrest height, and rocking range can be better analyzed in person.

Wooden Outdoor Rocking Chair

Wood Outdoor Rocking Chair
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Wood has been used for decades in the construction of rocking chairs and is still widely used today. Some of the woods used include oak, cedar, and even wicker.

  • Oak
  • Cedar
  • Wicker

Oak and cedar are durable hardwoods which can stand up against the rigors of outdoor use. These woods are resistant to degradation from moisture and dirt.

Mortise and tenon joints keep the wood sturdy and tight.

Curved beams on the bottom provide the rocking action. Since wood is hard, it can be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

To remedy this, many manufacturers create curved backs and ergonomic seats to better conform to the human body.

To further aid in comfort, chair pads can be used with a wood rocking chair on the back and seat. Many chairs come with these chairs installed, but aftermarket pads are available to spruce up an existing chair.

Metal Rocking Chairs

Outdoor Modern Front Porch Patio Rocking Sling Chair
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Metal rocking chairs have the advantage of being lightweight, and in some cases, portable. Metal chairs are lighter than heavy wood, making them easier to move about.

Metal chairs do not degrade over time from sunlight.

Aluminum chairs are resistant to rusting and are exceptionally lightweight. Folding models are available which can fold down to a couple of inches thin.

Taking along the comfort of an outdoor rocking chair to an event such as a picnic is made possible with these remarkable models.

Choosing a Metal Chair Type: Rocker vs. Glider

There is a distinct difference between a rocker and a glider, but many people don’t know exactly what that is. Rockers have two curved legs on the bottom which allow the entire chair to rock back and forth in one piece.

Gliders have two parts- a base and the chair. The base stays stationary on the ground, while the chair rocks smoothly. Rockers have a tendency to move around after using them for a while.

Gliders will stay in place no matter how many times you rock back and forth. They also tend to have a smoother operation, with the rocking motion not being so harsh.

Dual Rockers

Dual rockers are wider than usual, providing enough room for two people to enjoy at the same time.

Padded Folding Chairs

Padded Folding Chairs

When comfort is needed anywhere and any time, a set of padded folding chairs is the ideal solution.

Standard folding chairs are usually made of metal, making them hard and uncomfortable to sit on.

To solve this problem, many manufacturers make folding chairs with comfortable padding on the seat and back.

Underneath a protective covering of vinyl or fabric, a layer of foam provides much-needed cushioning. These chairs are no heavier than un-padded varieties and are quite durable.

Seats with vinyl fabric are long-lasting and can stand up well to environments with food or moisture.

Padded chairs see action in a variety of atmospheres including offices, churches, outdoor events, and backyards.

Standard Padded Chair – Metal

Folding padded chairs are typically made from tubular metal coated with protective paint. A set of hinges and support bars allow the chair to fold up to within a couple of inches thick.

On the end of each foot is a rubber cap which levels the chair and keeps it from slipping. Cross braces between the legs keep them stable and secure to support a full-sized adult without strain.

Some chairs only have the padding on the seat portion, while others include padding on the back as well. If no padding is present on the back, these chairs can still be comfortable is the back is curved.

Flatbacks with no padding are not ergonomic and can be painful on joints such as the shoulder blade.

The pads on the seats are made by covering one side of a wood section in adhesive and placing a foam piece over the top. Then a swatch of fabric or artificial leather is brought over the foam and stapled to the unseen side of the board.

The assembled piece if them set into the metal frame and secured.

The quality of the foam can play a large role in how comfortable the chair is.

The cheap foam tends to be far too soft, resulting in users sinking down to the hardwood backing. Cheap foam can also be too hard, refusing to conform to the user’s curves.

If the padded folding chairs will be used in a messy environment, such as one where food is present, vinyl or polyester seat material is a good choice.

These materials make it easy to wipe off stains from dirt or food products. If the chair will be used in a clean environment such as a church or home office, the fabric may be more desired. Fabric chairs tend to offer extra conformance to body curves and can be more comfortable.

Outdoor Home Padded Chairs

Padded chairs also have an important use in backyards and gardens. Intended to be used outdoors, a single padded folding chair can do wonders for an otherwise bland and unusable backyard.

These chairs are more decorative and casual than the before mentioned chairs.

They have a folding frame but have a wider seat and back section for added comfort. Headrests and adjustable seat and back sections make these chairs the ultimate lounging pieces. Wood, metal and plastic chairs are available.

Folding Beach Chairs

zero gravity beach outdoor chair

A day at the beach usually consists of soaking up some warm sun, taking a dip in the water and building sand castles. In between activities, it helps to have a comfortable place to sit down and relax.

Instead of sitting on the hot sand, you can bring along a set of folding beach chair for you and your friends. Beach chairs that fold up can be easily transported from place to place, especially if they have a carrying handle or backpack case.

Beach chairs like these come in several different types, ranging from regular chairs and chaises to ones in kid’s sizes.

On the higher end are the “zero gravity” models that support users on a bungee suspension system for maximum comfort.

Some folding beach chairs can be adjusted at the back and/or leg sections to sit upright or in the case of chaise lounges, lie back completely.

Beach chairs are an exceptional way to enjoy the outdoors. Let’s take a look at some of the different models available.

Folding Beach Chair Chaise

Chaise beach chairs defy convention to provide a supremely comfortable way to enjoy the beach. Unlike standard beach chaise, the chaise varieties allow the user to lie back completely flat if desired. Most offer adjustable back and leg sections to customize the experience.

The backing is made from durable, fade-resistant fabric that suspends the user while reducing pressure points. If you like to tan in the sun, a chaise folding beach chair is the best choice.

Supported by a durable tubular frame, this folding lounge chair can be set up basically anywhere, including on the sand.

They usually come in a variety of bright and bold colors, each of which can be assigned to a different member of your family. Being able to lie back like you’re in your own bed is an experience that can’t be beaten.

Leave that heavy teak chaise lounge at home and bring along your lightweight folding model!

Zero-Gravity Beach Chair

What makes zero gravity beach chairs so special is the way the backing is supported on the frame. The mesh backing is attached to the metal frame with a bungee-like rope which stretches during use and recoils afterward.

This suspension system allows the back to flex when weight is applied, effectively adding comfort and reducing points of pressure on the body. Most models take on the “chaise” style of full-length body support and adjustable sections.

While on the more expensive side, users can expect to receive extras like neck pillows, padded armrests and shoulder carrying cases.

Sitting on a zero-gravity folding beach chair feels like you’re really floating on air. While other people at the beach are sitting on towels, you’ll be chilling in comfort.

Kids Beach Chairs

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If you’re bringing the little ones to the beach, it makes sense to provide them with a chair that fits their stature. Folding beach chairs do come in children sizes which are just as comfortable as the big ones.

Many models come with a carrying case so they can carry around their own chair, taking some of the load off the adults. Unfolding the chair is as simple as pulling the sections apart.

Some companies ensure that there are no “pinch points” where a child could accidentally pinch their finger while opening or closing the chair.

In addition, many kid-style beach chairs include an umbrella to help keep harsh UV rays off of the child’s sensitive skin.

A built-in zipper pouch is also a handy addition and provides a place for children to store their small items and toys.

Classic Beach Outdoor Folding Chairs

Last but not least is the classic folding beach chair.

These models are often not able to be adjusted but instead, fold out into a set position. If your needs are basic or your budget is tight, a set of standard folding beach chairs is often the most ideal solution.

Rigid and sturdy, these chairs are composed of only two to four moving parts, reducing the chances of a breakdown.

The lack of extra features makes these classics very lightweight, allowing a single person to carry multiple units at one time. You can expect to find these models in a variety of bright, sunny colors.

Whether you choose a folding lounge chair or an elaborate zero-gravity model, beach chairs can provide the comfort you need to enjoy your trip at the beach.

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