How To Clean Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

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Why Do People Choose Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Because it has incredible properties in terms of rust and stain resistance.

Patio owners looking for a low maintenance set of furniture choose sets made of aluminum so that they may have peace of mind as well as reliability.

Like all furniture, however, cast aluminum patio sets do require some degree of cleaning.

Read on to find out how to best clean cast aluminum patio furniture.

1. Aluminum is Super Lightweight

How To Clean Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

For a metal, aluminum is far lighter than steel, iron, bronze, or copper. When crafted into patio furniture, it is easy to handle and maneuver.

Aluminum can be formed into interesting holed panels which make for airy back and seat sections, as well as tabletops.

2. Because it is Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum uses oxygen to oxidize, creating its signature reflective sheen.

This oxidation forms a protective barrier against which other furniture products do not have.

How To Clean Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

With this advantage, aluminum furniture resists damage and needs only occasional cleaning.

Three Steps to Clean the Furniture

Step 1 – Preparation

Remove all cushions or covers from the pieces. They can be cleaned according to the washing instructions on their tags.

Set the furniture on a flat, clean surface in preparation for cleaning.

Step 2 – Washing

Spray the aluminum furniture top to bottom with water from the garden hose.

Use a sponge while washing to remove any surface dirt.

A universal cleaning solvent can help get off any stuck-on dirt, as long as it contains no oil or bleach. Avoid using steel wool or any other abrasive cleaning tools, as they can leave small scratches on the surface of the aluminum.

Cloths and sponges are ideal.

How To Clean Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Step 3 – Buff Away Scratches

A wax-based cleaner may be used to buff away any surface scratches.

Just as if buffing a car, apply the cleaner to a cloth and work the cleaner onto the scratches in a circular motion.

Buff all surfaces for a sleek and shiny look. Follow up with a quick rinse.

The wax coating will remain on the cast aluminum patio furniture for some time, protecting the piece until the next coat is applied.

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