Transforming Your Yard with a Pre-Formed Pond Liner


The "Must Do" Guide to Install a Preformed Pond in your Yard

Preformed PondsPreformed ponds are a particularly good choice for anyone that does not have experience with pond installation. Preformed ponds come packaged as a kit with everything needed for installation.The difference between a preformed pond and a pond liner is the preformed cannot be customized. They are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. Most preformed ponds hold up to 150 gallons of water.

Using a preformed pond will definitely save a great deal of time since they come fully packaged and are easier to install than a flexible liner. A preformed pond liner can be critical for keeping your pond in good health over time. Look for the pond you would like to purchase on the internet and have it delivered to your home.

Preformed ponds are produced from fiberglass material or hard plastics. The average life expectancy of fiberglass ponds is 20 years. Most preformed ponds come with a 20 year warranty. The lifespan of these ponds can be increased with regular cleaning using a pond vacuum.

One of the most important tasks to do when installing a preformed pond is leveling the ground. Keep in mind you want to have the hole the same shape as the pond. The supplies you will need in order to install the pond is a shovel, hand tamper, wheelbarrow, power source, water source, rock selection, mulch, sand, and top soil. It is highly recommended you have a licensed electrician prepare the electrical source.

It is critical the hole for the pond is 2 inches deeper than the pond itself. Remove any roots, rocks, and debris after the hole is completed. Add one to two inches of sand to the hole. The edge of the pond should be 2 to 3 inches above ground level. The weight of the water will cause the pond to sit deeper into the ground. The idea is to avoid debris and dirt from flowing into the pond. Add sand about half way up the lip of the pond. Next you can start adding water to the pond. At the same time start filling in the hole with sand. It is strongly recommended that you do not add plants to the pond for at least 48 hours after filling with water. Remove the chlorine from the water if you plan on adding fish. Also condition the water before adding fish to the pond.

Some of the extra accessories you may be interested in for your new pond are a skimmer, rock lid, biological filter, waterfall stone, and solar rock lights. The skimmer removes debris from the surface of the water and deposits it into the bag. This helps keep the pond clean. The biological filter will not be seen since the waterfall will cover it. Live bacteria are stored in the filter in order to keep the pond clean.

A good preformed pond to consider is the Beckett Water Garden – Model #PPK42. The kit includes a 600 gallon/hour pump and filters. The preformed pond is a 42 gallon unit. The cost for the pond is $190.00.

Another great example of  preformed pond kits is the Algren 30 gallon kit. The cost for the pond is $135.00. An added feature to this pond is the textured ridges it has to allow the pond to form beneficial bacteria.

Instructions for Installing A Preformed Pond Kit

Pick a spot for your pond that receives 4 to 6 hours of daily sunlight. Place the pond at the desired location.  With a piece of chalk outline the perimeter area of the preformed pond. Make sure to dig the hole slightly larger than the marked area. Remove any debris from the hole such as roPreformed Pondscks, large clumps of dirt, and other debris that may interfere with leveling the ground. Cover the bottom of the hole with a 1 inch layer of sand. Place the pond in the designated hole. Be sure the soil is about 2 inches below the lip of the pond. This will prevent water from running off into your pond. Now install the pump according to the enclosed instructions. The pond should be placed just a bit above ground level. As you begin to fill your pond with water, start filling the areas around the pond with the remainder of the sand.  Check the ponds level frequently in case the pond should shift positions. Be sure the soil is tightly packed around the pond for maximum support. These instructions apply to most preformed garden ponds.

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