John Deere 455 Tractor Review and Specs

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The 90s were glorious for John Deere, as the brand brought to the market one of the most celebrated lawn tractor series: the John Deere 400

Starting from 1982, the series went on to please its patrons till 2001, when the John Deere 455 was last produced. 

The series undoubtedly distinguished itself from its rivals thanks to its innovative and potent features. And it is precisely these qualities that keep this tractor series from becoming obsolete.

We are here to discuss the John Deere 455, the final item in the 400 series. This tractor model, produced from 1992 to 2001, kept the brand’s promise. 

The JD 455 is very similar to its predecessors, the John Deere 430 and 425, and has a ton of great features. This tractor offers its customers a sturdy body that conceals a potent Yanmar liquid-cooled engine with an electric starter.

If you’ve read our posts about the other John Deere 400 series lawn tractors, this one won’t be all that unfamiliar to you.

Anyway, today’s discussion focuses on the features of the John Deere 455 riding lawn tractor. And we are delighted to share this post with you. So let’s get started with our review right away.

John Deere 455 Specs

John Deere 455 Specs

Here is a tabular summary of the fundamentals of the John Deere 455 before moving on to the detailed specific features.

You can learn more about the tractor and its characteristics by looking through each table below. It will make it easier for you to understand its intricate features.

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere 455
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeRiding lawn tractor
Length (overall)75 inches
Weight 2WS: 965 lbs
AWS: 1060 lbs
Wheel Base2WS: 50.4 inches
AWS: 49.4 inches
Width48 inches
Height 51.2 inches
Rear axle5-bolt flange
Lawn/turf front18x8.50-8
Lawn/turf rear26x12.00-12
Lawn/turf front16x6.50-8
Lawn/turf rear23x8.50-12
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelYanmar 3TNA72UJ3
Engine typeLiquid-cooled horizontal-shaft OHV
Engine Power (Gross)22 hp
No. of cylinders3
Bore and stroke2.83x2.83 inches
Displacement881 cc
Starter volt12
Cooling SystemAir
Air CleanerDry
Coolant capacity3 qts
Rated RPM3350
Oil Capacity2WS: 7 qts
AWS: 6 qts
Pre-heatingGlow plugs
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel6.5 gal
Fuel systemElectric indirect injection
Coolant capacity3 qts
Electrical :
Battery12 V
Charging systemAlternator
Charging amps20
Battery CCA470
Battery group45
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Mid PTOIndependent
Mid RPM2000
Transmission & Chassis:
ModelTuff Torq K91
TypeShaft-driven hydrostatic
BrakesWet disc
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Steering typeHydrostatic power
Four-wheel steering optional
Operator systemOpen
Oil typeJohn Deere Low Viscosity HY-GARD J20D
Chassis4x2 2WD
Cruise controlYes, the button on the dash
Differential lockMechanical rear
Forward speed8.5 mps
Backward speed4.3 mps
Pressure1000 psi
Mid valves2
Total flow4.65 gpm
Tractor Hitch:
Rear type0 Opt
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm)650 lbs
Attachments (optional):
Mower deck• Mid-mount 60-inch deck
• Mid-mount 54-inch deck
• Mid-mount 48-inch deck
Blade54” front-mount blade
LoaderJohn Deere 40 Loader
Snowblower• Front-mount 46 in a single-stage snowblower
• Front-mount 47 in a dual-stage snowblower
Hydraulic tillerYes, 42-inch hydraulic tiller (M04390X)
Manufacturing locationHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
Original price$10,995 in 1995

Why John Deere 455 Tractor?

Why the John Deere 455 Tractor

Why the John Deere 455 tractor, or what makes the John Deere 455 so special, are two questions that frequently cross people’s minds.

The John Deere 455 is best for prolonged landscaping tasks without breaking a sweat, according to what we have observed, but of course, this is just our perception, and in no way are we generalizing it. The following comments were found when we contrasted our experience with other customers.

I wanted a 455 for a year before finding one, fixing it, and upgrading it. It’s a great tractor that is built to last. The 22HP Yanmar engine is strong enough to mow the 60″ through heavy grass…..

I’ve owned Massey, Case, Craftsman, and Cub Cadets, but none has impressed me like this John Deere 455. It has an all-wheel steer and hydro. trans.power steering, a 3 cyl. Diesel and a 54″ mower deck. It is very powerful, quiet, easy to operate, can mow around poles, flower boxes or other objects with ease….

…This tractor is now over 15 years old, and although it only has 500 hours, this tractor has been trouble-free. The all-wheel steer saves so much time, cuts my acreage twice as fast as a normal front steer machine…

I bought this tractor used in 2013 and love it. It has AWS, 455 Diesel, and a 54-inch mower. I Love the way it maneuvers and the power and durability of this machine…

Features of John Deere 455 Tractor

Features of John Deere 455 Tractor

In 1992, the John Deere 455 made its debut on the market. The tractor gained attention for its small size and other standout characteristics, such as a Yanmar 22 HP diesel engine, a heavy-duty frame, and so forth. 

However, it is also true that this riding lawn tractor, known as the “Cadillac” of the John Deere line, included hardware that is simply not present in more recent models. The final model in the 400 series was produced for nine years. The company made it at the Wisconsin workhouse in Horicon.

Physical Specifications/ Overview

The John Deere 455 shares several physical characteristics with its predecessors, the JD 430 and 425. For instance, each of these three models has a durable welded metal frame, rust-resistant powder coating, and corrosion-free body that is painted in the distinctive yellow and green of John Deere. 

The John Deere 455 tractor’s exterior is quite impressive and gives us the appearance that it can be used in small spaces with turns and corners, just like its predecessors. Its small body, appropriate for small to medium-sized lawns, impresses us the most.

The dimension of the tractor is 75″ X 47″ X 51.2″ (LXWXH). This tractor is slightly higher than the JD 425. However, the length and width are similar. Much like its predecessor, the John Deere 425, this tractor also comes with the option of 2WS and AWS. 

However, its weight ranges between 965 lbs to 1060 lbs, which is heavier than the JD 425 model. On the other hand, the wheelbase of both the models are the same- 2WS- 50.4″ and AWS- 49.4″. It may seem that the tractor is on the heavier side, but we say the AWS option is worth the weight. 

The innovative four-wheel steering option is available on the JD 455 model, just like the JD 425. This feature enables the front and rear wheels to turn simultaneously in both directions, improving control and navigation while reducing the size of uncut circles. 

Additionally, the wider wheelbase lessens the impact on the yard while assisting in the weight distribution of the tractor. 

You will also get to see the following features (seating on the operator’s seat) on the John Deere 455:

  • Hour meter
  • Fuel gauge 
  • Warning lights 
  • Temperature gauge 
  • Hydraulic levers
  • Tilt steering control 
  • Deck height adjustment
  • Throttle PTO clutch 
  • Headlight switch
  • Ignition switch 
  • Parking brake
  • Cruise control


The heart of any tractor or vehicle is its engine. Therefore, nothing will function properly if everything else in the machine is good but the engine isn’t. 

However, you do not need to worry, as the Yanmar 3TNA72UJ3 liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft OHV engine is accommodated in the John Deere 455. This engine’s 22 hp of gross power is likely sufficient for medium-sized yard projects. 

The in-line engine that powers the 455 offers amazing performance and is tough enough to handle commercial applications. 

Additionally, the JD 455’s maximum torque is 36.8 ft-lbs, 12% more than the JD 425’s maximum torque. An automatic sensing system also alerts the operator when the engine is prepared to start.

You will also receive an 881 cc displacement, which ensures uninterrupted operation and lengthy mowing sessions. Additionally, the rubber engine mounts reduce noise and vibrations while operating the tractor.

Besides these, it has an electric indirect injection fuel system and a fuel tank with an impressive capacity of 6.5 gals. The JD 455’s diesel engine operates at a higher speed and is noiseless, thanks to the indirect injection fuel system. 

However, there is a chance of heat loss to the cooling system because the indirect fuel injection system uses a “Pre-combustion chamber,” where the fuel is injected to start the combustion. The JD 455 is equipped with glow plugs, which warm the air and make it easier to start the engine when it is cold.

Electric Start

The 455 has a 12V battery electric start that cranks 470 amps and is best charged by a 20 amp alternator. 

The electric starter, which helps to ignite the engine without needing acceleration, is not a brand-new feature in John Deere tractors. Additionally, an electric starter helps start the engine in below-freezing conditions.

Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 455 is 6.5 gals, sufficient to undertake yard tasks on small to medium-sized yards.

Transmission and Chassis

The Tuff Torq K91 hydrostatic transmission on the John Deere 455 is shaft-driven. The hydrostatic transmission allows the tractor to move an infinite distance between zero and its top speed. 

The tractor’s power steering is the cherry on top because it makes it easy for the rider to control the tractor on rocky or rugged terrain without modifying the blade’s speed in the response yard’s slope. Additionally, this tractor has a precise turning radius of 2.16 feet.

This tractor from John Deere also comes with a 4×2 2WD chassis, which can also be seen in its preceding model, the John Deere 430. In fact, it was the first ever tractor from the brand to feature this wheel drive with a diesel engine and hydrostatic power steering. 

It got so popular that John Deere decided to accommodate the same feature in its 455 tractor models. The vehicle’s top speeds in forward and reverse are 8.5 MPH and 4.25 MPH, respectively. 

The wet disc brake guarantees an immediate stop in wet conditions, and the no clutch shifting guarantees reliable working and added comfort.


The hydrostatic tilt power steering is standard on the John Deere 455. All John Deere 400 series tractor models share this feature. 

The steering wheel also has a no-slip feature and is designed for a comfortable grip. Additionally, the four positions can be chosen using a button for the most comfortable configuration.

Operator’s Cabin

The operator’s cabin on the JD 455 is spacious and open. The operator’s seat also features a high back and standard suspension.

Additionally, the seat has the same features for adjusting as the exclusive seat design. The operator’s seat also comes with the following features.

  • Additional lumbar assistance
  • Cushioning
  • Smoother rides thanks to 4-bar scissor suspension

Other Notable Features

Here are some additional characteristics of the John Deere 455 and the standard features we have already mentioned. However, we must admit that the following characteristics contribute to this tractor’s genuine popularity.

  • It complies with the State of California 1995 standards and 1997 EPS certification.
  • It comes with an OGV engine that promotes effective airflow
  • Effective combustion is made possible by a swirl chamber design.
  • Operating temperature consistency as a result of the liquid-cooled feature
  • Crankcase ventilation that is closed
  • The design of the pre-cleaner prevents debris from entering the air-cleaner
  • Large screened side panel
  • A progressive-type air filter restriction


Riding tractors are not just manufactured to mow yards but also undertake various other landscaping tasks like tilling, weeding, snow blowing, and so on.

And tractors like the John Deere 455, which is capable of handling industrial-level projects, attachment options are highly crucial. Thanks to this lawn tractor’s 3-point hitch system, loading heavy attachments is not a concern.

That said, here is some landscaping equipment that you can easily load on the JD 455.

  • Mid-mount 60-inch deck
  • Mid-mount 54-inch deck
  • Mid-mount 48-inch deck
  • 54” front mount blade
  • 46” single-stage snowblower
  • 47” dual-stage snowblower
  • Front-end loader 
  • 42-inch hydraulic tiller

Pros and cons of John Deere 455

Pros and cons of John Deere 455

Despite being an old model, the John Deere 455 is not at all an obsolete one. On the contrary, its features can still give tough competition to the new-age compact tractors. And John Deere fans still go “ga-ga” over this tractor.

Yet, the 455 is not devoid of certain issues, especially since it is an aged model. So, before making any purchase decision, here are the ups and downs of the John Deere 455 compact riding lawn tractor. 


  • The amazing 22 hp
  • Sturdy body that still “rocks”
  • Can undertake industrial-level projects
  • Higher maximum torque
  • Less vibrating
  • Low operating noise 
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Highly economical 
  • Fast working
  • Great for mowing medium-sized lawns 
  • Highly dependable 
  • Easy-to-access controls


  • An open operating system with the ROPs options
  • Aging issues like leaking fuel pump, rusting body, etc.
  • Lack of individual brakes 
  • Parts might be expensive


One thing you must keep in mind is that the John Deere 400 series is an older one. So, you are going to get the refurbished models in the market.

While it is crucial to check the tractor’s parts and functionalities, it is also very vital to maintain the tractor to enhance its longevity.

As a result, we paid close attention to how customers take care of their John Deere 455 tractors. For your reference, some of the best methods are listed below.

  • Pay close attention to the engine.
  • Detect any oil leaks
  • Observe the 50-hour oil-change schedule.
  • Examine and change the battery.
  • Pay close attention to the spark plug.
  • Cleaning the carburetor is also crucial.
  • Execute the transmission service.

John Deere 455 Model Serial Number

John Deere 455 Model Serial Number

If you’re uncertain of the exact year of the 455 tractors, you can use the following table as a reference. The JD 455’s year and respective serial number are listed in the table below.

YearSerial Number

Did you notice that the John Deere 425 and 455 have the same serial number?’


So this was all, folks. After reviewing the whole tractor, we found it pretty durable, and believe us, you will get this machine in good shape.

Yet, there is nothing harmful in checking the components and their functionalities before making any purchase decision.

Now one question remains: “is the John Deere 455 tractor worth the money?” We say yes. But do not take our answer at face value. Instead, visit a nearby retailer that sells refurbished John Deere tractors and check the 455 on your own. We are sure you are going to love it!

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