The Ultimate Guide to the John Deere 955 Tractor (Review and Specs)

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If you are into tractors and agricultural equipment, the name John Deere should be known to you.

It is a trademark of Deere & Company, an American company that manufactures machinery and equipment for the agricultural, yard, and forestry industries. However, this company is best known for its tractors.

John Deere produces various tractors to handle yard and property work.

The John Deere 955 is classified as a subcompact tractor among riding tractors. This powerful tractor dominated the market for nine years, from 1989 to 1998, when it was produced in Horicon, Wisconsin, and Augusta, Georgia.

Did we mention that the John Deere 955 was used for industrial and domestic needs? Yes, you heard correctly. With a gross power output of 33 hp, this tractor is powerful enough to handle any terrain and an abundance of heavy-duty tasks quickly.

Not to mention the tractor’s sturdy body, which still makes it functional today, albeit in a restored form.

So why not write a post specifically about this fantastic device? Doesn’t it merit that much attention?

John Deere 955 Specs

John Deere 955 Specs

We understand that you must be eager to learn more about the John Deere 955’s features. But halt! Here are a few tables listing all of this small tractor’s specifications.

View the tables below to get a sense of the fundamentals of this device. It will enable you to grasp its intricate features.

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere 955
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeRiding lawn tractor
Series55 Compact Series
Length (overall)110 inches
Weight 1990 lbs
Wheel Base64 inches
Width50.2 inches
Height Hood: 53.3 inches
ROPs: 77.1 inches; 83.1 inches
Lawn/turf front (ag)7-12
Lawn/turf rear (ag)11.2-16
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelYanmar 3TN84RJ
Engine typeLiquid-cooled
Engine Power (Gross)33 hp
No. of cylinders3
Bore and stroke3.31x3.39 inches
Displacement 87.3 ci
PTO (claimed)14.5 hp
Compression ratio18.0:1
Starter volt12 V
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Rated RPM3200
Operating RPM1400-3425
Fuel typeDiesel
Air cleanerDry element
PreheatingAir heater
Fuel systemDirect injection
Fuel tank capacity6.6 gals
Electrical :
Battery12 V
Charging systemAlternate
Charging amp40
Battery CCA472
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540
Engine RPM540@3200
Mid PTOIndependent
Mid RPM2100
Engine RPM540@2100
Transmission & Chassis:
TypeSunstrand Series 17/
Oil Capacity18 qts
Coolant capacity4.0 qts
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet disc
Gearsinfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Cruise controlStandard
Steering typePower
Differential lockStandard
Operator systemTwo-post Roll-Guard ROPs
Chassis4x4 MFWD 4WD
Speed9.5-16 rear tires
TypeOpen center
Pressure2500 psi
Capacity4.5 gals
Rear valves2
Mid valves2
Total flow 7.5 gpm
Tractor Hitch:
Rear typeI
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm)957 lbs
Attachments (optional):
Mower deck60” mid-mount mower deck
72” mid-mount mower deck
Blade54” front-mount blade
LoaderJohn Deere 70A Loader
BackhoeJohn Deere 7 Backhoe
Manufacturing locationHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
Augusta, Georgia, USA
Production years1989 - 1998
Price$18,000 (1998 )

John Deere 955 Features in Detail

John Deere 955 Features in Detail

John Deere is known to produce some magnificent riding tractors. Their tractors have everything, from strong bodies and powerful engines to attachment options.

What about the JD 955 tractor? We can say that John Deere tractors are “wonders concealed in an attractive body.” Let’s analyze it and see how well this tractor lives up to its reputation and commitment.

Physical Specifications/Overview

Before dissecting the tractor, let’s look at its external specifications. 

Have you ever looked at a machine and exclaimed, “Oh my god! It’s a big machine?” If not, you will after seeing the John Deere 955 lawn tractor. 

Although it is classified as a subcompact tractor, it is quite large. In terms of size, the JD 955 is comparable to the JD 400 and 650 models. 

The tractor measures 110 inches in length, 50.7 inches in width, and 77.1 and 83.1 inches in height (with ROPs). Because of its size, this machine is ideal for medium to large farms or yards. 

The weight of this tractor is 1990 lbs—it’s a heavy one! When selecting a tractor, consider its dimensions and the size of your yard, as you don’t want it to be partly out of your yard.

What can we say about color coding? This tractor also comes in the color coding of yellow and green- the signature John Deere color. We cannot deny that despite being an older model, the 955 lawn tractor looks attractive. You are going to get it in good shape from most retailers.

Remember we said that the John Deere 955 is a subcompact tractor? Those unfamiliar with the term “subcompact tractor” should know that this type of tractor shares many of the same specifications as compact tractors. 

Despite their more petite frame, these tractors have all the flexibility of larger tractors.

Furthermore, their small body and lower ground clearance make these tractors perfect for lawns and yards.

This tractor has a hydrostatic transmission, a canopy, a high ROPS, a rear 3-point PTO, a mid-PTO, and other features.


It is not just the robust body that makes the John Deere 955 a popular tractor but also its powerful Yanmar 3TN84RJ liquid-cooled engine. With a gross power output of 33 hp, the engine is more than capable of handling industrial landscaping projects and domestic lawn care. 

The three-cylinder, four-stroke engine in this subcompact tractor also has liquid cooling, which keeps the engine from overheating. The liquid cooling system uses an exclusive water-based liquid to cool the engine. Additionally, this unique liquid coolant keeps the engine from freezing or oxidizing.

The oil and coolant capacities, which are respectable at 4.3 L and 3.8 L, respectively, are the additional feature that requires our attention. But the JD 955’s compression ratio of 18:0:1 stands out because it enables an engine to retrieve more mechanical power while using less fuel to generate more horsepower. 

This tractor also operates a direct injection fuel system, which boosts engine performance and lowers exhaust emissions. But if not properly maintained, it may result in problems like clogged fuel systems because of carbon buildup.

Let’s concentrate on a few additional impressive features of the John Deere 955 engines. First, it has a 6.6 gal fuel tank capacity, which is very impressive. Additionally, the diesel-powered engine has a larger 87.3 ci displacement rate, a rated 3200 RPM, and an operating RPM range of 1450 to 3425.

Electric Start

For a machine to remain productive, the starting system must function correctly. Because of this, most John Deere engines use electric motors to start the combustion process. 

The John Deere 955, which has a 12V starting system, can be said to operate similarly. To start, a diesel engine requires rotation between 150 and 250 rpm. And to get the required cranking speed, the electric starter system offers the thrust. 

Colder temperatures also make it much harder to start an engine. An efficient starting system aids in igniting the engine quickly in these circumstances.

Transmission and Chassis

The chassis of the John Deere 955 is 44 MFWD 4WD. It also has a hydrostatic transmission from the Sunstrand Series 17. 

For those unfamiliar with the term “hydrostatic transmission,” it is essential to know that it refers to a particular type of transmission in which the motor is driven by a hydraulic pump using a fluid that travels through tubes.

Since hydrostatic transmission does not require gears, the tractor’s speed is not constrained and can produce variable output speed. In this instance, the hydraulics are an open center type with a capacity of 4.5 gals and a pressure of 2500 psi.

The hydraulic power steering of the John Deere 955 is another feature that makes it a desirable tractor. Better vehicle control, easy movement, and streamlined turning are all benefits of this type of steering. 

Contrarily, the brake is a differential hydraulic wet disc, which makes it simple to stop the tractor instantly under challenging circumstances. This brake system is also dependable and requires little upkeep. All that is needed to ensure the brake system performs at its peak level is a high-performance hydraulic fluid.

The standard cruise control, which enables the rider to set the desired speed with the simple push of a button, is another feature to pay attention to. 

The tractor’s unlimited forward and reverse adjustment functionality and ability to operate effectively in harsh conditions are two additional features. On the other hand, the tractor’s slow speed of 18.3 km/hr (forward) and 9.2 km/h (rear) is a drawback.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank capacity of the John Deere 955 is 6.6 gals, which comes with a combination of 87.3 ci displacement rate. This capacity makes this tractor apt for medium-sized yard projects.


You might think that because the JD 955 is a large tractor, its larger tires will impact your yard. However, this is not the whole story. This tractor has a wheelbase of 64 inches and front tires with an ag of 7–12, making turning the tractor a smooth process. 

On the other hand, the rear tires have an ag of 11.2–16, which more evenly distributes the tractor’s weight. Additionally, the tires are made to reduce soil compression. Finally, they are made with a high-flotation tread pattern, which improves the momentum on soft, loose fields.


The John Deere 955 is a subcompact tractor with 2 PTOs- mid and rear. The rear PTO makes it possible to load attachments. With 540 RPM, the rear PTO spins independently. The mid-PTO, on the other hand, spins at 2100 rpm and is also independent.

Operator’s Cabin

A tractor’s operator’s cabin is a crucial component. It is available with the ROPs option and in an open and airy form. The roll-Guard ROPs on the John Deere 955 has two posts. 

Along with the optional weather enclosure, there is also the option of a canopy and high ROPS with additional headroom. The two-post ROPs option considers the rider’s comfort, weather, and unintentional turnover protection.


This tractor includes a 3-point hitch with a 435 kg rear lift capacity.


The John Deere 955 has a 3-point hitch system, making it much simpler to mount attachments on this machine. The equipment that this tractor can handle is listed below.

  • Mower blade
  • Backhoe
  • Loader, etc.

Pros and Cons of John Deere 955

Pros and Cons of John Deere 955

The John Deere 955 was a powerful tractor in its prime. John Deere fans still favor this tractor due to its strong body, potent engine, high gross power output, and other standout features.

However, because it is a reconditioned tractor model, the 955 also has some drawbacks. We found the following advantages and disadvantages of this tractor while reviewing its features.


  • High gross power output: The gross output of the JD 955 is 55 hp, which is excellent for undertaking medium-sized yard projects.
  • Large fuel tank: This tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 6.6 gals, which is highly impressive. 
  • Robust: We can say that the John Deere 955 riding tractor is strong since, even after 30 years of its manufacture, it is still under use.
  • Attachments: This tractor’s 3-point hitch system makes it highly reliable to mount a variety of attachments, from blades to backhoes.
  • Wet disk: The wet disk system allows the rider to stop the tractor at once under wet conditions.
  • Supporting metal frame over rider’s cabin.
  • The tractor can handle heavy-duty yard tasks.


  • Although it comes with an electric starter, starting this tractor under 20 degrees gets difficult sometimes.
  • Being an older model, this tractor faces aging problems like leaking pumps, weak hydrostatic, and engine failure.
  • Low forward and backward speed.

Cost of John Deere 955 Tractor

Cost of John Deere 955 Tractor

During its final year of production, the John Deere 955 subcompact tractor was sold at $18000. But you can get a refurbished JD 955 at a low cost, between $7,000 to $10,000.

John Deere 955 Tractor Serial Number

John Deere 955 Tractor Serial Number

The John Deere 955 tractor has several variants and serial numbers. The serial number and year of production for the tractor are listed below.

YearSerial Number

The Bottomline

The JD 955 tractor is one of the most powerful tractors made before the twenty-first century. 

Its 33 hp, hydrostatic transmission, electric starter, and other features make it a hit. And we found that this tractor is still a good choice for use in 2022. 

But because this is an older, retired model, we would like to issue the following warning: inspect all its components and accessories before purchasing this tractor.

So, what do you feel about the John Deere 955 tractor? Can it be skipped, or is it worth the money? Please share your thoughts in the comment field below.

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