Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Some may say that plastic furniture is more practical, but no yard is really complete without at least one piece of outdoor wood furniture.

Furniture made of wood has a quaint charm that few can match.

Wood is often stained a variety of colors, allowing the intricate wood grain to show through. Other pieces use solid colored paint on the exterior.

Perhaps the best part about owning wood furniture is that you can re-stain or re-paint the wood at any time, practically creating a new piece.

To protect your investment, wood furniture owners must clean their pieces regularly, and follow up with new sealer application every year or two.

The Many Styles of Outdoor Wood Furniture

Wood is actually quite a versatile material when used in making furniture. It may not be as flexible as metal or plastic, but it can be crafted into a wide array of interesting designs.

  • Adjustable Chaise Lounge
  • Wood Rocking Chairs
  • Wood GLiders
  • Bistro Dining Sets
  • Wooden Benches
  • Dining Sets (other)

Adjustable Chaise Lounge

Lounges are long, low-lying pieces of furniture which users can lie down on.

Joints on the back and leg sections allow the lounge to fold down flat or fold up like a chair. Users can sit up and enjoy the outdoors, sipping on a drink or reading a book.

When it’s time to sunbathe or take a nap, the chaise lounge can easily fold down flat.

For additional comfort, a long pad is recommended. Special lounger pads can be ties onto the piece, conforming to the body comfortably.

After all, wood is rather hard and a pad is sometimes needed. Additional extras like wheels on the back make it easy to move the lounge around the yard. Cup holders are always a bonus when enjoying a cold beverage.

Wood Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are perhaps the most classic type of outdoor wood furniture.

Both single and multi-person models are made. Some rocking chairs are augmented by a metal frame with curved edges on the bottom.

Others are made completely out of wood. Multi-person rocking chairs can support two or more people rocking at once.

The seat and back is made with multiple slats of wood which are curved to conform to the body.

Nothing beats sitting outside and rocking back and forth on a rocking chair.

Wood Glider

Gliders may look similar to rockers, but they are slightly different in the way they move. Glider chairs have a base which sits firmly on the ground and never moves.

The chair section is connected to the base with a series of joints and bars, allowing the chair to glide forward and back in a smooth motion.

Users do not have to worry about the glider moving around the patio like rocking chairs can.

With regular oiling of the joints, a glider chair can last forever. Many consumers prefer the smoother action of a glider over a rocker.

These are definitely one of the more interesting types of wood patio furniture.

Bistro Dining Sets

Bistro sets consist of a small central table with at least two matching chairs. They are designed for light dining and conversation. You can see bistro sets outside of coffee shops and other gathering areas. You will notice that bistro sets have tall tables and chairs, a common style for this type of furniture. The pieces can be made of solid wood, wood slats, thatch patterns, and countless more styles. Opt for chairs with a curved back for maximum comfort.

Wooden Benches

Like gliders, benches can be augmented with metal frames for stability. A common method is to use metal armrests and legs with a wood seating section in the middle. Benches are one of the most reliable types of wood outdoor furniture, as they rarely break and can accommodate multiple individuals at once. While they are commonly seen in gardens and yards, they work well in high traffic areas such as patios and decks. When you need to support many people for a party or event, nothing can beat a wood bench.

Dining Sets

If you were to only buy a single type of outdoor wood furniture, a dining set would be the best way to go. Large and beautiful, a wooden dining set showcases the beauty of wood and sets the overall feel of a patio. Family dinners and parties come to life with everyone sitting at the same table. Wood table tops are made with durable hardwoods coated with protectant to prevent spill damage. If heavy use is anticipated, consider getting a wood table with a glass top. Dining sets with wooden folding chairs allow the set to be stored when not in use, increasing its lifespan. Pick up a few extra folding chairs and keep them in storage for unexpected guests and get-togethers.

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