About Us

“We will help you fall in love with your yard!”

Welcome aboard! We are the YardSurfians- a young team with an immense love for green space. 

We don’t wear capes but proudly carry the Green Initiative with us to make your outdoor space greener. We specialize in outdoor landscaping, gardening, and outdoor architectural designs. 

This portal is dedicated to do-it-yourself projects about lawn care, gardening, and other concepts. We also have a dedicated crew that takes gardening machinery and equipment seriously and brings the best of the bunch to our readers.

Our team of writers has a mission to make the world a greener place to live. They write about starting a garden, improving plant growing skills, and other landscaping tasks.

About the Blog

YardSurfer believes that one’s backyard is the most relaxing place on the planet. So, we create blogs to assist individuals in making their yards their “green abode.” Our goal is to develop innovative yet simple DIY ideas that our readers may use without breaking the bank. 

You’ll discover helpful articles on our website to assist you to build and care for every area of your yard. YardSurfer.com has all you need to know about organic gardening, the best gardening tools, installing and maintaining a pre-formed pond, erecting fencing, and backyard landscaping ideas.

Topics We Cover

Powered by passion and backed by logic.

We reject dull landscaping concepts. Instead, we constantly work to include all facets of gardening projects, ideas, and inspirations backed with logic and research. You can find the answers to your gardening and landscaping demands in the topics we cover. 

Here are some topics we love writing on.

Product Reviews and Testing

Let’s be honest! 

It is easier to set the mission to write on gardening and associated themes and products. But the harder part is to initiate and carry it forward. We also understand how tough it is to rely on the internet for accurate information. So, at YardSurfer, we independently study and evaluate products before allowing them to be displayed on the website. We only recommend items we believe in. The products featured on our site result from product testing, not just affiliate deals or marketing agreements.

But how do we do it?

  1. We go through the products 
  2. We read online reviews
  3. We interview real-life people
  4. We have an in-house testing team that tests each product meticulously
  5. We review and rate products based on real-life people’s experiences and our test results

Meet the Team

For upgrading an outside space, our zeal and experience are unrivaled.

What began as a simple notion to provide quality planting and landscaping ideas has grown into a full-fledged authority on just about everything related to outdoor spaces.

Forrest Webber can write superb articles thanks to his passion for writing about gardening and landscaping activities. We are all quite diverse, but what unites us as YardSurfians is our undying passion for creating the best outdoor settings for you.

Forrest Webber

Forrest is a lover of books, the wild outdoors, deep mysterious conversations… and coffee.