Fall Yard Decorations

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After a long hot summer, fall comes along with its cooler temperatures and sets in the overall whimsical feeling of autumn. Long before it becomes Halloween time, the leaves begin to fall, and a new display of fall decorations is in order.

Whether you are the type of person that goes all out with décor inside and outside of your house or you like things simple by putting a single pumpkin and hay bale set up by your front door, something needs to be done to help welcome in the new season.

Fall Yard Decorations

Without any fall decorations, your house will look odd when it is surrounded by trees filled with colorful orange and red leaves.

Fall yard decorations can be set up in many different ways. It is a good outlet for creativity if you enjoy making homemade decoration displays, but if you don’t find joy in crafting, then there are plenty of decoration options online for fall decorations that are simple to set up and even easier to take down.

Sometimes plastic is the better option; although there are several decorations online that are real, like straw bales. One item you most likely won’t find online is a real pumpkin since they only grow during certain times of the year.

Pumpkin Yard Decorations

Pumpkins are one of the most common yard decorations that people use; it could be because most of the time when you think of fall, pumpkins are typically the first thought that comes to mind.

Pumpkins don’t have to be just Halloween decorations or jack-o-lanterns.

You also don’t have to buy a real pumpkin, which would rot after only a week or so. Of course, real pumpkins look more authentic, but no one is going to look down on you if you use plastic ones.

Most of the time, the fake pumpkins that you can buy are much nicer looking than real ones.

Fall Yard Decorations

Some pumpkins come unadorned, while others are pre-decorated for you. Which one you buy should depend on the type color scheme you want and if you decide the decorations should look more natural or not.

All of your yard decorations should somewhat coordinate with each other.

Try to stick to four or five colors at most for the decorations; and, since they are fall decorations, maybe use shades of yellow, as well as oranges, reds, browns, and greens.

If you plan the colors, it will bring the decorations together when you are setting up, and it should make it all look harmonized. If you get too crazy with the types of yard decorations you use, it could start to look like too much.

Metal Pumpkin Decoration

Fall Yard Decorations
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Metal pumpkin decorations are easy to use. This decoration, which you can see pictured above, can technically be used inside or outside but it’s primarily made for the outdoors.

Although it is flat, it’s free-standing. Smaller metal pieces should be on a porch, sidewalk, driveway, grass, or anywhere that is flat enough for it to stay upright.

Metal decorations are a work of art all on their own; it’s not necessary to put other items around it.

If you decide to go ahead and add other fall decorations around your metal pumpkin, it’s best to use either dark-colored decorations or additional metal decorations.

It is easy to make stuff around a metal piece look clashy. The best way to avoid this problem is by keeping things simple.

Harvest White Pumpkins – Set of 12

Fall Yard Decorations
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These pumpkins look more realistic than a metal pumpkin since they are 3-dimensional and have all the same aspects as a real pumpkin. They are dense foam rather than plastic, which gives them a similar texture to real pumpkins.

White pumpkins like these are always the right choice if you need something to match a lot of other decorations. Since they’re not bright orange, you have the option to spruce up the pumpkins by painting them a different color.

All around, they allow you to customize more. If you want to paint or decorate them in a creative way, try looking on Pinterest or other inspirational sites for ideas that other people have created.

DIY tutorials help a lot! One easy idea is to tie a bow around the stem of the pumpkin using fall-themed ribbon or burlap. You can use burlap on almost everything as an extra special touch, and the tan color of it looks great with autumn decorations.

Burlap is available at most craft stores, or you can buy it online using the link provided below this section.

This set of Harvest White Pumpkins has 12 pumpkins in a few different sizes. The bigger pumpkins look good by themselves, and then for the smaller pumpkins, sit them on top of a hay bale or around the bottom of a tree.

Burlap Ribbon

Fall Yard Decorations
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Mini Plastic Pumpkins and Gourds

Fall Yard Decorations
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Small pumpkins are just as useful as the larger ones. And when they are mixed in with gourds, it creates a colorful accent to more massive yard decorations.

When you visit the product page for these specific gourds, it states that they are for table decoration, but you should use them alongside your fall yard decorations outside. For the most visually appealing setup, place the gourds and mini pumpkins right up against large pumpkins, on top of hay bales, or near a walking path.

Sometimes when you have a single large orange pumpkin sitting next to hay with nothing else around it, it doesn’t look very exciting. All it takes is a couple of gourds to liven things up since they come in all types of colors, like orange and white, mixed shades of yellows, green and yellow, and green and white.

Fall Yard Decorations that Stick into the Ground

The most accessible fall yard decorations are those that are on a stick, which you stab into the ground with little to no previous setup. It saves you a lot of time, and most of them are fun decorations to have.

Small Fall Harvest Scarecrow Décor

Fall Yard Decorations
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What fall decoration is cuter than pumpkins? That’s right, scarecrows!

These are great garden and yard decorations because you can put them anywhere that has dirt or soft ground that you can puncture easily with the stick that is attached to the scarecrow. Scarecrows are especially good decorations for gardens.

You can place them right up against the side of your house to create varying heights throughout your garden and yard landscape.

A key part of having the best garden landscape is having a variety of colors, heights, and types of plants. Height variation is one of the most important aspects since it determines how you organize everything in the garden.

Think about it, if you see a garden that has plants and decorations of all the same height, how interesting would it be? The answer is: it would look boring.

Tall scarecrows will add a perfect counter height decoration for fall time for the ideal amount of visual stimulation.

Pumpkin Patch Street Sign Cutouts

Fall Yard Decorations
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Fall-themed ‘street signs’ are another fun way to decorate your yard. They are also super easy to set up, like the scarecrows, because they are on two stakes that go straight into the ground.

The best place to put one of these is near your front porch or in front of shrubbery. It gives your guests something to look at and read while they are waiting for you to answer the door.

You might’ve seen this type of signpost in tropical destinations or on vacation, but they are also made as a fun and cheap decoration for holidays and seasons. This Pumpkin Patch Street Sign Cutout is but one of the many fall-themed yard signs that are available online.

Fall Garden Flag

Fall Yard Decorations
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If you have a flag holder in your garden, you know how versatile and convenient they are. Flags aren’t just for fall; they can be for any season or holiday since you can hang any whatever banner you want on it.

There are flags for sale all over the place that fit on these types of flagpoles, online and in-store, for Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, and even birthdays.

This particular flag is the Welcome Autumn flag, which is available online. There are additional flag designs for autumn on the same website.

It’s burlap, so it won’t fade or get worn down easily. You can also throw the flag in the washing machine if it gets dirty, for quick cleaning. It’s nice because you can store the flags all year round, but the pole that they go on can stay in your yard; and then, when it’s time for a holiday, switch the flag to the correct one.

Straw Bales

Straw or hay bales can function as fall yard decorations in lots of different ways. Since the bundles come in multiple sizes, you can use them in all sorts of decoration setups. Get creative with leaves and pumpkins by setting them on or next to the hay bale.

Generally, you should place large hay bales under a tree in your front yard, next to a driveway, or in the center of your lawn, next to some pumpkins and a scarecrow. The latter idea can double as a photo prop for your grandkids, or even your children, during the holidays.

Medium-sized straw bales are ideal for decoration next to your door, and small bales work better for around flowers or even inside for decoration in your house entryway.

Straw can get messy, and fake hay bales don’t look even remotely the same, so it’s best to use a real one and keep it outside; otherwise, there will be lots of little pieces of hay all over your house. Around autumn, when stores start to put out all of their fall decorations, you may see bales of hay outside of your local grocery store or at hobbyist stores.

You can buy them there or online. View the product details, dimensions, and pricing on the links for straw bales that are listed below.

Decorative Straw Bale – 12 x 12 x 24”

Fall Yard Decorations
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Decorative Straw Bale – 9 x 6 x 13”

Fall Yard Decorations
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Other Miscellaneous Fall Yard Decorations

If you want to get even more extravagant with your fall yard decorations, use other random decorations with your pumpkins and hay. Some items you might think about using, that you can get creative with, are rustic wagons, a wagon wheel, or decorative windmills.

Anything that you can find that is rustic, metal, or wooden will go along with your other fall decorations.

Lighted Metal Pumpkin Wagon with Leaves and Berries

Fall Yard Decorations
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This Lighted Metal Pumpkin Wagon is one version of a decorative wagon that you could use in your yard. It’s not very large, it is only about a foot and a half tall, but it lights up and has leaves, berries, acorns, vines, and pumpkins all piled into the wagon for a colorful fall display.

This decoration will look beautiful for most of the fall season, and you can leave it up during thanksgiving since it goes with the harvest-y feel of that time of year.

Rustic Wood and Metal 2 Wheeled Wagon Cart/Planter

Fall Yard Decorations
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This Rustic Wood and Metal Wagon is simpler than the extravagant display wagon that you just saw. With this wagon, you have more room to be creative and make a homemade display for fall.

It can work as a planter as well as a fall display, so after the season is over, take pumpkins and other decorations out of the wagon and replace them with flowers and plants for the rest of the year.

Coordinating Your Fall Yard Decorations

When you are setting up your decorations for fall, do your best to put together colors that look good next to each other and stick to the fall-themed colors of orange, yellow, red, and brown, for the best seasonal look.

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