Utility Wagon Products by Tricam

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Tricam 400 Pound Capacity Utility Wagon• 34-inch by 18-inch steel mesh bed with green powder-coated finish
• Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
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Tricam 400 Pound Capacity Utility Wagon

Even with the lowest weight capacity in the Tricam line, this utility wagon can still carry up to 400 pounds at a time.

The design is unique in that the storage compartment can take on two different shapes. Users can either use the cart with the sidewalls or fold the walls down to create a flatbed cart.

Utility Wagon

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The durable deck measures 18×34 inches and is made entirely from steel. Both the deck and sidewalls of this utility cart are made from steel diamond mesh which allows water and soil to fall right through, but safely contains larger objects like plant pots and tools.

The wagon is easily maneuvered across all types of terrain thanks to the 10-inch diameter pneumatic tires.

The front tires are connected a hinged handlebar and can turn left or right with the handle.

Filling the tires can be done with a small bicycle pump.

Tricam 600 Pound Capacity Utility Wagon

Utility WagonYou heart that right.

This wagon is capable of transporting up to 600 pounds of material, this garden cart from Tricam has a handy dumping feature.

Soil, gravel, compost and other loose materials can be loaded into the plastic bucket, taken to the disposal site, and easily dumped by lifting it on a hinge.

The handle at the front allows users to lift the bucket on its hinge, dumping the entire load in one quick action.

Featured in the colors of black and green, the bucket is made out of extremely strong plastic which can take a beating from even the most rugged materials.

Since it’s made of plastic, the bed doesn’t have any paint to chip or metal to rust.

The wagon is pulled around with a comfortable padded handle, maneuvering the 10-inch pneumatic wheels around any obstacle.

Tricam “Gorilla Carts” 1200 Pound Capacity Wagon

Utility WagonThought the capacity couldn’t get any larger?  Think again.

With a massive capacity of 1200 pounds, there is no job that this utility wagon can’t handle. The plastic reservoir has a large bed which measures 49×32 inches with 12-inch-high side walls for excellent containment.

The bed is made of durable plastic and features a quick release dump mechanism. The yard cart can be pulled by hand or by tractor, thanks to the converting handle.

Four massive 15-inch pneumatic tires let this Tricam utility wagon glide across the ground even when filled to the brim.

To make dumping easier, the bucket is precisely balanced.

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  1. I purchased a 5.5 DURAWORX wagon a few years back.  I want another one but can't seem to find it locally.  I've looked at Lowes, which is where I bought the first one, and they weren't much help.  One of the websites featuring the wagon says it is taking me to Lowes.com.  However, once there, a note is made that the item is no longer available at Lowes.  The run a round is rediculas.  Does anyone know how to get one in the Jacksonville, FL area?


    • Hi Mike,

      I’m not sure if that one is still available, but we’ve just added a few direct links to this post with options for you if you’re still looking.



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