The Best Garden Benches of 2019

Relaxing Garden or Yard BenchesA garden bench is a must-have for anyone who spends a substantial amount of time in their yard.

Functionally, they enhance your own ability to enjoy the space, the view, the weather… and aesthetically, they can make major contributions to the beauty of your private sanctuary.

Two important things to consider before positioning the outdoor furniture

  1. First is the place or site.  Be sure you’re putting the bench somewhere not under the direct heat of the sun. There’s a bit of a balance here.  If you’re willing to clean animal and bird droppings off the bench regularly, then placing your garden bench under a tree might be perfect.  But if not, you need to think creatively about somewhere shaded (next to a tall fence, perhaps) that’s not directly under the shade of a tree. 
  2. Second is the material your bench is made of. The material determines durability.  But it also affects the colors– whether it will match your garden or yard’s design. 

Most Popular Types of Garden Benches

There are different kinds of garden benches you can find for your yard. But not all materials are a perfect match for your outdoor design or setup.

Three of the most frequently-picked materials are wood, concrete, and metal.

See which one’s for you:

Classic Iron Garden Bench

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Wood Garden Bench

Most gardens have a wooden garden bench. Wood material for outdoor furniture varies.

Large Tree Park with Bench

You have a number of types of wood to select from:

  • Acacia
  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Teak
  • Redwood

Classic Wooden Garden Bench

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Among the aforementioned, Acacia is the most commonly used materials for wooden garden benches. Most people choose this for both eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainability.

For a more stylish option, Cedar is a great choice.

Since it can stains and paints perfectly, it can perfectly match any furnishing at home.

wooden garden bench
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Concrete Garden Bench

The concrete garden bench is a perfect choice if you are looking for something more permanent for your outdoor furniture. Since the material is concrete, expect your furniture to be a lot heavier.

This is yet another frequently-used material for an outdoor bench because concrete is considered to be a very stunning material, specifically for outdoors as it complements both the teak and wicker furniture so well.

concrete garden bench
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If you’re looking for a weatherproof garden bench…

You could try a plastic bench to solve the same problem.  Concrete can get quite expensive, but these plastic benches stand up to rain very well over time.

Bench Under Tree Foggy

Weather Proof Plastic Garden Bench

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Metal Garden Bench

When it comes to the metal garden bench, the material used for this is more commonly called the ‘thermoplastic material.’ This is an eco-friendly coating used for benches made of metal. Additionally, thermoplastic benches are also common not just in gardens but in schools, recreational spaces, office buildings, and parks, as well. Relatively, expanded metal is frequently seen in the usual park settings.

Metal Garden Bench
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These are the top 3 materials you can choose for your outdoor bench. Whatever your choice is, be sure to know how to properly maintain it to avoid the appearance of rust and cracks.

Dark Green Bench

Proper maintenance of the bench, whatever material it’s made of, can help the outdoor furniture to last longer and for many years.

Welcoming Garden Bench to sit at

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