The 5 Best Snow Shovel for 2023

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Choosing the best snow shovel may seem like a pretty difficult decision to make considering all the different sizes and types there are; however, the most important thing to remember is that you need to choose one that is easy for you to handle.

It also never hurts to purchase more than one snow shovel either. You might consider getting a larger one for pushing and shoveling and a smaller one for lighter snowfall. 

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher- The compact and lightweight shovel

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher

Our Top Recommendation for Snow Shovel!

This durable snow shovel is made of aluminum and polypropylene and has a 1-1/8″ diameter aluminum tube that adjusts from 20.5″ to 41.3″. The D-shape handle is precisely intended to provide greater grip without straining your hands.

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5 Best Snow Shovel

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow PusherBully Tools Combination Snow Shovel• It comes in dual color
• Aluminum pole
• Rust resistant
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Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh ShovelTrue Temper Ergonomic Snow Shovel• Wide blade
• Covers more area
• Sleigh shovel
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Lifeline Snow Shovel Lifeline Snow Shovel• Easy to store
• Lightweight
• Adjustable
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Snow Joe Snow ShovelSnow Joe Snow Shovel• SHOVEL: Made of a durable
• ERGONOMIC: Design improves posture
• Easy to Use
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The Snowcaster Pusher ShovelThe Snowcaster Pusher Shovel• Snowscaster Advantage
• Easy to use
• Heavy-Duty
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Let’s take a look at the five best snow shovels we have found to help make your purchasing decision even easier

#1. MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher- The compact and lightweight shovel

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher- The compact and lightweight shovel
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Handle Length: 42″ approx. 

Cleaning off the Snow from the Track by using MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher

MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel is another great Amazon purchase. It comes with a robust aluminum handle and a lightweight polypropylene blade. The blade’s polyresin composition clears snow without clinging to the shovel. Furthermore, the carefully built D-handle allows for easier shoving without tiring the hands or the back. This product comes in various sizes, so you may pick the one that best suits your needs. However, the best feature of this product is its 4-piece construction, which makes it simple to put together.

Old Man is Cleaning off the Snow from the Track of his House by using MTB Lightweight Snow Shovel Snow Pusher


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Durable aluminum built
  • D- shape handle
  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Multiuse 


  • Looks flimsy 
  • Some customers have found it wobbly 
  • Not ideal for shoving heavy snow
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#2. Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel- The powerful sleigh shovel 

Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel- The powerful sleigh shovel
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Handle Length: 22-inches

Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel Review

The Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and is a great device for heavy snow plowing. This shovel is made of alloy steel and will last for years. You spend less time shoveling with this snow pusher. This push shovel’s design allows the user to scoop ice with their hands and feet for a greater push, slide, and pivot. Nonetheless, some consumers have found it difficult to maneuver due to its weight. If you expect to shovel some thick amounts of snow, you may need to work out to use this shovel. However, the nicest part is that you won’t have to raise and bend the shovel to toss the snow.

Unknown person is Cleaning off the Snow by Using Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel in blue Color


  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for heavy and light snow shoveling
  • Works fast
  • Durable


  • Heavyweight
  • Pricey
  • It May feel awkward to lift and maneuver
Garant APSS22 22-Inch Sleigh Shovel Testing
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#3 Lifeline Snow Shovel – Amazon’s Best

Lifeline Snow Shovel
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Unboxing of Lifeline Snow Shovel

Handle Length: Adjusts between 26″ and 32″

Lifeline Snow Shovel Review

Listed as one of Amazon’s choices for the best snow shovel, this is a lightweight option that is affordable and can be easily stored or transported when needed. It has a three-piece collapsible design which makes it a compact option and can even be taken on camping trips to help with inclement weather. It is also available in a variety of different color options and tops the list of the most budget-friendly snow shovel options on Amazon.

Package of Lifeline Snow Shovel in Red colour


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very versatile and multi-use
  • Quality product at an affordable price point
  • Small, medium, and large extensions


  • The handle may be uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t provide a good grip
  • Not suitable for heavy or packed snow
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#4. Snow Joe Snow Shovel – The Snow Shovel for People with Back Pain

Snow Joe Snow Shovel
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Handle Length: 41.3-inches

Unboxing of Snow Joe Snow Shovel

Another Amazon’s Choice snow shovel, the Snow Joe is the perfect shovel for seniors or anyone who may suffer from back pain but still needs to shovel their driveways and paths. It has all the same features you would find with a typical snow shovel, but it also comes with an additional handle above the 18-inch shovel blade that is on a pivoting, spring-assisted rod. This handle reduces your need to bend over while shoveling while also improving posture and helping reduce back pain.

Snow Joe Snow Shovel Review


  • Ergonomic design and second handle make it easier to use
  • D-ring handles for comfort
  • Durable and impact-resistant shovel blade
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Plastic scoop seems too flexible and flimsy
  • Handle shafts are thin
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#5. The Snowcaster Pusher Shovel – Best Heavy-Duty Snow Shovel

The Snowcaster Pusher Shovel
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Handle Length: not listed

The Snowcaster Pusher Shovel Review

This snow shovel has a 36-inch blade that is strong and durable and made to last for many seasons. Both the bracket and handle of the shovel have been reinforced at the attachment point to the fiberglass tube, and with its easy assembly, you can have it together and ready to go in just ten minutes. 

Cleaning off the Snow from the Track by Using The Snowcaster Pusher Shovel


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Made from high wear and durable materials
  • Impact-resistant plastic to help prevent sticking snow
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Some found that the blade warped after several uses
  • Very slick surface

Always remember that the absolute best snow shovel for you is something that is easy for you to handle and doesn’t put any unnecessary strain on your back while you are out shoveling snow.

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Snow Shovel Sizes and Types

The following are a few of the sizes and types of snow shovel you can get and what they would be best suited for.

18-inch shovels are suitable for shoveling and don’t work as well if you need to push the snow. 24-inch shovels, on the other hand, typically have offset handles and can help significantly reduce the amount of back pain you may experience while shoveling.

A square nose shovel is useful for scraping and removing icy snow while a round nose shovel can cut through anything leftover by a snowplow. 

Tips for Choosing a Snow Shovel

Always choose a snow shovel that matches your strength and ability. Metal-snow shovels may prove to be harder to use for someone much shorter. You should also find one that lines up with your height. Taller people, for example, shouldn’t use a shorter shovel or they will find that they will have to contend with more back pain and strain. 

Another comfort factor is the diameter of the handle. It needs to be comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. It is also recommended that you wear gloves as well to help avoid painful blisters.

The shovel blade size and the weight of the shovel are also important factors to consider as well. Remember, when you fill the blade with snow, the shovel becomes heavier and harder to handle. Find a shovel that you can easily and comfortably pick up and handle without having to strain when shoveling.

Features and Specs

If you have deeper snow drifts to contend with, then a flat shovel may be the ideal solution. However, rounded scooped shovels are better at pushing snow which helps to completely remove the snow from walkways much faster and easier. 

Finally, the handles also vary with snow shovels. Ergonomic handles bend at a sharp angle, and the design almost completely eliminates your need to have to bend while shoveling which keeps the pressure off your back.

Dual handles allow you to use two hands while shoveling which provides a better grip and even more leverage. 

Snow shovel blades also come in metal, plastic, and a combination of both. Metal blades help with heavier loads and are much stronger and more durable. Plastic blades offer something more lightweight and flexible which also makes them much easier to control and maneuver. The combination of both gives you the best of both worlds if you can’t decide between durability and weight.

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