Husqvarna Parts

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Husqvarna Parts

Husqvarna parts are made to fit every type of Husqvarna product available. The most widely sought after parts seen to be for their chainsaws. After all, Husqvarna is widely known for their high quality gas chainsaws which can cut through any tree limb or trunk. When the time comes to maintenance these machines, parts are needed. Buying a new tool is not practical, as most chainsaws can be easily repaired with a cheap part. Let’s look at some of the most commonly purchased Husqvarna chainsaw parts.

The fuel lines of a Husqvarna chainsaw can last for months or years before needing to be replaced. The signs of a bad fuel line are: darkened/yellowish color, cracking, leaking and brittleness. Ideally, the fuel line should be replaced before the system starts leaking all over the place. Brand name Husqvarna parts are not needed for this step, as fuel lines are universal and can be bought generic. While you’re at it, check the fuel filter which is located between the tank and carburetor. If it has junk in it, now is a good time to replace it. Fuel line kits are available which include both the fuel lines and fuel filter.

The blades on the chains can be re-sharpened, but there comes a time when every chain becomes broken beyond repair. Chains from companies like Poulan are quite compatible for use on Husqvarna models. However, the pitch, gauge and length of the chain must always be matched up for proper operation. Low kick back chains are best because they help reduce erratic chain behavior when in use.

Chain bars are the unlikeliest of Husqvarna parts to break down, but it does happen. Dropping the chainsaw from a great height can result in a bent chain bar. Husqvarna offers replacement bars for your convenience which can be changed out by unscrewing a couple bolts.

Exterior plastic casings, guard bars, buttons and other Husqvarna-unique pieces can be more difficult to source. Fortunately Husqvarna has numbered parts sheets which show an exploded view of their chainsaw models. A simple visit to their website can yield a wealth of information. Buying one or more parts from the company is easy. Just look up your tool model number in their system, locate the part sheet and write down the number of every part you need. The only problem with buying direct from the retailer is that brand-name parts can be very expensive. It is much like buying parts from your car dealer.

After parts for chainsaws, Husqvarna trimmer parts are the most sought after.

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