Rubbermaid Carts – The Helping Hand

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Everyone can use a little help when moving things from place to place. Whether you’re a librarian who needs to sort books or a handyman that needs to organize your tools, Rubbermaid carts can come in handy. These carts are designed for light to heavy usage and can carry up to several hundred pounds at a time. Multiple Rubbermaid utility carts are available, ranging features like the amount of shelves to locking doors. They roll around smoothly on caster wheels and can turn on a dime. Rubbermaid has applied their experience on other storage products to make these all-purpose carts for both professional and casual use. Deciding on a Rubbermaid cart is simple ones you know what features to look for. Let’s take a closer look at these amazingly versatile carts.

Who Uses These Carts?

Rubbermaid Carts

There is no one type of person or business that exclusively uses these types of carts. However, you commonly see them in fields that do cleaning or organization. When organization is important, such as in mail rooms or libraries, these carts come in handy for efficiently transporting goods. Hotel maids and janitors use these carts to hold cleaning supplies. However, everyday people can make good use out of these Rubbermaid carts too. People who work in their garage wit a  lot of tools can store their equipment in a single place, organizing it as they please. Smaller, more versatile carts can be used inside the home to store folded laundry and cleaning detergents. There are even gardening carts to store gardening tools all in one place, rolling it around the yard as you work.


Rubbermaid uses their high quality resin in the construction of their carts. This plastic material is designed to not crack, chip or peel under most circumstances. This makes these carts durable enough to handle sharp tools, harsh chemicals and extreme weight. Some of their carts use plastic for the shelves and metal for the support bars. Both types can hold an exceptional amount of weight. Caster wheels on the bottom provide the maneuverability needed to traverse tight areas. These wheels can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the Rubbermaid carts to rotate in position. The casters are designed to be quiet in motion and not leave marks on the floor.

Rubbermaid Utility Cart

Utility carts have a wide range of uses. They are designed to carry large loads at a time to reduce the amount of round trips. Rounded corners ensure that users will not hurt themselves or damage objects during transit. Their pleasing appearance makes them suitable for use in upscale locations such as front offices or institutions. Each shelf has a lip around the edge to prevent objects from rolling or sliding off. Even the sharpest or roughest objects are not able to penetrate or damage the durable plastic resin. Some have added features like storage compartments in the handles. Some models have locking cabinets which can be used to secure sensitive items.

Rubbermaid Garden Cart

Rubbermaid garden carts help the gardener by holding all the tools needed to care for plants. Soil, pots, gloves, garden tools and more can be placed onto the cart and taken around the yard as you work. This eliminates the need to travel back and forth between a Rubbermaid storage shed. These carts look similar to a wheelbarrow, and can be used as such. Instead of placing tools inside, users can haul heavy loads of dirt or soil. They consist of a deep set plastic cart with two wheels at the front. Users lift up one end using the handles and push the garden utility cart around.

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