The Ultimate Guide to Garden Tool Storage Organizers

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When avid gardeners acquire a large number of tools, they use a garden tool storage organizer to keep them in place. 

There are many types of garden storage products on the market, each of which suits a different need.

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Tool Storage Organizers

Garden Totes

For example, garden totes keep a small surplus of hand-selected tools in a lightweight bag which can be carried around the garden.

Tool Racks and Carts

Tool racks and carts are rolling organizers which have wheels on the bottom for easy transport.

These handy devices keep all of your tools organized and ready for action.

Portable Organizers (Totes, Trolleys, and More)

Portable organizers like totes and trolleys can stay at your side for the duration of the job, preventing frequent trips to and from the garden shed.

Garden Tool Storage
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Garden Trolleys and Carts

Gardening carts are built to hold and organize a large number of garden tools while still remaining portable.

Large diameter wheels with rubber tread allow for smooth rolling over even the roughest terrain. The two-wheeled models often feature a large front-loading bucket which can be filled and dumped just like a wheelbarrow.

These models have less room for tool storage, but leave a few slots near the handlebars at the front.

Four-wheeled carts are more suited for large amounts of tool storage.

Both long and short handles tools can be placed within the various garden tool storage slots.

Interchangeable shelves are often incorporated into these models to hold large items like unfilled pots and bags of soil.

Some carts have a working surface on the top with a soil sifting bin to remove large clumps of the soil before use. Smaller carts, often called trolleys, sit lower to the ground and are designed for sitting.

Users sit on the top of the trolley while they work close to the ground, adding comfort to the experience. Tools and other accessories are kept in the compartment under the seat.

Some models have a slot where a 5-gallon bucket can be attached, acting as a garden tools storage bin.

Garden Aprons

Garden aprons are for both women and men and can hold a small number of gardening tools on the built-in pouches. The heavy-duty fabric is used to create these aprons which are work around the front of the body.

The smaller pockets are used to slide small hand tools inside, while the larger pockets can hold things like sunglasses and work gloves.

Gardening aprons are ideal for people who like to move around the garden without obstruction.

Tool Caddy

A tool caddy is simply a small bag with various tool slots and a large central pocket. Users slide their hand tools into the slots on the exterior.

Larger items are placed into the central pocket which functions just like a purse. Dual handles allow for easy transport around the garden.

Garden Tool Racks

Experienced gardeners keep a wide range of tools on hand and store them in a garden tool rack. Without a proper means of storing these tools, they can quickly build up and become cluttered.

A garden shed can store all of these tools safely, but shelved storage can obscure items and make them difficult to find.

Garden tool racks keep every tool out in the open where they can be seen and found quickly. The larger racks stand freely up against a wall or in a corner.

Garden Tool Rack
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Long handled tools are slid into various slots with their working ends in the air. Other racks mount to the wall with a set of screws.

Although smaller, wall mounted racks can make use of space that would otherwise not be used.

Floor Garden Tool Rack

Floor racks are the ultimate storage solution for garden tools.

These models sit on the floor, usually in a corner or up against a wall. Most models use two levels of molded plastic connected with metal or plastic poles.

Long handles tools can be slid through the top holes to keep them in place. The working ends of the tools stick up in the air so users can quickly find the tool they need. Smaller items can be hung on small notches on the edges of the top shelf.

Things like extension cords and gloves can be set on the bottom or top shelf.

Corner units have sides which come together at 90 degrees, allowing them to slide right into a corner to maximize storage space.

Using these racks in areas like basements or garages will extend their lifespan, but the plastic is durable enough to remain outdoors without cracking, rotting or chipping.

Some garden tool racks, such as the 5E28 model from Rubbermaid, feature wheel casters on the bottom which give them the ability to roll around on smooth surfaces.

Users can roll them out of the garage or storage shed during use and roll them back in for safe storage afterward.

Wall Racks

A wall mounted garden tool storage rack can make use of previously unused space.

These racks use features like S-hooks, spring-loaded clamps and wire racks baskets to organize and store many kinds of tools. Even big tools like rakes and brooms can be hung on many of these models.

Others are designed to hold small items like gloves, water spray heads and bottles of weed killer. Small hooks can accommodate hand tools with hanger rings.

The Garden Trolley

Avid gardeners often have many tools at their disposal, ranging from protective gloves to garden plows.

These tools may be exceptionally helpful but can be a real hassle to transport around the yard as you work.

Instead of traveling back and forth between the garden shed and the yard consider using a garden trolley to transport everything you need with ease.

These carts are designed to hold everything you need to garden.

Tools, seeds, soil and more can be loaded up once and then rolled around to different parts of the yard. Some models include comfort features like a built-in seat or umbrella shade.

They have slots and shelves to secure everything into place. Two to four wheels allow these carts to be rolled over both smooth and rough terrain. This guide covers the essential features of garden trolleys.

Soil Bin

Models that feature a soil bin allow users to mix soil right on the trolley. Instead of hauling around a bucket or wheelbarrow, gardeners can mix soil, compost and fertilizer to the proper ratios with the bin built into the cart. Some models, such as the one from Suncast, have a sifter grate that keeps large chunks of dirt from entering the bin while mixing.


Multiple shelves allow users to place essential items like pots and garden shears in an easy-to-reach space. Some models have removable shelves which allow users to change the height of the interior space, making room for taller objects if needed.

Tool Rack

Even large tools like rakes and brooms can be stores on many of these carts. Tool holes on the top of the cart allow users to slide long-handles tools into them, keeping them upright and within reach.

Anything from a spray handle to a garden how can be safely secured within these.

Highly Rated Models:

Here are some examples of a few highly rates garden trolleys on the market.

Suncast Garden Trolley Cart

Suncast has crafted an all-in-one gardening solution in the form of a rolling trolley. A 4-inch deep bin on the top surface allows users to mix up the soil on the spot.

A vented shelf covers the bin and can be used for pots or storage. The bottom area has two interchangeable shelves.

A deep bucket shelf holds small items that can easily roll around.

The flat shelf can be used to store pots and troughs for planting. Both shelves can be interchanged or removed completely to suit your needs.

One side of the garden trolley has s series of tool holes that can be used to store tools with long handles. Rakes, hoes, brooms and more easily fit within the holes and are held in position until needed.

Two textured wheels allow the unit to glide over even the roughest terrain.

The trolley is made from durable resin and requires no tools to assemble. If you become a Suncast fan, you can store your trolley in a Suncast garden shed to keep it safe.

Fiskars Garden Trolley

Fiskars has developed a smaller garden trolley designed to also function as a seat. Gardeners often have to bend down in uncomfortable positions to tend plants.

The Fiskars trolley has a built-in seat that is made out of soft foam. The seat pad can be removed and used as a garden kneeler.

Underneath the seat is a storage compartment with a smaller storage caddy.

This area can hold an assortment of hand tools.

At the rear of the unit is an area where users can place a five-gallon bucket (not included). A strap hols the bucket in place, acting as an additional storage compartment for soil or more tools.

Users pull the garden trolley along using the nylon strap. While not as big as a full-sized garden trolley cart, it is exceptionally convenient and comfortable to use.

Garden Tool Organizer

Garden Tool Organizer Variations

The best way to store a collection of gardening tools is to use a garden tool organizer.

As gardeners gain a collection of tools, they can be difficult to manage.

Storing them in a tool shed keeps them safe, but requires multiple trips from the garden and shed to access them.

To keep the tools right by their side, gardeners can use a tool organizer. Simply fill up the organizer once at the start of the day, and your tools stay by your side until the job is done.

These organizers come in different forms.

Choosing the right one depends strongly on what type of help you need and what kinds of jobs you do.

This guide discusses several different types of garden tool organizers.

Garden Tool Caddy

Garden caddies are basically a fabric bag with tool slots on the sides. These bags are made from water and rot resistant fabric such as polyester or vinyl.

On the outside of the bag is a series of slots in which small hand tools can be placed. Hand tools are placed handle side down so the gardener can see exactly where their tools are.

The main chamber of the caddy can be used for storing items such as gloves, seed packets, and even live plants to be transplanted.

The toolset can be changed out as needed to accommodate different jobs around the garden.

Two handles allow for easy carrying of the caddy even when full.

Bucket caddies, such as the one made by Fiskars, are slightly different in design. These caddies wrap around a standard five-gallon bucket.

The tool slots are still available, but the central container is a waterproof bucket instead of fabric. This large bucket can be used to store messy items like soil, rocks and dead plant material.

Garden Trolleys and Seats

Pain caused by sitting and kneeling on bare ground is a common problem for gardeners.

Gardey trolleys solve this problem by providing a comfortable seat for gardeners to sit on while working. These seats are low to the ground, allowing for jobs like plowing and seeding to be done without overreaching.

Garden trolleys are equipped with wheels that allow them to roll around while sitting. Tools are kept in a storage compartment under the seat.

Gardening seats do not have wheels but are quite portable and lightweight. Many of these seats can fold up for easy storage and have tool compartments on the side.

Some can even convert between a kneeler and a seat. A garden kneeler is simply a piece of foam which gardeners rest their knees on while working.


Gardening aprons are popular among men and women alike. These aprons have a garden tools organizer on the front which holds a variety of hand tools.

The weight of the tools is evenly distributed over the shoulders for a comfortable experience. They have the dual purpose of keeping a gardener’s clothes clean at the same time.

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