Garden Tool Storage Organizers


When avid gardeners acquire a large amount of tools, they use a garden tool storage organizer to keep them in place.Garden Tool Storage There are many types of garden storage products on the market, each of which is suites to a different need. For example, garden totes keep a small surplus of hand selected tools in a lightweight bag which can be carried around the garden. Tool racks and carts are rolling organizers which have wheels on the bottom for easy transport. These handy devices keep all of your tools organized and ready for action. Portable organizers like totes and trolleys can stay at your side for the duration of the job, preventing frequent trips to and from the garden shed.

Garden Trolleys and Carts Gardening carts are built to hold and organize a large amount of garden tools while still remaining portable. Large diameter wheels with rubber tread allow for smooth rolling over even the roughest terrain. The two-wheeled models often feature a large front-loading bucket which can be filled and dumped just like a wheel barrow. These models have less room for tool storage, but leave a few slots near the handle bars at the front.

Four-wheeled carts are more suited for large amounts of tool storage. Both long and short handles tools can be placed within the various garden tool storage slots. Interchangeable shelves are often incorporated onto these models to hold large items like unfilled pots and bags of soil.

Some carts have a working surface on the top with a soil sifting bin to remove large clumps of soil before use. Smaller carts, often called trolleys, sit lower to the ground and are designed for sitting. Users sit on the top of the trolley while they work close to the ground, adding comfort to the experience. Tools and other accessories are kept in the compartment under the seat. Some models have a slot where a 5 gallon bucket can be attached, acting as a garden tools storage bin.


Aprons Garden aprons are for both women and men, and can hold a small amount of gardening tools on the built in pouches. Heavy duty fabric is used to create these aprons which are work around the front of the body. The smaller pockets are used to slide small hand tools inside, while the larger pockets can hold things like sunglasses and work gloves. Gardening aprons are ideal for people who like to move around the garden without obstruction.


Tool Caddy A tool caddy is simply a small bag with various tool slots and a large central pocket. Users slide their hand tools into the slots on the exterior. Larger items are placed into the central pocket which functions just like a purse. Dual handles allow for easy transport around the garden.


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