15 Amazing Succulent Decorating Ideas

If traditional flower beds aren’t for you, get on trend by decorating with succulents. The sheer variety of succulents makes it easy to create an eye-catching feature that varies in height, color, shape and texture. Keep it soft with pale pinks and hues of muted green or channel desert vibes with scorching oranges, deep burgundies and deep greens. Click through for our favorite ideas.

13 Stunning Balcony Decorating Ideas

A great balcony design often comes down to making the most of a small space. Keep it interesting by combining different shapes, like a circular table with rectangular benches in soft white and grey. If white is too plain for you, try pastel colors for a sweet touch. Instead of taking up too much ground space with plants, use a hanging or wall feature to add some greenery. Need more ideas? Just click through this gallery.

15 Amazing Rock Garden Design Ideas

Rock gardens are the ideal way to resolve backyard height differences while keeping things pretty. Nestle succulents among larger rocks and then top up with pebbles. Flowers with tiny heads look spectacular, particularly when you create patches of them in different colors. If you’re trying to disguise the rocks, you can allow thick mosses and taller bushes to grow over them. Check out this gallery for ideas on how to plan it out and keep it orderly or create a more unstructured look to suit your aesthetic.

12 Fresh Front And Back Yard Ideas

Are you a little tired of seeing the same ideas recycled across peoples’ yards? Us too. That’s why we’ve put together a creative selection of little-seen ideas to give your front and back yards that special touch. From unique ways to arrange plants, to interesting colour combinations and unexpected garden ornaments, take a peek at these ideas and then make them yours.

15 Modern Ways To Decorate Your Patio

A patio is such a versatile space, creating a sense of transition from the inside to the outdoors beyond. These days, the trend is to decorate a patio much like an indoor space, with plenty of seating and cushions and even rugs to create a sense of coziness. Timber painted white, and monochrome prints predominate with some natural fibers and a splash of color sneaking in too. Get motivated for a patio makeover with our selection of the best ideas right here.