Selecting The Right Type Of Garden Shears

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Garden ShearsGarden shears are designed to keeps plants orderly and manageable. Whether you have trees, bushes or grass in your yard, you need the right type of tool to keep everything in shape.

Shears are operated just like scissors except that they are intended to tackle more tough jobs. Shears can make quick work of overgrown bushes and even tree branches.

You may not know that there are many types of garden shears on the market, each of which has slightly different uses.

After reading this guide, you may find that you can make use of more than one type.

For example, hand pruning shears are good for small jobs like cutting off dead leaves from a plant.

Bypass lopper shears have a small cutting edge with long handles, allowing enough leverage to cut off large branches.

Hand Pruning Garden Shears

If you know how to use a pair of scissors, chances are you’ll have no problem using a pair of hand pruners. These shears have a short curved cutting end that can slice off small to medium sized branches.

The cutting end is crafted from hardened steel with extremely sharp edges.

A firm grip is ensured with rubber handles, creating the leverage needed to handle any small job. Higher end models feature a deep sap groove to prevent the blades from sticking.

Like many shearing tools, the blades tend to loosen over time. They can be tightened back up using a screwdriver or an adjustment tool. If comfort is your goal, look for models that feature a shock absorber for the blades.

This absorber prevents the blades from coming down sharply after every cut, effectively reducing stress on the hands.

Hedge Gardening Shears

Hand pruners work great for cutting small branches and limbs, but what if you need to cut a lot at one time? Hedge gardening shears have a long, slim blade that can cut a large portion at one time.

They are intended to be used on thin plant material such as bushes or tree leaves.

They are measured in the length of the blades- the longer the blade, the more material can be cut in a given pass.

Hardened steel makes up the blade material. The blades can be either serrated or smooth.

The serrated blades can typically cut through coarser material. Smooth blades are great for small bushes and such.

Some models have impact bumpers to take the stress off your hands. Nonstick blades are essential if you will be cutting plants with thick sap.

Bypass Lopper Shears

Bypass loppers are the workhorse of yard shears, intended to cut through thickest of branches with ease. They have exceptionally long handles to give maximum leverage.

The curved blades are short and are designed to cut through a single branch at a time. If you have a tree that has become severely overgrown, a bypass lopper is the best tool for the job.

These garden shears are measured in their cutting capacity. for example, a 2-inch lopper can cut up to a 2-inch thick branch.

The most powerful loppers feature a dual hinge system to maximize leverage.

Grass Garden Shear

Grass shears have a very specific intended use- to cut down overgrown grass. Grass has a tendency to grow more around the edges of a yard, requiring constant attention.

Grass shears make quick work of this job by cutting grass blades with ease. Many models feature a long handle, allowing use while standing upright. Look for models with rotating blades to allow for better flexibility in hard-to-reach areas.

Lockable blades are advised to ensure safety during transport and storage.

Electric Garden Shears

Electric shears take the hand work out of yard care. Powered by a wall outlet or onboard

battery, electric shears move the blades under their own power. These devices are ideal for casual maintenance of bushes, grass and other plants. Many models use a reciprocating blade to shear off plant material in an instant.

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