John Deere D110: Features and Specs (Review, 2023)

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John Deere is a very common name in the automotive industry that has been manufacturing tractors for over a century.

People choose John Deere tractors over other tractors because it provides consumers with various choices so they can choose tractors according to their needs.

John Deere D110 is one of the most affordable John Deere models, and sold tractors in the United States.

What makes a John Deere D110 unique is the engine it runs on, which comes in two options. Both are single-cylinder gasoline engines capable enough to generate a power output of up to 19.5 hp.

John Deere D110 is a member of the D100 series. It is similar and bigger to the John Deere D100 of its group and a bit smaller than the John Deere D120.

It was one of the most low-cost lawn and garden tractors of John Deere, with an original price of $1,699 in 2011- 2012.

If you are considering getting a John Deere D110 home and need information regarding its performance and feasibility, then you have come to the right place.

This article will clear all your doubts about John Deere D110, as it will emphasize all the advantages and disadvantages of the model along with the most recent review.

About John Deere D110

About John Deere D110

John Deere D110 is a good machine for people who want to use lawnmowers or tractors for the first time.

John Deere D110 was launched in 2011. Only two models were manufactured during its first few years of production. One was from 2011 to 2012, and the other was from 2013 to 2017.

John Deere D110 was manufactured in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA, the manufacturing plant of John Deere.

John Deere D110 became popular in the States and was sold in big numbers. It was one of the latest tractors of the time and had all the trending safety features.

John Deere’s specialty is making tractors compatible with many different attachments, allowing different sets of people to use them per their requirements. The John Deere D110 is the same, which allows multiple attachments, making it go from lawn mower to snow plow in a minute.

It is said that a specific set of people are not able to buy a John Deere tractor as they are very expensive; that said, this model gained so much popularity because it was very economical compared with other John Deere models and attracted a lot of buyers.

The original pricing was just around $1,699 in 2011. It provides a manual steering system and an open operator station for its operations.

In this model, the serial number decal is located at the tractor’s rear, on the left side, under the tractor’s fender.

Specs of John Deere D110

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere D110
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeLawn tractor
SeriesD100 Series
Length (overall)68.75 inches
Weight450 lbs
Wheel Base48.9 inches
Width51.75 inches
Height42.5 inches
Lawn/turf front (ag)15x6.00-6
Lawn/turf rear (ag)20x8.0-8
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelBriggs & Stratton 31P677
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Engine Power (Gross)19.5 hp
No. of cylinders1
Bore and stroke3.57x3.06 inches
Displacement499 cc
PTO (claimed)N/A
Compression ratioN/A
Starter voltN/A
Cooling SystemN/A
Rated RPMN/A
Operating RPMN/A
Fuel typeGasoline
Air cleanercartridge
Fuel systemN/A
Fuel tank capacity9.0 liters
Electrical :
Battery12V Type BCI Group U1
Charging systemalternator
Charging amp9
Battery CCAN/A
Engine RPMN/A
Mid PTOmanual independent
Engine RPMN/A
Transmission & Chassis:
Oil Capacity1.4 L
Coolant capacityN/A
BrakesMechanical shoe on transaxle
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Cruise controlN/A
Steering typeManual
Differential lockN/A
Operator systemN/A
Chassis4×2 2WD
SpeedForward: 8.9 kmh (5.5 mph) Reverse: 5.2 (3.2 mph)
Rear valvesN/A
Mid valvesN/A
Total flowN/A
Tractor Hitch:
Rear typeI
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm)N/A
Attachments (optional):
Mower deckN/A
Manufacturing locationGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Production years2011 - 2017
Price$1,699 (2011)

Features of John Deere D110

One thing that separates a John Deere tractor from the rest of its competitors is the simple user interface, which allows a person of any skill set to use the tractor quite comfortably.

John Deere also prioritizes customer safety and equips all its tractors with the latest safety technology available in the market.

John Deere uses a pressurized lubrication system to provide efficient and ample lubrication in its tractors. The iron and other important components used in its engine and whole vehicle manufacturing ensure its high quality and durability.

The John Deere D110 is easy to use. It offers a simple yet powerful transmission system, a manual steering wheel, and a mechanical shoe on the transaxle. It has an open operator station with an option for a Fore-aft adjustment facility up to about 5.5 in.

Two types of engines were used in the John Deere D110, depending on the year of production. Both were very powerful.

The first one is a Briggs & Stratton 31P677 single-cylinder natural aspirated gasoline engine, which can generate a maximum output power of 19.5 HP.

The other one is a Briggs & Stratton 33. It also is a single-cylinder natural aspirated gasoline engine. This engine can produce a maximum output power of 19hp.

John Deere D110 is very easily compatible with many attachments, including but not limited to a mower deck, front-mount blade, and a snowblower.

It bears a hydrostatic gear transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears. Providing infinite gears helps people with little knowledge of the gearing system maneuver the vehicle easily.

1. Engine

John Deere D110 uses an engine made by Briggs and Stratton, which needs no introduction as it is one of the best engine manufacturers in the world and makes high-quality products.

John Deere D110 has two different engine varieties that vary according to the manufacturing year.

Between 2011 and 2012, it used Briggs & Stratton 31P677. It is a 0.5 L, 500 cm2, (30.5 cu·in) single-cylinder natural aspirated gasoline engine with 90.6 mm (3.57 in) of the cylinder bore and 77.8 mm (3.06 in) piston stroke, which can generate a maximum output power of 19.5 HP.

And during the next five years of its production, from 2013 to 2017, John Deere D110 used Briggs & Stratton 33. Which is a 0.5 L, 540 cm2, (32.9 cu·in) single-cylinder natural aspirated gasoline engine. The cylinder bore consists of 94.0 mm (3.7 in), and the piston stroke is 78.0 mm (3.07 in). This engine can produce a maximum output power of 19hp.

2. Transmission

John Deere D110 has a belt-driven hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears.

At the time of its launch in 2011, it showcased all the trending and modern technology of the time.

John Deere D110 offers its consumers the ease of automatic transmission in which the accelerator and reversing pedals or the decelerator are on the driver’s right-hand side. In contrast, the left side pedal is a brake pedal.

It can go up to a speed of 8.9 km/h or 5.5 mph in forward gears and 5.2 km/h or 3.2 mph in reverse gears, which is good enough for any medium size lawn or area.

3. Chassis

The chassis of the John Deere D110 offers an open operator station. It has a 4×2 two-wheel driving convenience with a manual steering wheel.

The operator benefits from the adjustable 11-inch tall seat; tilting seat suspension is also possible, and the seat has 5.5 inches of travel in ten positions.

The operator also provides a fender-mounted cup holder and an optional nylon sunshade canopy or snow enclosure.

It is laced with a mechanical shoe on the transaxle braking system.

4. Attachments

John Deere is a first choice for many tractor owners as their tractor allows different attachments to get easily installed in their tractors, which enables people with different requirements to utilize one tractor for all their work.

John DeereD110 is compatible with various attachments like mower decks, blades, snow blowers, or any other equipment they want to utilize.

Common attachments that are compatible with John Deere D110 are:

It allows a 42-inch or 106-cm mower deck to be attached to a John Deere D110 without any issue. This mower deck has a width of 52 inches or 132cm.

It has a 2-blade with manual spring-assist lift and a cut height of 1 to 4 inches or 2 to 10cm and has 13 cut positions.

It also allows John Deere 46 46-inch or 116-cm front-mount blade. It has a lift height of 6.5 inches or 16cm, allowing you to work as per your requirements easily.

Snowblower is one of the most used tools in different parents of states. John Deere D110 is compatible with a John Deere 43.25 inches or 109cm, a dual-stage snowblower weighing around 180 lbs or 81 kg.

Pros and Cons of John Deere D110 Tractor

Every product comes with benefits and disadvantages. John Deere D110 is no different. It is advisable to look at its pros and cons before deciding to buy the tractor.


First, let us look at some pros of John Deere D110.

Quality and Durability

John Deere prioritizes customer satisfaction and makes a machine that lasts long. Its products are very durable and of the highest quality. John Deere D110 is no exception.

Easy to use

John Deere is a more than a century-old automobile company. It has learned from its experience of making the most easy-to-use tractors. So have become experts at making vehicles that enable people even with very little knowledge to operate them easily.

All the controls of John Deere D110 are easy to operate and within reach.

Powerful Engine

The John Deere D110 comes with a powerful engine made by Briggs and Stratton. The powerful engine can generate up to 19hp and 19.5hp of output power depending upon the variant of the model.

It is very capable of performing mowing and load-carrying duties in any given terrain with ease.


John Deere D110 is very beneficial for people who want to use their tractors for multiple purposes. The attachment compatibility it provides is unmatched by any other tractor.

This increases the performance value and enhances the tractor’s workability.


Now it’s time to look at some cons of John Deere D110


Every automobile comes with its own share of issues. One of the issues with John Deere D110 is that it needs regular maintenance.

Oil changes and other maintenance need a professional hand. It’s tricky to do it yourself because you may run the risk of oil spills and other issues.

Noise Pollution

John Deere D110 can be very noisy sometimes, and you may find your neighbors complaining about the noise while you’re mowing your lawn.

It can produce vibrations while working, which will be discomforting, and higher-end models are a good option if you do not want jerk and vibrations.


The John Deere D110 is a low-cost tractor.

The original price in the year 2011 was around $1,699. Then, in 2015, after its engine’s variant was launched, the pricing was increased to around $1,799.

The price now will depend upon the year of its production, condition, and work usage and will cost anything from $600 to $1500.


What oil does a John Deere D110 take?

Every John Deere lawn mower that has a gasoline engine takes 10W30 oil. John Deere D110 uses SAE 10W-30; API: SG or SF type of oil in its engine.

How do we know the model and the manufacturing year of the John Deere D110?

Any John Deere tractors can be identified by their model numbers, and the model number can be seen on the body of the tractors. To know the year of manufacture, you must see the model’s serial number.
In the John Deere D110, the serial number decal is located at the rear of the tractor, on the left side, under the tractor’s fender.

Do you require a professional to change the oil in John Deere D110?

Yes, oil changes in John Deere should only be done by a professional, and owners should not service it on their own as the oil unit is completely sealed.


To sum up, the John Deere D110 is a versatile and affordable lawn and garden tractor that caters to a wide range of users. Its strengths lie in its durability, user-friendliness, powerful engine, and compatibility with various attachments.

On the flip side, the tractor requires regular maintenance and can be quite noisy.

Overall, if you ask me, the D110 can be a great choice for those looking for a dependable and budget-friendly tractor.

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