8 Best Lawn Rollers to Buy In 2023

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Does your lawn look uneven and bumpy? Want to make it look smoother and flatter? In that case, nothing will help you as much as one of the best lawn rollers.

rugged and disastrously uneven lawn makes your house look untidy. And sure enough, you probably don’t want that.

That’s why getting a lawn roller is so vital for your yard appearance. It will help you produce a lawn to be proud of. If you just mowed the lawn and need some compacting, for example, a lawn roller enables you to make it look pristine.

We could go as far as to say that the difference between a beautiful lawn and an ugly one is using a lawn roller. So why don’t you get one right now?

Here, we’ll show you some of the highest-quality lawn rollers in the market, so you could take a look at each and decide which one fits your demands. Care to find out more? Then keep scrolling!

8 Best Lawn Rollers Reviews in 2023

We spent several hours looking for lawn rollers that were completely worth the money. After this tiresome research, we found 8 models specifically designed for the highest standards. Then we reviewed all of them and brought what we found to this article. Here’s what to know about them:

Brinly PRC-24BH Combination Push/Tow Lawn Roller• Easy-to-Store Design
• Fast-Filling Reservoir
• Front or Rear Use
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Agri-Fab 45-0268 Poly Tow Lawn Roller• Ultra-Resilient Build
• Debris-Free Interior
• Easy Assembly
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TACKLIFE HR60L Lawn Roller• Smooth Rolling
• Extra-Small Design
• Gigantic Handlebar
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Goplus Tow-Behind Lawn Roller• Detachable Design
• Easy-Filling Plug
• Weather Resistance
Check Price
Brinly PRT-36BH Tow-Behind Poly Lawn Roller• Extremely Resilient
• Fast-Filling Operation
• High-Mobility Design
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Agri-Fab 45-0267 Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller• Push & Pull Design
• Light & Compact
• Reliable Fill Plug
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Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller• Versatile Usage
• High-Quality Frame
• Available in Various Sizes
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Brinly PRT-48SBH Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller• Fast & Easy Storage
• Next-Level Sturdiness
• Versatile Hitch
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1. Brinly PRC-24BH Combination Push/Tow Lawn Roller

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Among the few brands that won’t disappoint, Brinly enters as our go-to option. The PRC-24BH at 24 inches of width is a perfect example of why – offering outstanding size and durability.

At first, it looks just like any other lawn roller. But once you consider the 28-gallon or 270-pound design, you can expect it to flatten out even the most stubborn of grasses.

This works well with the poly drum. It is unlikely to rust or dent as metals do. And what’s even better, it resists any weather damage from any season.

Another exciting feature is the rounded drum design. In contrast with other models, this one is perfectly designed to even out the grass and nothing else. You won’t cause any damage to your roller that way.

And lastly, it fits with almost any lawn tractor, ZTR, or ATV – so you can make it work anywhere and at any time.

Top 3 Features:

Easy-to-Store Design

There’s no need to struggle at storing the roller. When it is empty, the 30-pound build and its compact design deliver practical storage options.

Fast-Filling Reservoir

Combining a super-large fill opening plus an Easy-Turn plug will make filling the roller with water a piece of cake. You can even use a garden hose for even faster results.

Front or Rear Use

You won’t have to manually use it as a tow-behind roller with your tractor or as a push roller. Instead, you can decide whether you want one or the other, and it will work correctly either way.

What We Liked

  • Can be pulled or pushed
  • It’s effortless to transport & store
  • Connects with any garden tractor
  • It’s super-easy to fill up

What We Didn’t Like

  • The assembly demands two people

2. Agri-Fab 45-0268 Poly Tow Lawn Roller

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Big and wide, the 45-0268 from Agri-Fab can tackle even the largest of lawn-leveling with total ease.

It is one of the largest rollers you can get at 36 inches of width and 18 inches of diameter. It can get up to 400 pounds of weight when filled with sand and 270 pounds with water. That should be enough to flatten out any lawn without a problem.

Despite this size and capacity, the roller is still light when empty. At less than 50 pounds, you can move it around and store without making much of an effort.

You can’t dismiss the easy-to-fill design either. The fast plug system ensures the most painless experience when filling it up and emptying it out.

And finally, you can enjoy the universal hitch it offers. Setting it up behind a tractor or ATV will take a few seconds, no matter the model.

Top 3 Features:

Ultra-Resilient Build

Thanks to a heavy-duty polyethylene construction, you won’t have to worry about rust, dents, or any kind of environmental damage. 

Debris-Free Interior

You get a scraper bar with this roller. It should help you eliminate any debris on the drum, reducing buildup and making it last longer.

Easy Assembly

In contrast with other lawn rollers, this one requires little assembly time to make it work. It comes with instructions to make everything easier.

What We Liked

  • Reaches up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Comes with a practical scraper
  • Withstands almost any use
  • The universal hitch fits most tractors

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only works as a tow-behind tool

3. TACKLIFE HR60L Lawn Roller

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Want to flatten out your grass to the max? Then the HR60L from Tacklife is the perfect option.

You won’t get the widest lawn roller, as it is only 20 inches long and 16 inches in diameter. This combination makes it one of the thickest in the market. You can get up to 16 gallons of water inside. That should take it up to 155 pounds at such a seemingly small design.

The rolling mechanism is still super-smooth and doesn’t require much effort to push. Even the handle is utterly comfortable thanks to a sponge cover, making it a lot more enjoyable to use.

To make it even more practical, you can enjoy the scraper bar it offers. Getting water residues or sand from the drum won’t be a problem with this tool.

And finally, you can enjoy an ultra-sturdy construction with its steel drum. You won’t have to worry about dents while using this roller.

Top 3 Features:

Smooth Rolling

Don’t waste any time while flattening out your lawn. Use the ultra-smooth rolling system it offers to prevent that.

Extra-Small Design

Thanks to its 16-inch diameter and 20-inch long design, it will be effortless to store away and move around.

Gigantic Handlebar

In contrast with other rollers, this one comes with a large and adjustable handle. Along with its sponge coverage, it makes using the roller super-easy.

What We Liked

  • Incredibly affordable for its quality
  • Small but super-heavy design
  • Boasts a long-lasting steel build
  • Has a comfy sponge-wrapped handle

What We Didn’t Like

  • The assembly can be problematic

4. Goplus Tow-Behind Lawn Roller

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Getting a cheap but effective roller is not easy – unless it is from Goplus. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new roller for your lawn, this tow-behind model is your best bet.

The first factor you’ll notice is the 12-inch diameter and the 36-inch length. Together, they make it a decently large and thick model for most rolling operations.

With such size, you can expect 165 pounds when filled with water and up to 240 pounds when filled with sand. This capacity works well with the excellent rolling system, so you can get over almost any grass smoothly.

You will get a durable product as well.

The rugged metal drum and handlebar, for example, ensure maximum durability. So even after years, you’ll be free of rust and dents.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you also get a U-shaped handle. Pulling and pushing will be super-easy with a high-quality handlebar like this.

Top 3 Features:

Detachable Design

With its small design plus detachable handlebar, storing the roller will be super-easy. Even assembling it back will take only a few minutes.

Easy-Filling Plug

Filling it up won’t be a problem in the slightest. A removable drain plug makes it a no-brainer to fill and empty out when needed.

Weather Resistance

A green-sprayed surface works as a protective coating about most weather factors. You can expect this roller to last a lifetime.

What We Liked

  • Comes in various sizes
  • Can be detached & stored easily
  • Won’t rust or dent easily
  • Boasts a comfy U-shaped handle

What We Didn’t Like

  • Its thin metal requires extra care

5. Brinly PRT-36BH Tow-Behind Poly Lawn Roller

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As the largest lawn roller, the PRT-36BH comes with a highly reasonable price tag. If you need to flatten out that grass effectively, this gigantic roller will come like your best bet.

What sets it apart is a 36-inch long design with 24 inches of diameter. As you can imagine, it is a colossal roller capable of holding 76 gallons of water inside. Not only you’ll be able to cover a lot more space with its size, but also repair grass more effectively with its weight limit at 690 pounds.

Despite its immense design, the roller still manages to repair your lawn with no side damage. It boasts a smooth drum that goes over the grass without producing a single bit of damage.

Then you can enjoy the ultra-easy assembly system. Considering how large it is, an assembly process that saves time and effort is always worth having.

Last but not least, you can hook it up to any ZTR, ATV, or lawn tractor without a problem, thanks to the universal hitch. So there shouldn’t be excuses not to use it.

Top 3 Features:

Extremely Resilient

Boasting a polyethylene construction, the roller is made to withstand rust, dents, and weather damage without a single scratch.

Fast-Filling Operation

A high-diameter hole for filling will make the whole process a lot easier than usual. You can also find the Easy-Turn plug to be amazingly helpful.  

High-Mobility Design

Although the lawn roller is bigger than the competition, it still manages to be a pleasure to store and use. At 60 pounds when empty and with a sturdy handle, you can transport it with ease.

What We Liked

  • Hooks up to almost any tractor
  • Fills up to 690 pounds
  • Can handle all kinds of weather
  • Has a harmless rounded design

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can’t be used without a tractor

6. Agri-Fab 45-0267 Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller

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Built to last and designed to flatten out grass like no other, the 45-0267 is among the most sought-after lawn rollers out there.

It comes with fantastic polyethylene construction. This rust-proof and super-sturdy construction can handle even the most challenging terrains for years.

On top of that, it is gigantic with a 24-inch length and 18 inches of diameter. That’s enough to get up to 250 pounds of total roller weight. This should help you roll over the toughest grasses without causing damage but being super-effective.

Another feature to enjoy comes from the scraper. You can use it every day and avoid buildup and other exterior damage by using the scraper to clean it up.

For those who don’t waste any effort setting it up, this roller also comes with an easy-assembly system. That adds up to its already practical design and build.

Top 3 Features:

Push & Pull Design

Whether you prefer pulling or pushing the roller, you can do either with this one. The universal hitch is compatible with most towing machines, while the ergonomic handles make it comfy for pushing.

Light & Compact

It is not exactly the smallest roller you can find. But it is still compact as well as light. So transport and storage won’t be an issue.

Reliable Fill Plug

Taking the plug out to fill or empty won’t be much of a problem. The filling hole is large enough to fit a hose, so it gets even easier.

What We Liked

  • Large and easy to operate
  • Works as a push or towing roller
  • Features an easy-to-fill-in drum
  • The assembly is a piece of cake

What We Didn’t Like

  • Starts leaking after months of use

7. Precision Products PLR1824 Lawn Roller

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Working its way into the list as one of the handiest, the PLR1824 from Precision Products will help you tackle even the hardest of rolling needs without emptying your wallet.

It is not the largest roller in the market at 18 inches long by 24 inches in diameter. But it is still large enough to provide over 220 pounds of weight when filled with 27 gallons of water. That should pack up any type of soil while smoothing out thick grass fast.

The roller is made of heavy-duty polyethylene as well. This construction makes it withstand even the heaviest operations, making it useful for dirt, gravel, sand, and other materials. You won’t have to worry about rust or weather damage with this one.

And for those who like practical designs, you can assemble this one in 30 minutes or less. So wasting time trying to build the roller will be a thing of the past.

Top 3 Features:

Versatile Usage

You can use the T-handle system to push the roller if necessary. But you can also hook it up with almost any tractor thanks to the universal hitch it offers.

High-Quality Frame

While the drum is made of polyethylene, the frame is made of sturdy steel. You won’t have to worry about breakage or flimsiness with this one.

Available in Various Sizes

If the 18 by 24 inches design is not ideal, you can always go for the 18 by 16 or the 18 by 48 inches models. Either way, you’ll get the same features but with a bigger design.

What We Liked

  • Sturdy steel frame lasts a lifetime
  • Has a comfy T-handle design
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Requires little assembly

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plugs tend to loosen out

8. Brinly PRT-48SBH Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller

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We couldn’t leave the PRT-48SBH tow-behind lawn roller out of reviews as it is simply fantastic due to its size, durability, and overall ease of use.

As soon as it reaches your home, you’ll encounter a super-easy-to-assemble design. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to set up, especially with the added instructions, fastener pack, and step-by-step video help.

Once it is assembled, you will find the filling process to be super-straightforward with the Easy-Turn Plug. You get an extra-large opening that allows even the thickest of houses to go in. This will save you tons of time and effort.

After filling it up, this gigantic 48-inch long roller with 18 inches in diameter will weigh 485 pounds. With only 54 gallons of water, it will go over the sturdiest of soils or most stubborn of grass and flatten everything down.

Despite its colossal size and weight, the roller is still harmless. Thanks to a rounded-edge design, you can turn and move around with this roller without causing any unwanted damage to your yard.

Top 3 Features:

Fast & Easy Storage

Although the roller is immense, you can still move it around and store it without wasting any time or effort. It is light and makes it easy to hang if necessary.

Next-Level Sturdiness

Boasting a polyethylene construction, the roller can withstand even the harshest of uses, weathers, and storage conditions. No rust or dents will happen either.

Versatile Hitch

Whether you have an ATV, garden tractor, or anything in between – this roller will fit on the hitch like a gem.

What We Liked

  • Fills up to 490 pounds
  • Easy to store despite its size
  • Boasts a super-sturdy poly drum
  • Doesn’t damage your lawn

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only works as a tow-behind roller

Best Lawn Rollers: Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the proper lawn roller is crucial since the improper one might harm the condition of your lawn. Some of the top lawn rollers are already on our list of favorites. Let’s now look at some helpful lawn roller buyer guides.

How Does A Lawn Roller Work?

The purpose of lawn rollers is to smooth up uneven lawns, first and foremost. But how do they function? They are either trailed behind a garden tractor or propelled forward by the user’s hands.

First, you must understand how to use a lawn roller correctly to avoid harming the soil. In light of this, we have provided the following steps for smoothly rolling out a grass lawn.

  • Remove the stopper, then add water or sand to your roller. Whether the roller is made of steel or polyurethane will determine the stuff you fill it with.
  • Reconnect that plug.
  • On the areas you want to level, move the roller ahead.

Tip: Only partially fill the roller with sand or water. Go ahead and stuff it more if necessary. Check the weight after about 25% of the way is complete.

When utilizing a lawn roller, there are a few extra things to remember. So, here they are.

  • Rolling the lawn is best done while it is moist, not drenched, or overly dry.
  • The spring season is the ideal time to roll the lawn. The roots of the grass are actively expanding as it emerges from dormancy.
  • Avoid rolling clay or dense soil. The soil’s propensity to compaction will only grow due to this.
  • When it’s required, roll your lawn. Rolling too frequently might result in soil compaction, which harms the lawn.
  • When rolling your grass lawn, go light. The soil would contract if there were too much weight on it.

Caution: Although using a hand lawn roller can seem simple, it is more complex. It will require both time and effort. Using a towed-behind roller is significantly more straightforward if you don’t want to put stress on your hands.

Tip: Before utilizing a lawn roller, aerating your soil is a good idea because rolling will cause some level of compaction.

What Does A Lawn Roller Do?

Lawn rollers flatten the soil. The soil will be rolled, allowing for better seed contact and faster sprouting.

Unfortunately, this equipment will not adequately flatten your grass if it has substantial lumps from poor landscaping or animal diggings. It is also helpful to use a lawn roller before reseeding your lawn.

Can You Make A DIY Lawn Roller?

Have you ever considered making a DIY lawn roller? Yes, spending money on ready-made rollers available on the market is unnecessary. Instead, you can create your lawn roller home with the proper materials!

Let’s look at the steps involved in creating a lawn roller from a cardboard drum.

Material needed:

  • Cardboard drum
  • Driller
  • Metal pipe
  • Trailer handle or something similar


  • If there is labeling paper on the drum’s exterior, peel it off.
  • Drill holes in the drum’s ends.
  • The holes should have a diameter of around 1.5 inches (approx.).
  • These two holes should be used to insert a metal pipe. Both ends of the pipe should protrude by six inches.
  • Affix a handle.
  • Start to roll. Add some weighty material to the interior of the drum to boost the roller’s weight if necessary.

Note: Ensure that the holes are drilled exactly in the center of each side. Otherwise, the drum will not roll smoothly.

Pro Tip: A 55-gallon drum can also be used to create a lawn roller. You may adjust the weight of your drum roller by adding water to it.

Different Lawn Roller Sizes

Lawn rollers are all different sizes and capacities. Some are small and light, while others are larger and heavier. Which one is best for you will be determined by your rolling requirements and the size of your lawn. Here are some of the most popular lawn roller sizes on the market.

  • 60-Inch Lawn Rollers: These are the most economical lawn rollers due to their modest size. These rollers can be pushed by hand or towed by an ATV or small lawn tractor.
  • 72-Inch Lawn Rollers: A 72-inch lawn roller can roll over six feet of ground in a single pass. However, more than this size may be required for huge arenas like football fields or golf courses. These lawn rollers are preferred by homeowners, landscapers, and managers of medium-sized sports grounds.
  • 96-Inch Lawn Rollers: These rollers can easily handle certain commercial grounds maintenance and are intended for use on smaller premises. But keep in mind that you will also acquire heavier weights when you raise the size of the roller.
  • 144-Inch Lawn Rollers: Professional use benefits greatly from a 144-inch roller. The best aspect is that these rollers can span numerous full-width sports fields.
  • 21-Feet Lawn Rollers: This is the most extensive rolling width. These lawn rollers, often gang rollers, are an outstanding option for the broadest lawns. Golf courses and bigger football grounds are the most likely places to witness these rollers because of the vast quantity of land to rolling.

Steel Lawn Rollers or Poly Lawn Rollers

It all comes down to personal preference. Steel has a higher strength, while a polyethylene roller won’t rust. Lawn rollers made of steel or poly will do the same task.

The benefits and drawbacks of both steel and poly lawn rollers are discussed below. Please review them to determine the difference between the two and which best suits you.

When To Use A Lawn Roller?

Rolling your lawn at regular intervals has some distinct advantages. The question, however, is when to use a lawn or a ground roller. As a consequence, we’ve outlined some of the scenarios in which rolling the ground is necessary.

  • Whenever fresh lawns are seeded or unseeded
  • After installing fresh sod
  • If the yard appears a bit uneven in the spring

Things to Consider Before Buying Lawn Rollers

Lawn rollers are a complete YES if you desire an even lawn. And there are plenty of good options on the market. However, not all lawn rollers are suitable for every lawn.

You cannot simply point your finger at the most appealing product and say yes. There are several factors to consider before selecting the best lawn roller.

We are here to assist you with this. Follow the checklist below to discover what to look for and why when buying a decent lawn roller.

1. Size

You must consider size while purchasing a lawn roller. The user’s comfort and the roller’s suitability for the lawn come into play here.

Nevertheless, the bulk of consumer-grade rollers has a width of between 24 and 36 inches. You can get models 48 inches wide or more on more extensive lawns.

2. Capacity

In terms of weight, the larger the roller you choose, the more weight it will have. After extensive research, we found that a manual lawn roller weighing between 50 and 70 kg is appropriate. Anything over 70 kg is excessive for most folks, whereas less than 50 kg has no effect. However, if you are seeking tow bar lawn rollers, keep in mind that they are heavier—around 150-200 kg when complete.

Remember that a lawn roller alone is quite heavy. When empty, it might weigh anything from 22 to 45 kg. Lawn rollers are intended to be filled with water or sand to add weight.

Therefore, choose the roller carefully while keeping in mind both- its initial weight and its weight after being filled.

Note: The quality of the result is directly correlated with the size and weight of the roller. Also, the bigger the roller is, the more bucks you have to invest in purchasing it.

3. Pulling Style

The way a lawn roller pulls is a critical distinction. It will help if you consider whether you want a tow-behind roller or a manual, hand-pushed lawn roller. It is crucial because the sizes and weights of both kinds vary. Additionally, remember that there is no reason to overspend on attributes you won’t utilize. So, choose wisely!

4. Construction Material

Lawn rollers are available in two varieties: steel and polyurethane. Both come empty and should be filled with water or sand.

Both are available in tow-behind or hand-pulled configurations. Lawn rollers are subjected to heavy loads and continual climate exposure, making sturdiness a top priority.

But the question is, which one should you pick? The solution is dependent on your requirements. Also, let us tell you that both materials have advantages and disadvantages. It will be easier for you to choose the right material once you learn about them in detail.


Here, we have listed all the features of steel along with its pros and cons.


  • Comes with a width range of 24″-60.”
  • Highly durable
  • Meant for high-end lawn rollers
  • Better stability in the hilly areas
  • No fear of getting punctured

Pros and Cons:

Highly reliableMore expensive
High stabilityHeavy
Great for highly uneven lawnsCan get dents
Can rust over time if left exposed to elements
Can be filled only with water


Here, we have listed all the features of polyurethane along with its pros and cons.


  • Comes with a width range of 24”-48”
  • Inexpensive 
  • Better for sharp turns

Pros and Cons:

When empty, easy to storeCan get punctured
Less heftyNot suitable for continual exposure to the hot sun for a prolonged period
Can be filled with both water and sandNot as durable as steel
Rust- resistant

5. Scraper Bar

This function is already present in 99 percent of lawn rollers; therefore, it is not highly significant, but we chose to include it.

As you roll along, the rolling bar, aka the scraper bar, stabilizes the roller and is crucial for removing mud and grime. The added support provided by the roller bars also aids in improved stress absorption for these instruments.


Picking the ideal roller for your yard shouldn’t be a problem with all the information in this article.

lawn rollers

You should be ready to get the perfect roller that meets all your demands by just checking our best lawn rollers reviews and going deep into our buying guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Your lawn won’t be rolled over by magic. Pick one of these now and get the job done.  

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