John Deere 2025R: Features and Specs (Review, 2023)

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John Deere tractors do not need an introduction; it is one of the most famous tractor brands in the States.

In over a century-old automobile manufacturing business, John Deere has built some of the world’s most sold tractors and is loved for the built quality and durability it offers to the customers.

The latest of the lot is the John Deere 2025R compact utility tractor, which comes with best-in-class features and the latest technology. Its 2023 model has been rolled out as well.

If you are eyeing a tractor that can do all the lawn-related work with ease, then the John Deere 2025R is the best option you have.

It is a subcompact utility tractor capable of lawn mowing, snow removal, trench digging, and loading works whilst providing full safety to the operator with its enhanced safety features, making the tractor invaluable.

It is hard to find a detailed, stats-backed review online, and this is where we come into play. 

In this read, you will get the latest and most credible review of the John Deere 2025R with all the in-depth analysis, specifications, and statistics for you to make your decision-making easy. You will also get to know all the pros and cons of having this mini-landscaper at home.

About John Deere 2025R

About John Deere 2025R
Image Source: deere.com

The John Deere 2025R compact utility tractor is a perfect choice for people who want to get this toy out every day and do some lawn work.

Many vegetable farmers have also opted for the John Deere 2025R, as it is a very versatile and easy-to-operate machine.

John Deere 2025R is manufactured in its Augusta, Georgia, USA manufacturing plant. 2R Series Compact Utility Tractors offers its customers a hydrostatic transmission, which then results in better fuel output. 

The John Deere 2025R 2023 model is a four-wheel drive with a Yanmar engine. It is loaded with a 1.3 L three-cylinder diesel engine and offers infinite (2-range) forward and reverse gears.

One key feature of the John Deere 2025R is the easiness it provides in installing or dismantling any attachment, which only takes a few minutes. The cab protects against bad weather and makes it suitable for use in any climatic conditions. 

The modern design and latest technologies of the John Deere 2025R ensure there are almost no issues for the operator during its operation. The vibration caused by the engine is almost negligible and does not produce loud noises during its operation.

Pricing of John Deere 2025R was on the higher side as the original price ranged around $14,434 in the year 2013, $15,348 in the year 2014, for its previous models, and currently stands at $20,923 for the 2023 model.

In this model, the serial number plate is on the right side of the tractor frame, above and behind the front axle.

Specs of John Deere 2025R

General Specifications:
ModelJohn Deere 2025R
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeCompact Utility tractor
Series2R Series
Length (overall)109.2 inches
Weight1,708 lbs
Wheel Base63 inches
Width37 inches
Height93.7 in
Lawn/turf front (ag)23x8.5-12
Lawn/turf rear (ag)31x12-16.5
Engine Specifications:
Engine Manufacturer/ modelYanmar 3TNV80F-NCJT
Engine typeFour-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Engine Power (Gross)25 hp
No. of cylinders3
Bore and stroke3.15x3.31 inches
Displacement77.3 ci
PTO (claimed)N/A
Compression ratio23.4:1
Starter volt12
Cooling SystemWater pump
Rated RPMN/A
Operating RPMN/A
Fuel typeDiesel
Air cleanerdual stage dry
Fuel systemindirect injection
Fuel tank capacityN/A
Electrical :
Charging systemN/A
Charging amp20
Battery CCA500 CCA
Rear PTOindependent
Rear RPM540
Engine RPMN/A
Mid PTOindependent
Mid RPM2000
Engine RPMN/A
Transmission & Chassis:
Oil Capacity9.8 L
Coolant capacity3.2 L
BrakesWet disc
Gearsinfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Cruise controlStandard
Steering typePower steering
Differential lockMechanical rear
Operator systemN/A
Chassis4×2 2WD
Typeopen center
Pressure166.9 bar
Capacity9.8 L
Rear valvesN/A
Mid valvesN/A
Total flow21.2 lpm
Tractor Hitch:
Rear typeI
Rear lift (at 24"/610mm)1150 lbs
Attachments (optional):
Mower deck54" mid-mount mower deck
62" mid-mount mower deck
Bladefront-mount John Deere
BackhoeJohn Deere 270A Backhoe
Manufacturing locationAugusta, Georgia, USA
Production years2013 - 2022
Price$15,348 (2014 )

Features of John Deere 2025R 

Since the John Deere 2025 is one of the latest models of the company, it provides customers with all-round satisfaction.

It offers its users standard LED headlights and fender lights, John Deere Mauser cab, helping its operators operate even in bad weather conditions and rough terrains.

It is a perfect choice for people who want to do their lawn work in rough terrains; the tractor features a very tight turning radius, which makes it super easy for its operators to operate in tight and small spaces.

It can be navigated effortlessly for different works as it can be easily compatible with many attachments and can perform different tasks like mowing, loading, tilling, digging, etc.

The tools and different attachments can be installed smoothly, and the company guarantees that the AutoConnect mid-mower deck can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes.

John Deere 2025R uses a Yanmar 3TNV80F engine, which is a 1.3 L, three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine.

This engine can generate 24.2 PS (17.8 kW; 23.9 HP) at 3,200 rpm of gross output power.

John Deere 2025R can be easily compatible with multiple attachments, including but not limited to a mid-mount mower deck, Snowblower, Blade, Front-end loader, and Backhoe. 

It bears a hydro transmission with Twin Touch Pedals for ease of use with infinite (2- 2-range) forward and reverse gears. 

1. Engine

John Deere 2025R uses an engine made by Yanmar, which is currently one of the best engine manufacturers in the world.

The John Deere 2025R uses the Yanmar 3TNV80F engine. It is a 1.3 L, 1,267 cm2, (77.3 cu·in) three-cylinder natural aspirated diesel engine with 80.0 mm (3.15 in) of the cylinder bore and 84.0 mm (3.31 in) of the piston stroke. 

The compression ratio rating is 23.0:1. This engine produced 24.2 PS (17.8 kW; 23.9 HP) at 3,200 rpm of gross output power. The engine has enchanted technology and offers a cast-in block cylinder design for good cooling and long life of the engine.

2. Transmission 

The John Deere 2025R tractor is equipped with hydrostatic transmission with infinite (2-range) forward and reverse gears. This hydrostatic transmission helps in better fuel efficiency and output.

The John Deere 2025R features a foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission and a hydrostatic drive unit that functions both as a clutch and transmission.

It offers twin touch pedals, which makes loader or mowing works very easy, and it requires no clutching for direction changes.

3. Chassis 

The chassis of the John Deere 2025R provides an open operator station. It has a 4×2 two-wheel driving convenience with a power steering.

The operator gets enhanced safety features and fender-mounted handrails that assist the operator while getting on and off the tractor.

High back seat suspension is also possible, and on the right side of the seat, the operator can find the seat adjustment lever to adjust the seat fore and aft.

The tractor also has oil pressure, an alternator indicator light, and a coolant temperature light.

4. Attachments 

John Deere compact utility tractors allow the operator to execute many different works. For that, different attachments are also installed. The company guarantees that the AutoConnect mid-mower deck can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes.

John Deere 2025R is easily compatible with mower decks, blades, snow blowers, and many other tools, depending upon an individual’s preference and requirements.

Attachments compatible with John Deere2025R are:

Mid-mount John Deere 54D 54 in (1,370 mm) mower deck

Mid-mount John Deere 60D 60 in (1,520 mm) mower deck

Front-mount John Deere 54 in (1,370 mm) blade

Front-mount John Deere 60 in (1,520 mm) blade

Front-mount John Deere 47 in (1,190 mm) two-stage snow blower

Front-mount John Deere 54 in (1,370 mm) two-stage snow blower

John Deere 120R loader

John Deere 270B backhoeRC2048 Lift-Type Rotary Cutter.

Pros and Cons of John Deere 2025R Tractor

No matter how wonderful the specifications look, it has some drawbacks and advantages. This section will tell you about all the pros and cons of having John Deere 2025R at your disposal.

Let us look at some pros and cons of the John Deere 2025R. 



The John Deere 2025R is capable of performing a variety of jobs, including mowing, loading, and snow removal.


John Deere has been making tractors for more than a century now, and the company is known for making high-quality, durable products that can even last half a century.

Ease of Use

One thing John Deere ensures is anyone can operate their tractors, and it does not need an experienced driver to understand the operations of the tractors.

John Deere 2025R provides easy operational controls with infinite gears, which allows novice operators to easily operate the tractor.

Hydrostatic Transmission

John Deere 2025R can be easily maneuvered, even in tight spaces. The hydrostatic transmission allows the tractor to be effective during frequent speed and direction changes.



One factor that keeps a lot of people from buying a John Deere tractor is its cost. With a lot of attachments and other tools, the price of the tractors goes way up in comparison to other brands.


Every machine needs maintenance; without maintenance, a machine would die. John Deere 2025R also needs regular maintenance, and it requires a professional for in-depth maintenance work. 

Self-maintenance can be tricky and may cost a hefty sum of money if it goes wrong.

Limited Capacity

While it’s a capable machine, the 2025R may not be suitable for larger agricultural operations or heavy-duty tasks. It’s designed for smaller-scale applications.


Pricing is one factor that is often criticized by many, as John Deere prices its tractors at a high range. 

Pricing of John Deere 2025R was high at the time of its launch. The price was around $14,434 in its launching year which was 2013, then the price increased almost a thousand dollars to $15,348 in the year 2014. The current price of John Deere 2025R (2023 model) is $20,923.


Does John Deere 2025R have power steering?

Yes, the John Deere 2025R provides a power steering system to its operators,  which offers easy maneuvering and lowers tiredness in its operation.

What is the power output of a John Deere 2025R?   

The Yanmar engine present in the John Deere 2025 is capable of producing 24.2 PS (17.8 kW; 23.9 HP) at 3,200 rpm of gross output power.

What attachments are compatible with John Deere 2025R?  

The John Deere 2025R is easily compatible with a mower deck, blade, two-stage snow blower, loader, and a lift-type rotary cutter amongst others.


John Deere is known for its quality-built tractors. One such high-quality small and compatible utility tractor is a John Deere 2025R, which can perform multiple lawn duties and is laced with all the latest features.

Although it is a bit pricy, it can be said that the high cost is totally outweighed by the features it offers, including hydrostatic transmission and compatibility with many attachments. Overall, it is an excellent deal to get.

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