12 Amazing and Easy DIY Corner Garden Ideas for Your Yard

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Our homes are our safe havens. We find not just security but also solace there. And nothing beats the sense of being in a home surrounded by vegetation and brilliant hues.  We’re talking about houses with lots of plants and gardens.

There’s no better place to escape to than your yard or lawn, which is dripping with the allure of floral beauty. So why not make the most of its nooks and crannies? We’re confident that your senses will want a gentle evening breeze scented with roses, lavender, or lilies.

12 Amazing and Easy DIY Corner Garden Ideas for Your Yard
Image Credit: Corner garden design from Pinterest

So, here are some incredibly inventive ideas that will transform your yard corner into a lovely garden. You will be able to create your green paradise: we promise that! Additionally, the good news is that you won’t have to break the bank to transform your yard corner into something more dreamy.

Whether you have a little or large corner, our top corner garden ideas will appeal to every garden enthusiast. So, without further ado, let us begin our voyage!

Why Go for a Corner Garden?

Why Go for a Corner Garden
Image Credit: A corner garden with sculptures and fences from Pinterest

Before exploring the DIYs of creating a corner garden, you might want to know why to go in this direction? We will give you the reasons.

One of the key reasons for creating a corner garden is to give your home a unique feature. A corner garden, consisting of your favorite plants and possibly a seating space, would be your escape into the greenery without having to leave the house.

In addition, on hot summer days, this corner of your home will provide a pleasant breeze to soothe your exhausted soul in the late hours. Simply add two bean bags and a center table to create the ideal setting for coffee with friends and family.

There’s more: this corner can be used as your reading spot. Shut the world outside, grab your favorite book, hop on the hammock, and get indulged in the reading.

We hope you would reconsider your plans for a corner garden for the reasons stated above. If not, read through our DIY ideas; we’re confident you’ll fall in love with them and want to attempt them right away!

12 Creative DIY Corner Garden Ideas

You can easily employ a landscape designer to help you put your corner garden plan into action. But doing it yourself is more enjoyable. It’s a different kind of satisfaction to get soil your hands to make something one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, it has the potential to save you a lot of money. Creating a beautiful DIY corner garden is a lot of fun and a great way to exercise your creative side.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve done some of the legwork for you and compiled a list of our favorite 12 DIY corner garden ideas. We hope that these suggestions will help you transform a disregarded yard corner into a desirable centerpiece.

#1. Create An Antique Corner

Create An Antique Corner
Image Credit: Boots garden planters from Pinterest

Going antique is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to create an eye-catching corner garden. What we mean is that you can make your garden out of old objects sitting about your house. For example, if you have an old pair of boots, wash them and let them dry before painting them in your color choice and planting any flower or evergreen plant in them. You can also use old tires, water cans, wash binsbottles, coffee mugs, and other similar items.

You simply need to look around for items that you no longer use but could be useful in your garden. This is a terrific way to make a low-budget corner garden while also upcycling old items.

#2. Hill Corner

Hill Corner
Image Credit: Rocky garden from Pinterest 

This is a great concept for individuals who have a rocky area in their yard. Instead of digging the rocks, you might intersperse them with flowering plants.

Clean the crevices between the rocks, fill them with soil, and plant them with a mix of miniature flowers and leafy plants. This will create a lovely banket of colors that will add a magical touch to your corner garden.

#3. Play With Colors

Play With Colors
Image Credit: A colorful corner garden from Pinterest

Nothing compares to the splendor of a vibrant corner garden. You can achieve this by combining flowering plants of various hues. Place a few vibrant plants in colorful pots to brighten up your yard area. You can also add a couple of birdhouses. Paint the birdhouses and pots in colors that go well with the flora.

If you have hooks or wires in your garden, you may also install a few tire planters and hang a hammock. We can ensure you that you will have a relaxing location without having to go outside.

#4. Keep it Private

Keep it Private
Image Credit: A hydrangea hedge from Pixino

Plants provide a purpose that extends beyond providing shade in the yard. They might assist you in establishing a discrete, private area on your larger lawn. And, guess what? You won’t need fences if you plant privacy plants.

Plants that provide privacy include bushes and leafy plants. You can plant them around the area you intend to use as your corner garden to create a natural green barrier or border. Plant moss rose, ferns, fountain grass, mophead hydrangea, boxwoods, hostas, ilex, and others if you want to be creative.

This DIY will not only eliminate the need for fence installation but will also give your yard harmony. You will also receive a private corner garden without having to pay a large price. All you need is the patience to wait for your bordering plants to mature and flourish.

#5. A Corner Garden With a Pond

A Corner Garden With a Pond
Image Credit: A corner garden with a pond from Pxhere

Among all other ideas, nothing can be calmer than having a stream or a pond in the corner garden. A pond in the garden can provide relief not only to you but also to the birds during the hot summer days. You may also use stones and pebbles, and plant hostas, to create a border around your pond. Adding a few koi fishes can also be a wonderful option if you enjoy bright colors.

Install a garden bench, a center table, and a few garden lamps around the pond, and you’re ready to enjoy your late summer evening.

#6. An Outdoor Theater

An Outdoor Theater
Image Credit: Outdoor theater from Pinterest 

You may effortlessly create a simple yet attractive outdoor theatrical space if you have an empty corner with a wall. A projector, a clean white cloth (for screening), a few strings of fairy lights, a mattress, and a few cushions are all you’ll need. You can also buy a portable screen, which is available both online and offline, to replace the white cloth. Don’t forget to add some colorful cushion covers for a pop of color.

This garden concept is ideal for summer evenings when you can host an outside movie night for your friends and family.

And yes, do not forget to have some delectable munchies on hand!

#7. A Fence With Hanging Planters

A Fence With Hanging Planters
Image Credit: A fence with planters from Pinterest

If you have a fence in your yard, you might consider getting creative with it. To give your fence a pop-up effect, grab some paint tubs, a broad brush, and paint it. After that, attach a couple of nails to the front of the fence to hang planters. You may make planters out of old tires, watering cans, baskets, glass bottles, and other materials. Don’t forget to paint the plants to match the fence’s color palette.

There’s more, you can place on a garden bench, set against the fence, and add a few wooden or ceramic pots with tall plants beside it. To complete the look of your enclosed corner garden, consider placing a coffee table in the middle.

#8. A Corner Seating Arrangement

A Corner Seating Arrangement
Image Credit: Corner seating arrangement from Pinterest

Don’t be dismayed if your yard has a tiny corner that can’t accommodate much. Squeeze two garden chairs and a round or square table together to complete the design. To add color to your decoration, place a few potted plants with contrasting foliage. Voila! You’ve just had your morning spot, where you may relax and enjoy the first cup of tea or coffee of the day.

#9. A Succulent Corner

A Succulent Corner
Image Credit: Cage succulent hanging planter from Pinterest

Do you love succulents? Do you love their fleshy leaves filled and beautiful flowers? If yes, then you can create your very own succulent corner garden.

How about a hanging succulent garden? To create it, you would need a few empty birdcages. Paint them in white (it’s optional), wrap a net around the lower portion of the cage to seal it. When you are done, you can stuff the cages with soil, and grow succulents in them. Give some time for the plants to grow, wrapping them around the cage. We can assure you your succulent planters will look gorgeous.

#10. A Moving Succulent Garden

A Moving Succulent Garden
Image Credit: A wheelbarrow succulent planter from Pinterest

You can think of a moving succulent garden. Yes, you read that correctly. You can use one or two abandoned wheelbarrows to create your portable garden.

Fill the wheelbarrow with soil and pebbles, then plant it with your favorite succulent plants. To create a rainbow appearance, grow succulents in an array of shades. You might also consider painting the wheelbarrows or leaving them unpainted for a rustic look.

This DIY corner garden concept will undoubtedly become the garden’s center point. You can either put them in the corner of your yard or move them around as needed.

#11. Give Your Garden an Exotic Touch

Give Your Garden an Exotic Touch
Image Credit: A zen corner garden from Pinterest

Want to create a Zen ambiance in your garden? If so, consider a corner garden with an exotic theme.

Zen is a Japanese word that refers to a relaxed state. And you may do so right in your backyard, in your corner garden. Rocks, gravels, Buddha figures, Japanese lanterns (if you can find them), a small fountain, bamboos, lighting, and a seating area are all you need. Also, if you could make a fountain, it would add to the overall zen of the place.

However, keep in mind that zen gardens necessitate meticulous upkeep. To maintain the zen effect, you must keep a constant eye on your garden and make sure it is free of clutter, fallen leaves, weeds, and other obstructions.

#12. Paint the Wall

Paint the Wall
Image Credit: Moroccan style garden wall from Pinterest

If you have a concrete yard with an abandoned wall, consider renovating a section. All you have to do now is brainstorm and paint the wall of the corner where you wish to renovate. You can also be creative by drawing on the wall with different stencils or creating a graffiti wall if you so desire. The change is completed with the addition of a couch, synthetic turf, and wall planters.

Some Tips to Use While Creating a Corner Garden

So, ‌creating a corner garden is no rocket science. You just need to tickle your creative nerve and unleash your imagination. However, there are a few things you can take care of to aid in your creation.

Here are some tips that you can consider while conjuring your imagination to create your ultimate green oasis.

1. Light Furniture

If you are planning to squeeze in furniture in your garden, go for those that are easy to move and rearrangeable. It is advised never to choose bulky furniture or items for your outdoor garden.

2. Recycle to Upcycle

Recycling older household items can be a great way to reduce cost and upcycle. Think of ideas that can make use of old tires, cans, buckets, boots, and other things available easily.

3. The Local Weather

Always take into account the local weather before saying yes to any garden-creating idea. If you live in a warmer place that receives bright and sharp sunlight most of the days of the year, go for something that includes shades. On the other hand, if you live in cooler regions, your DIY garden ideas should include something to do with firepits.

4. Basic Maintenance

Maintaining your corner garden is highly essential. The entire look of your green oasis can get marred if you forget to take up the basic maintenance steps like mowing, cleaning, keeping insects at bay, etc.

5. Take Plants Indoors

Also, sometimes, you might need to take your plants indoors in the winter season. So, make provisions for that too.


Here we are at the very end of our DIY corner garden idea post. We hope this post has inspired you to go creative and build your corner garden. So pick up your gardening tools, wear that apron and gloves, and head towards your yard to get your hands dirty! And yes, if you have ideas on corner gardening, we would love to hear them.

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