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Main Aspects of Pool Landscaping

by Vicki Joseph on June 3, 2011

in Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Fundamentals of Pool Landscaping

The landscaping around a pool makes a world of difference in creating a beautifully themed outdoor area. Learn the three most important pool landscaping ideas below:

Pool Landscaping Brick Edging

To define the border between a lawn and the pool area, brick edging offers a professional looking solution. It is common practice to separate lawn/gravel or lawn/deck borders with concrete or brick    segments aligned in a straight line or curve. A border can be easily created by digging a trench and laying the bricks inside. Dirt is packed around the sides of the bricks to hold them in place. When raised slightly above ground level, such borders can conveniently contain gravel which would otherwise be uncontrolled and messy. To complete your pool landscaping project quickly, consider using an interconnecting plastic brick border. These plastic borders snap together easily and look like real bricks.

Pool LandscapingGravel

Many kinds of gravels are available for use in pool landscaping, including lava rock, granite, white pea, crimson stone and slate chips. Gravel serves as a colorful contrast to light-toned pool deck. A bed of gravel can be created by sandwiching it between the deck and brick border. Enough gravel should be used as to hide the soil underneath. If plants will be placed among the rocks, it is recommended that automatic watering lines and plant pots be installed before pouring the gravel down. Since people will be walking around in bare feet, it is a good idea to avoid exceptionally sharp and shard-like rocks which can cut through the skin. Large rocks which are considerably lighter or darker than the deck surface are easy to spot and replace.

Pool LandscapingPlants

Plant life is a very prominent part of pool landscaping. Most pool landscapes exhibit a tropical look which utilizes exotic plants. There are many plant species out there which look very tropical but are in fact native to the area. Plants such as palm trees, palmettos, elephant ears, ornamental banana plants, Hosta, hibiscus, Canna, trumpet lily and many other varieties can be planted around the pool in a decorative way. Plants can be placed directly into a bed of gravel by digging a hole which reaches down to the soil.

For best results, choose low-maintenance plants which do not shed a lot of flowers or leaves. This avoids the constant cleanup of plant material. If you have children, avoid using plants with colorful berries that are non-edible. Remember that flowering plants attract bees which may become a nuisance. Large plants can form a privacy screen to keep prying eyes out.

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