The Ultimate Guide to Storage Sheds

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Storage Sheds Are Worth Researching

Ultimate Guide Storage Sheds

The average price of a backyard storage shed varies from several hundred dollars to upwards of $5,000.  If you’re considering this investment, it’s worth it to do your homework first.  

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide for you.

Don’t even think about buying a storage shed for your property before you read the whole thing!

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Lifetime Plastic Sheds For Your Yard

Plastic sheds such as those from Lifetime are superior to wood and metal sheds in several ways.

They require no maintenance and will never rust or be eaten away by termites.

Suncast Storage Shed

Plastic sheds are shipped in modular pieces and snap together with minimal hardware. These sturdy sheds come in many sizes and are extremely versatile.

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Lifetime offers the following information about their sheds:

Aesthetics in Design

Lifetime sheds defy the common stereotype that plastic sheds are not visually appealing. Lifetime takes great care to make sure that their sheds exhibit beauty as well as strength. For example, many of their models use side panels which have simulated wood grain texture.

They also use roofing panels which look like real shingles and come in many natural colors.

The sheds have perfectly coordinated color schemes which use contrasting colors on the doors, walls, roofing, windows, and trim.

plastic shedsDurable Construction

Lifetime plastic sheds use a special type of plastic called HDPE, which is an abbreviation for high-density polyethylene. With extreme strength and no maintenance required, this material is the ideal choice for use in plastic sheds.

Unlike wood which needs constant maintenance and re-sealing, HDPE needs none. Metal sheds are equally annoying, succumbing to dents, rust, and lack of durability.

HDPE is also stronger than vinyl, a plastic used by some other shed brands.

Function of the Storage Shed

Lifetime sheds with windows have shatterproof panes as well as skylights. They are also equipped with a battery powered light for night time access. Vents throughout the shed allow heat to escape yet keep bugs out through the use of a protective screen.

Ample headroom is provided by the steeply angled roofs, and the wide door openings allow all sorts of tools and supplies to be stored without hassle.

Customize for your Needs

Lifetime plastic sheds come in sizes to suit anyone’s needs. Whether you need a small walk-in or enough room for a small workshop, these plastic storage sheds have you covered.

Expansion kits are available to extend any of their sheds to a customized size. Accessories like shelves and peg slots are also available.

Easy to Assemble

Only simple tools are needed to assemble a Lifetime plastic shed.

The first step is to place the shed floor on a level surface such as a concrete slab. Then, each of the walls is snapped into the floor and the windows are installed. After installing the door, the roof trusses are put into place, as well as the skylight(s) and roofing panels.

Shelves and accessories are installed last.

The assembly only requires a small power screwdriver. The galvanized hardware and snap-together panels create a sturdy and reinforced structure that can withstand rain, wind, and snow.

Lifetime includes a step-by-step instruction booklet so you never get confused.

What To Expect From Storage Shed Plans

wooden storage shed

All storage shed plans follow the same basic procedure to create a shed made of wood.

Plans allow even novice woodworkers to build a shed quickly and with minimal error.

The following is the procedure to expect when you receive your first storage/garden shed plans:

  • Step 1: Lay the Foundation
  • Step 2: Raise the Walls
  • Step 3: Gable Roof
  • Step 4: Doors and Windows
  • Step 5: Trim

Step 1: Lay the Foundation

Most storage shed plans will discuss how to create a solid foundation for your new shed. Lighter sheds can be built on wooden foundations created using wooden joists and pressure treated wood flooring.

However, larger sheds need a more substantial foundation in order to prevent sagging and leaning.

If in doubt, always pour a fresh slab of concrete which has been properly leveled and built to exceed the length and width of the new shed.

Step 2: Raise the Walls

Shed walls are created by nailing wooden studs into a rectangular or square frame. Holes for windows are made by mounting horizontal beams in between the vertical posts.

It is important to note that the walls for a shed are built in segments and brought together at a later date. Once the walls are framed, exterior siding is nailed to the exterior.

Some people like to insulate their walls and put on interior siding, but this can be done after the walls and ceiling are in place.

Step 3: Gable Roof

Gable-style sheds are the easiest to create and offer excellent rain and snow protection.

The roof is created by mounting several triangular-shaped gable pieces to the top of the side walls and laying paneling over the top.

Later, builders can place shingles on the roof for protection and decoration.

Gable panels are made with three beams of wood- two for the triangle top and one as a brace. Each one must be identical to the next so that the shed will be square.

To keep the shed cool, install gable vents to let the hot air out.

Step 4: Doors and Windows

The easiest way to install windows is to buy them pre-built from the store or receive them in a kit. Assuming you designed your shed walls with appropriately sized holes, the windows can be easily slid into place.

It may be necessary to put wood bracers around the edges of the windows in order to ensure a tight fit. When nailing is complete, seal the edges with silicone.

The doors are installed a bit differently.

Industrial hinges rated for the weight of the door will be attached to the interior of the door well. You can make the door yourself or use one that came in a kit.

Step 5: Trim

Decorative trim edging and sidewalls may be added for the final touch.

For added clarity, interior shed lights can be attached to the ceiling of the shed.

Tip:  If you’re on a budget, free shed plans are available on the internet that are of quite good quality.

Suncast Storage Shed Products

Suncast Storage Shed

If you have ever owned a shed before, you may know that many of them can be difficult to set up and almost impossible to move.

The difference that a Suncast shed has over other brands is the ease of assembly, high strength resin construction, and durability.

Sheds made of wood can rot and require frequent coats of lacquer to remain water resistant.

Steel sheds are at risk of rusting and can be a real pain to assemble.

Suncast sheds come in a series of snap-together panels and can be set up within an hour or two, depending on the shed’s size.

To get an idea of the sheds that Suncast offers, take a look at some of these examples.

Extra Large Shed

The extra large model provides over 44 square feet of storage space, enough to store a ride-on lawnmower plus lots more. The best part is that the entire walk-in shed assembles without the need for tools.

Not many sheds can make a claim like this.

The large resin panels keep your goods secure and safe from the weather.

Yard tools, bicycles, furniture, boxes and more can be placed in an organized fashion inside the shed.

Large objects can be easily maneuvered inside courtesy of the extra wide door opening.

The double doors can be locked up for security. The next size down is the large model which offers about 32 square feet of space and come with the same features.

Vertical Storage Unit

Vertical Storage Shed

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Tall and thin, the Suncast vertical storage shed provides ample room for tools of all shapes.

The weather resistant resin panels provide protection from the weather, which is especially helpful in preventing tools from rusting.

Vertical shed units are the perfect solution for clean-looking garage and backyard storage.

Items can be placed on the floor panel as well as leaned up against the beck and sides. Leaning up your tools against a bare wall can look cluttered.

The vertical shed provides a convenient place to store all of them.

Horizontal Shed Unit

Horizontal Storage Shed

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Suncast horizontal sheds could effectively be described as plastic chests for outdoor use.

These units have ample space inside for paint buckets, small trash bins, yard tools, or anything else you want to hide away and keep protected. A single or double hinged door at the top gives full access to the storage space inside.

Some models feature front-load doors with a convenient entry ramp. Clearing up yard clutter becomes a breeze with the organizational options provided by Suncast.

When compared to steel sheds, Suncast products outperform them in almost every way.

Accessories for your Suncast Shed

Suncast Shed

Satisfied Suncast shed owners everywhere recognize the dependable storage solutions that the company Suncast offers.

What they may not know is that Suncast makes a wide variety of accessory products to make their sheds even more organized.

These accessories are designed to attach quickly and easily to existing sheds, and because their made by the same company who makes the sheds, are of the highest quality and compatibility.

An accessory like the tool hook rack or the hanging basket can help shed owners organize their tools, extensions cords, and more with ease.

The loft shelf accessory keeps your stuff stored up high, taking advantage of previously unused space.

Let’s take a look at some of these cool accessories in greater depth.

  • Suncast Loft Shelf
  • Bracket Accessory
  • Corner Shelf

Suncast Loft Shelf

The loft shelf is an overhead shelving system which attaches to the ceiling of your Suncast shed. Bulky and unwieldy items like tents and fuel canisters can be stored out of the way to free up precious floor space.

The structure is made out of wire to allow users complete visibility of their stored items. The powder coated wire structure is accessed through a frontal opening.

Years of reliable use are made possible by the durable steel wire frame. For additional storage options, hooks can be added to the bottom of the shelf to hang items from.

If your shed is big enough, multiple loft shelves can be used together in your Suncast storage shed.

Bracket Accessory

Suncast manufactures many slat wall accessories like hooks which can be used with this bracket. The bracket accessory attaches to the shed’s inner wall, allowing users to hang Suncast hooks and baskets.

The hook attachment (sold separately) makes for the perfect place to store your rolled up extension cords.

With weight evenly distributed, this bracket can hold up to 40 pounds.

The powder coated finish protects the bracket and prevents rust.

Corner Shelf

An excellent way to make use of corner space, this shelf attaches via brackets to any corner of your Suncast shed.

Slots built into your shed provide the mounting surface.

A single shelf can hold up to 40 pounds of cans, tools, buckets, pots and anything else you can think of. Brackets are included which attach to the wall of the shed.

With a shelf unit at each corner of your shed, you’ll have no problem keeping clutter off the ground.

This shelf is not compatible with the following Suncast sheds

  • GS8000
  • GS9000
  • GS9500A

Whether you have a large industrial shed or a small Suncast garden shed, a corner shelf can improve your organization.

To keep yourself on the right track, you can use a garden shed checklist. These can be found in magazines at home improvement centers or online.

In addition, a shade can be another effective accessory to keep cool while working in and around the shed. Placing a shade over one side of your shed can decrease the temperature inside.

Models Of Suncast Sheds

Suncast Sheds

Suncast sheds serve as a solution to the growing problem of clutter and overflow in one’s home.

Tools, supplies, and surplus can gather over time and create a seemly uncontrollable amount of clutter in conventional storage locations.

When your garage, basement, or attic overflows with excess items, it’s time to consider getting a Suncast shed.

Suncast makes sheds of all sizes and types, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Their smaller sheds such as the vertical, horizontal and deck box orientations can store garden tools, pool supplies, outdoor toys and more.

Their full-sized walk-in models offer a considerable amount of space for storing just about anything. Some people even use large Suncast sheds as a workplace.

Whatever your needs, Suncast has a shed for you.

This guide covers many of the shed models that the company offers to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

Large Suncast Storage Shed

Large Suncast sheds vary widely in size, ranging from a few dozen square feet to a hundred or more.

They are designed to provide an all-encompassing storage solution to serve any need.

Instead of paying a monthly rental fee at a storage facility, you can have comparable storage space right in your own backyard.

Not only are their exteriors appealing and decorative, but they are also sturdy and long lasting. Made from high-grade plastic, the double-walled panels snap together with no tools necessary for assembly.

Store your extra lumber, lawnmower, pool supplies, topsoil and more in the shed for protection.

The sturdy floors can support an enormous amount of weight.

Accessories vary among models but often feature sunroofs, windows, heat vents, lockable doors, entry ramps and more. Extra wide front doors allow for no-hassle access to your storage space.

Entry ramps make it easy to drive in your ride-on lawnmower or use a dolly to load heavy boxes.

Suncast Vertical Shed

Suncast Sheds

Vertically oriented sheds by Suncast are tall storage units that make the most of your available space.

Commonly called a utility or tool shed, these vertical sheds are just the right shape for storing long-handled tools and other outdoor supplies.

Rakes, brooms, and grass trimmers and other hard-to-store items are contained securely behind the lockable double doors.

The slightly elevated floorboard ensures that the inside stays dry. The entire shed assembles quickly with snap panels.

The resin used in Suncast shed construction is weather resistant and durable, capable of taking a beating from even your roughest tools.

Suncast utility sheds have specially molded mounts that can support wooden shelves which can be bought and cut to fit.

Suncast Horizontal Shed

Suncast Sheds

Horizontal sheds have a wide box design and sit lower to the ground than vertical varieties.

Great for tidying up a yard, horizontal Suncast sheds can store large, heavy objects such as soil bags, small trash bins, chlorine buckets, and more.

Commonly referred to as a deck box, horizontal sheds usually can have different door orientations.

Some deck boxes from Suncast have a single top hinged door, while others feature double front doors, all of which can be locked up using a padlock.

Double front doors are ideal for loading and unloading heavy objects which would be difficult to lift over the top of the box.

As usual, the entire structure is created out of high strength resin material, ensuring dry contents even in the presence of water.

Tidying up your backyard or garage has never been easier!

Utility Cabinet

Suncast Sheds

For those small items that just don’t have a place, a storage solution with shelves is the best option. The utility cabinets by Suncast feature several shelves to organize your stuff.

Paint cans, car cleaning supplies, weed sprays, pesticides and more can be stored on the shelves in an easy-to-see way.

Lockable doors add security and keep children away from dangerous chemicals and sharp objects. Multiple utility shelves can be stacked upon each other using the stackable grooves.

As usual, assembly is as simple as snapping the panels together.

Drawer Cabinet

Suncast Sheds

There are times when small items get so cluttered that you need a place to contain them all.

That’s where the Suncast drawer cabinet comes in.

These cabinets are equipped with several sliding drawers to accompany your small items.

Nut and bolt containers, screwdrivers, and other supplies can be stored in the resin drawers. These units come fully assembled for your convenience.

Multiple units can be stacked on top of each other for the ultimate storage solution.


Suncast shed owners can accessorize and enhance their storage experience with one of the many shed accessories that Suncast offers.

Tool hooks, loft shelves, hanging baskets and more are available to further aid in your organization endeavors. Sometimes shoppers can find sheds for sale with the accessories included.

The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

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Rubbermaid makes de-cluttering your home simple with their line of storage sheds. Their horizontal sheds can be particularly helpful around the home, both indoors and out.

They’re called horizontal sheds because of their unique wide design. Usually set upon decks, patios or in garages, this type of shed is capable of storing large, heavy objects.

Not only can it store all of your tools, but it can also keep the dirty stuff like bags of fertilizer and grass seed out of the way.

Assembling these Rubbermaid sheds is as simple as locking the panels together. The rugged materials used in its construction will not chip or crack over time, even when kept outdoors.

Take a look at some of these space-saving horizontal models from Rubbermaid.

Model 3753 Split Lid Shed

With eighteen cubic feet of internal space, model 3753 can handle the toughest of jobs. Instead of a single hinged lid, this shed offers two lids which can be opened separately.

A prop bar keeps the lid open while you work. The included wood shelf can be used to store smaller items which would just get lost in the shuffle if thrown inside the main compartment.

Eight locking panels come together during assembly to produce the sturdy structure seen in the picture. Using a padlock, the double doors can be locked up using the loop on the top.

Individuals handy with tools will be pleased to find that the lid also doubles as a work surface.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage ShedModel 3747 Large Rubbermaid Shed

This model is similar to the previous one in that it has double doors.

However, the doors are oriented on the front of the shed, with an additional hinged door on the top.

This results in a super easy-to-access shed. Items can be accessed with eased and placed on the floor or shelf of the interior.

Because the shelf is not included, users will need to purchase a wood platform to place inside if a shelf is desired.

The doors are lockable if a padlock is provided. The structure is resistant to dents and leaks and will not degrade in the weather.

32 Cubic Foot Shed

This Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed has the largest internal capacity of any shed discussed in this guide.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the 32 cubic foot shed has the capacity you need for just about any job. The grid floor keeps stored items in their places, and the molded grooves can accommodate a wooden shelf (bought separately).

Fertilizer, grass seed, compost and any other stray item can be stored inside in an organized fashion.

The shed is bound to get pretty heavy with all of your stuff inside, which is why the company has also designed a Rubbermaid cart which can be placed underneath for portability.

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Need help moving your shed from place to place? Rubbermaid carts are available for just this purpose.  Rubbermaid Trash Cans are also quite popular.

Advantages Of A Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Storage solutions come in many forms, but none so refined, sturdy and intuitive as the sheds by Rubbermaid.

The company Rubbermaid has many years of experience creating high-quality consumer goods ranging from Tupperware to storage totes.

Their shed line varies widely in shape and design, suiting a wide range of needs.

All of their sheds are made with heavy duty plastic construction.

This isn’t your typical plastic, either.

The intelligent design is constructed using high-grade polyethylene polymers, which don’t chip or crack.

Their sheds are not only space conscious but cleanly as well, with a variety of indoor uses as well as outdoor.

Let’s take a look at some of the shed models that Rubbermaid offers.

Rubbermaid 3749 Vertical Shed

Sleek and compact, this model is intended to store long objects and keep them out of the way.

Long handle tools fit perfectly into the internal compartment, keeping them safe from weather and wear.

To keep tools from sliding around, the floorboard of the shed is gridded to keep them in place. The handle ends sit snugly in these grooves until you are ready to use the tool again. Several shelves are included to customize your storage space.

This vertical oriented model takes advantage of previously unused space with its tall design. Seventeen cubic feet of storage volume accommodates quite a bit of storage.

The doors can be locked for security and to keep dangerous tools and chemicals away from children.

These types of sheds are also referred to as Rubbermaid storage cabinets and can be found at most home improvement stores.

Deck Box 5E39

While referred to as a deck box, this product is Rubbermaid shed in a low profile form.

It sits on your deck or patio to provide a place to store outdoor items.

The raised floor ensures that water can never leak in and damage your goods. Seven easy to assemble panels make up the unit, each made out of the same high-grade plastic that Rubbermaid is known for.

Eighteen cubic feet of space provides plenty of room for toys, tools and more.

The interior is accessed from a hinged top door. A prop bar conveniently holds the door open for you.

An optional shelf can be attached to the interior using the molded grooves.

Rubbermaid ShedsTypes Of Rubbermaid Sheds

Do you have extra clutter sitting around that you can never seem to find a place for? This is a very typical problem that people face all of the time.

The cool thing is that there is a convenient and cost-effective solution called the Rubbermaid shed.

You may know the company Rubbermaid for their high-quality food containers and plastic bags, but they also make high-quality consumer sheds for a variety of purposes.

Rubbermaid sheds are made from high-quality plastics and come in a variety of shapes. Minimal assembly is required and many models simply snap together.

Plastic sheds like these are superior to wood sheds in that they are lightweight, can be used indoors and outdoors, and come prefabricated and ready to use in minutes.

Horizontal Rubbermaid Sheds

Similar to the deck box, the horizontal shed design accommodates anything you can fit inside, regardless of the weight.

The low profile design ensures that it takes up as little space as possible while holding an impressive 32 cubic feet of stored material.

As with the vertically oriented model discussed above, this unit has a grid floor to keep your stuff from moving around. Upon receiving your new Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed, it will need to be assembled.

The interlocking panels go together with ease and can be assembled quickly.

The doors can be locked with a padlock you provide. If portability is needed, Rubbermaid carts can be placed under the structure to roll it to a new location.

As you can see, Rubbermaid outdoor storage sheds come in all shapes and sizes for varying needs.

Different Forms of Horizontal Sheds

Rubbermaid’s sheds come in different forms, one being a horizontal orientation.

These sheds are wider than they are tall, making them great for heavy and wide objects like bags of soil and garden tools. Generally used outside, these sheds organize your equipment, pool toys and more in an easy-to-find way.

The plastic, more specifically called polyethylene, is made to resist all weather conditions and will not crack or chip. The internal capacity is something important to consider and is measured in cubic feet.

The more cubic feet, the more space you will have to store items.

A Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed typically opens from a top-hinged door, although some models have additional double doors on the front too.

Many organizational accessories are available, such as baskets, nets and more which can help to keep smaller items in their place.

Vertical Sheds

Rubbermaid’s vertical sheds are taller than they are wide. This shape makes storing long tools like shovels and string trimmers a breeze.

The inside is usually divided vertically into two sections.

One section is left open for the storage of long items, while the other section is shelved for storing smaller items. The internal shelf system is perfect for the storage of things like paint cans, small boxes, aerosol sprays, hand tools and more.

When placed up against a wall, these vertical sheds take up little floor space yet store a remarkable amount of things inside.

A Rubbermaid vertical storage shed not only works well outdoors but can be used inside your home to store clothing, surplus food and more.

Walk-In Sheds

Rubbermaid Sheds

For people with a lot of stuff to store, a walk in shed may be for you.

Their most prominent walk-in shed line is called the Big Max.

Their walk-in sheds offer enough internal space for storing larger things like lawnmowers. They also make for great box storage units.

Your storage is kept safe inside through the use of double-walled panels.

The interior is accessed from a convenient front door which allows enough clearance to access your supplies.

Assembly is a snap, literally.

The walls lock together with the use of a few basic tools.

To clean up your yard, the refined look of a Rubbermaid shed is unparalleled. For gardeners, Rubbermaid has also created the perfect shed for you, called Rubbermaid garden sheds.

These are similar to walk-ins but are specifically designed to store gardening supplies. These models are too big to be moved around with Rubbermaid carts.

The Long Lasting Quality Of A Rubbermaid Shed

Any Rubbermaid shed is built with quality materials and constructed with functionality in mind. The name Rubbermaid invokes thoughts of a highly durable and reliable storage solution, and rightfully so.

Sometimes you need a little extra space to keep everything organized. The best way to do this is to use a convenient storage shed.

Sheds can be placed outdoors and indoors and can store items ranging from tools to toys. When the garage or backyard gets overwhelmed with clutter, consider one of these sheds to make the most out of the available space.

Sizes range from small to large and they are easy to assemble, with some being completely pre-made.

The company has manufactured so many shed varieties that it can be hard to determine which one is best for you.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks in picking the Rubbermaid storage sheds.

Big Max Rubbermaid Shed

seven foot square shed
Big Max 7 Foot Square Shed

I highly recommend the Big Max Rubbermaid Shed series because of their versatility and wide range of uses. The smallest is the Big Max Junior and comes in the dimensions of 6 feet by 3 feet.

This is the amount of area that will be available to you on the shed floor. This is the perfect space for things like lawnmowers, shovels, tools, boxes or anything else.

This shed can be stored out in the backyard, in the garage or even indoors. Because they are made of durable plastic, it is safe and clean enough to even put food products in.

A shed like this could free up space in the kitchen and be used as an extra pantry.

Most likely, though, you have clutter or extra items around the house that you need to put somewhere in an organized fashion.

A Rubbermaid shed is a far easier solution to rearranging the house to make more room.

Simply put the shed anywhere it’s needed and you’re ready to de-clutter and organize your home.

Place Rubbermaid sheds in the backyard for the kids’ toys. Get one for the “tool guy” in your household for a great place to keep and organize tools.

The next biggest shed in the Big Max line is the standard version which measures 6-foot square, providing 325 cu ft. of space.

A more wide range of items can be stored in this bigger shed, including larger lawn mowers, small ladders, storage boxes, unused furniture, and more.

Keeping your lawnmower in a protected place like this prevents corrosion and rust.

Plastic components can discolor and degrade in the sun. A shed can protect your valuable items and promote greater organization.

If you have patio furniture, you can store extra chairs for guests or events. Most people keep some extra chairs around for get-togethers but end up stacking them on the side of the house.

Besides degrading in the weather, the furniture can accrue bugs, spider webs, and dirt, which won’t give a very positive impression to your guests. Install a tool rack in the shed for your garden tools and weed whacker.

If you’re searching for a complete storage solution, consider getting the Big Max Ultra.

The largest in the series, the Ultra provides a massive 6 by 10 feet of space, totaling 467 cubic feet.

While not quite large enough to support a car or truck, this shed is perfect for people with a wide range of needs.

Lawnmowers, bikes, tools, or even motor scooters would fit well in here, with room enough for a shelf or two.

To make the most of the empty space higher than stacking height, consider putting one or two shelves into the shed.

The shelves can support smaller items like boxes and other miscellaneous items.

The Big Max Ultra is sure to become your personal storage sanctuary. Measure the area where you want to put it to make sure there will be enough space.

If it will lie within a walkway or path, keep in mind that people or equipment may need to pass around the Rubbermaid shed.

Made With The Consumer In Mind

So, what makes a Rubbermaid storage shed so great anyway?

The secret is in the craftsmanship and design. The double-walled construction ensures a weatherproof seal and provides strength. Many of the sheds on the market today are made with one wall.

The problem with this is that a single wall has far less rigidity than two. Also, the air in between the walls acts as an insulator to mediate the temperature inside.

Rain, dust, and wind have a much harder time penetrating the shed’s walls. Place your shed anywhere, rain or shine, and have the peace of mind that comes with owning Rubbermaid storage sheds.


Another great thing about these sheds is the ease of construction. The “wall anchor” system was designed to aid in quick and easy shed building.

Some smaller sheds come pre-assembled, such as the floor units at your home improvement store, but the larger ones will come un-assembled in a box.

Even if you’re not handy with tools, you’ll do just fine with assembly, as Rubbermaids assemble with very little hardware.

Other Varieties

If you have smaller or more specific storage needs, then the Big Max line may not be for you. The Rubbermaid vertical storage shed (number 3673).

It features double doors and a loading ramp to roll heavy items right into the shed. You may think of a plastic shed to be only suitable for lightweight items, but that isn’t the case.

The plastic materials are very sturdy and can take a beating. The vertical design of this shed means that it does not require much floor space, and can be put in more places than usual.

The tall structure can accommodate things like shovels and step ladders. Another great vertical model is number 3673. It is extra deep to accommodate larger items like bicycles.

For wide and low storage, consider a Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed. The low profile means easy access. Many of these have sliding lids.

Rubbermaid produces some of the most long-lasting and durable storage sheds around. It’s no wonder why so many people have organized and de-cluttered their homes using them.

It’s not just a storage shed, either.

The company has spent countless research producing products that are smartly designed to handle any need. Once you find the shed that will work best, you are sure to enjoy it for years to come.

When compared to steel sheds, Rubbermaid’s lightweight plastic models are superior in many ways.

Rubbermaid offers their sheds for sale at many locations worldwide, including on the internet.

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