Types Of Rubbermaid Sheds

Do you have extra clutter sitting around that you can never seem to find a place for? This is a very typical problem that people face all of the time. The cool thing is that there is a convenient and cost effective solution called the Rubbermaid shed. You may know the company Rubbermaid for their high quality food containers and plastic bags, but they also make high quality consumer sheds for a variety of purposes. Rubbermaid sheds are made from high quality plastics and come in a variety of shapes. Minimal assembly is required and many models simply snap together. Plastic sheds like tRubbermaid Shedshese are superior to wood sheds in that they are lightweight, can be used indoors and outdoors, and come prefabricated and ready to use in minutes.

Horizontal Sheds

Rubbermaid’s sheds come in different forms, one being a horizontal orientation. These sheds are more wide than they are tall, making them great for heavy and wide objects like bags of soil and garden tools. Generally used outside, these sheds organize your equipment, pool toys and more in an easy-to-find way. The plastic, more specifically called polyethylene, is made to resist all weather conditions and will not crack or chip. The internal capacity is something important to consider, and is measured in cubic feet. The more cubic feet, the more space you will have to store items. A Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed typically opens from a top hinged door, although some models have additional double doors on the front too. Many organizational accessories are available, such as baskets, nets and more which can help to keep smaller items in their place.

Vertical Sheds

Rubbermaid’s vertical sheds are taller than they are wide. This shape makes storing long tools like shovels and string trimmers a breeze. The inside is usually divided vertically into two sections. One section is left open for the storage of long items, while the other section is shelved for storing smaller items. The internal shelf system is perfect for the storage of things like paint cans, small boxes, aerosol sprays, hand tools and more. When placed up against a wall, these vertical sheds take up little floor space yet store a remarkable amount of things inside. A Rubbermaid vertical storage shed not only works well outdoors, but can be used inside your home to store clothing, surplus food and more.

Walk In Sheds

Rubbermaid ShedsFor people with a lot of stuff to store, a walk in shed may be for you. Their most prominent walk-in shed line is called the Big Max. Their walk-in sheds offer enough internal space for storing larger things like lawnmowers. They also make for great box storage units. Your storage is kept safe inside through the use of double walled panels. The interior is accessed from a convenient front door which allows enough clearance to access your supplies. Assembly is a snap, literally. The walls lock together with the use of a few basic tools. To clean up your yard, the refined look of a Rubbermaid shed is unparalleled. For gardeners, Rubbermaid has also created the perfect shed for you, called Rubbermaid garden sheds. These are similar to walk-ins but are specifically designed to store gardening supplies. These models are too big to be moved around with Rubbermaid carts.

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