Lifetime Plastic Sheds For Your yard

Plastic sheds such as those from Lifetime are superior to wood and metal sheds in several ways. They require no maintenance and will never rust or be eaten away by termites. Plastic sheds are shipped in modular pieces and snap together with minimal hardware. These sturdy sheds come in many […]

What to Expect from Storage Shed Plans

All storage shed plans follow the same basic procedure to create a shed made of wood. Plans allow even novice wood workers to build a shed quickly and with minimal error. The following is the procedure to expect when you receive your first storage / garden shed plans: Step 1: […]

Rubbermaid Trash Can Comprehensive Guide

Rubbermaid makes many types of trash cans for use around the yard and home. Their industrial and commercial grade trash cans are built for the most harshest of treatment. Rubbermaid trash cans are backed by lifetime warranties. Rubbermaid "Brute" Series: Commercial quality trash cans such as the "Brute" series Rubbermaid […]

Firewood Storage Rack Organizers

Firewood storage rack range in size from small fireplace racks to large units capable of storing enough wood for an entire season. Racks such as these do a lot more than just organize the wood- they keep it off the ground to prevent infestation from bugs and degradation from moisture. Typically […]

Wood Storage in a Fireplace Log Holder

Firewood is an essential part of many people’s lives, providing much needed heat in the wintertime. For these people, a large outdoor firewood rack is needed. However, not everyone needs such a large amount of wood. Most city dwellers just need to keep enough wood on hand to light their […]