The Weber Performer Grill

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A lot of people out there strongly believe that charcoal grilling produces a Weber Performer Grill better taste than gas. However, it is obvious that charcoal takes a lot longer to set up and clean. The Weber Performer Grill takes the complication out of charcoal grilling by using the power of propane to ignite the coals. No longer do grillers have to deal with uneven, unpredictable start-ups. The Performer Grill lights the coals quickly and efficiently with the press of a button. You get all the benefit and flavor of charcoal coals without the aftertaste of lighter fluid on your food. Cleaning up the ash between meals is a breeze using the One-Touch cleaning system. The removable ash catcher ensures that users never have to touch the ash from grill to the trash can. Like all Weber charcoal grills, the Performer has a porcelain enameled lid and steel bowl. To top it off, the grill sits in a robotically welded steel cart and is rust resistant.

Charcoal Grill, Propane Ignition

Weber Performer Grill owners get all the quality of a Weber-brand grill with the additional innovation of propane ignition. This revolutionary feature uses a liquid propane tank with electronic ignition switch to deliver a constant flame which lights the coals. No lighter fluid or matches are needed. This method of ignition results in quicker and easier start-ups with more complete coal smoldering. Disposable liquid propane tanks are required to use this feature, either the 16.9oz or the 14.1oz sizes. However, adapter hoses are available which can allow for larger non-disposable tanks such as the 20 gallon sizes. Called "Touch and Go", this start-up system is super easy to use with literally the press of a button.

Patented One-Touch Cleaning System

Weber Performer grill has a specially designed cleaning system that eliminates the need to scoop/brush out soot from the grill basin. A lever sweeps out the soot and puts it into a detachable catch pan for disposal. Users never have to touch the debris and get their hands dirty. Quick cleaning means that users can get their grill ready to go quicker too.

Weber Performer GrillConstruction

The grill itself is all-steel construction with a durable steel enamel (22.5 inch cooking surface). The enamel comes in several colors but the classic Weber black is the most popular. The porcelain coating makes the grill rust resistant and easy to clean. The grill is contained within a wheeled rack/table that is made from steel and coated with paint for rust resistance. The crack proof plastic wheels make moving the grill in/out of storage easy. The wheels have locking casters to keep the grill from rolling even on slight inclines. Adjustable aluminum vents allow users to change the airflow to control the heat of the fire. The thermoset work surface provides ample room to place platters, sauces and utensils.

Hinged Grates

The cooking surface grates feature a hinged door to access the coal chamber below. Users can flip up the grate to add more coals on the fly.

Coal Bin

The coal bin can hold up to 20 pounds of coals and keep them dry. This eliminates the need to pull out a bulky bag of charcoal every time you want to start up the grill. The coal bin is detachable, keeping the coal within reach for pouring directly into the grill base.

Additional Features

Tuck-Away Holder: Grill owners often have difficulty finding a place to set a hot lid while they tend to their food. The tuck-away holder on the Performer grill gives users to place the lid. It also serves as a wind breaker.

Dual-Purpose Thermometer: The innovative thermometer on the Performer series not only tests the internal temperature of the grill, but can also be removed and stuck into meats to test doneness.

Charcoal Fuel Holders: These welded steel fuel holders hold hot charcoal within the base and can be moved around for direct/indirect cooking. The holders can be slid to a new location as needed- no tossing hot coals around with your charcoal tool!

Weber Performer Grill Cover: Weber offers grill covers for their Performer series, a must for anyone wanting to protect their investment in style.


  • 10- Year Warranty:

Handles, Bowl, lid, and One-Touch cleaning system

  • 1-Year Warranty:

Charcoal baskets and cooking grate

  • 3-Year Guarantee:

Test valve, hose, burner, and burner assembly


  • Weber Performer 841001 Grill
  • Weber Performer 1421001 Grill

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