Steel Sheds Are A Long Lasting Storage Solution

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If you’re looking for a long-term, full-sized, dependable storage unit right at home, steel sheds is for you.

Steel units come in every size imaginable and can be assembled with relative ease. Steel has a low resistance to corrosion, is very durable, and is not susceptible to being toppled by the wind.

We all have extra items that we want to be protected or stored, and choosing the right storage option is important. Steel sheds are a smart investment because of their long-lasting toughness and flexibility.

The shed can be placed basically on any flat surface. Assembly can be done with one or two people and can usually be completed in one day.

These sheds are considered a semi-permanent structure, which means they can be disassembled and moved if needed. Storage kept inside these units remains safe from the elements.

Setting up a shed is basically adding on real estate to your home. More space means more flexibility and a better quality of life.

A steel shed can become a staple in your daily organization. Items like lawn mowers, gardening tools, pool toys, ladders, or even a small workshop can be stored with ease.

Gasoline powered equipment will not corrode steel if there is a leak, giving peace of mind. If you have a large enough shed, you can put shelves, tables or even smaller sheds inside the unit for better organization.

The goal is to fit as much storage as possible while still maintaining functionality.

1. Shed Use

Shed Use

There are basically two main uses that people have for steel storage sheds. The first is for a long term storage option for extra, un-needed items.

The best way to keep these items safe in the shed is by using boxes. As resilient as these sheds are, there will be small critters that will make their way inside.

Boxed storage is a smart way to prevent them from eating or damaging the goods.

Things like memorabilia, clothes and keepsakes can be stored in the shed only if the temperature and humidity is moderate.

Over time, excess humidity can damage paper goods like photos. Heat can melt candles and damage electronics. Of course, if you keep the steel storage shed indoors, the climate will be ideal for items of all types.

The second need for sheds is for a frequently accessed tool and supply location. Often kept in the backyard, sheds serving this need hold tools from around the house such as chainsaws, ladders, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, pool chemicals and more.

Without a designated location for these items, the yard can quickly become cluttered.

Items can be difficult to locate quickly. Steel sheds put an end to this with a safe and secure place to put them.

If you have many tools such as rakes and shovels, consider installing a handy tool rack inside. This will keep those awkward shaped items in their place.

For nighttime access, I recommend a built-in light.

This can be as simple as a battery-powered push light to a fluorescent ceiling light. Regardless, trying to access and hold a tool in the dark with a flashlight in the other hand can be a pain.

2. The Advantage of Steel

The Advantage of Steel

The advantage that steel has over sheds made of plastic and wood is the long-term reliability. Plastic models can easily blow over in the wind.

The walls are often made of some type of mesh, which I don’t consider to be a real wall at all. When storing items inside, you will appreciate having a solid steel wall to lean items against.

Racks, shelves and tables can be mounted to the steel walls for added organization.

Light mounts can be attached to the ceiling using a drill and a few screws. Wood is a great material but requires maintenance and upkeep.

Wood can degrade from water damage and sunlight over time, leading to cracks, discoloration and rotting.

An annual re-sanding is usually required. Also, try moving those heavy wood beams if you need to relocate the unit.

3. Setup


The number one rule before you set up your shed is to find a level surface.

Preferably, a concrete slab or brick floor. There are several reasons for this.

First, having a level surface means the shed will not lean.

A leaning shed will lead to improper weight distribution and can lead to a topple in extreme cases.

Surfaces like grass and dirt are too soft and don’t serve as a good foundation. Sections of the shed can sink into the ground when wet.

Also, rain can pool up on the uneven surface and seep into the shed.

Steel sheds can be placed on bare dirt only if supports are laid down. Your steel garden shed instructions should discuss this, but it basically involves setting down a series of wooden beams to form a raised and level surface.

Construction of steel garden sheds can be performed with one person, but two or more is ideal. Large sheds come in one or more heavy boxes which can be difficult to handle.

Even on a dolly or roller cart, two people may be required to handle it.

Lay the box down on the ground, using care to prevent crushing feet. You may want to take an inventory of each piece to make sure the manufacturer included them all. You’ll find that individually, the pieces are easy to work with.

Follow the instructions very carefully and be sure to use the right bolts for each stage. The corrugated wall panels tend to look the same, so double and triple check that you have the right one before final placement.

Follow each step and you will soon have a completed shed. In some cases, you will find that the pieces don’t quite come together.

If the bolt holes are a little off, take a thin screwdriver and put it into the hole. Use the leverage to shift the holes and line them up. Proceed to slide the bolt through.

Rain, wind, and shine can’t win against quality steel sheds. Once you’ve found the right one, you will be sure to experience many years of use.

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  1. I like the idea that you said that I can use a steel shed as an extra storage option. If I were to choose, I’ll hire contractors to build one for my farm so that my tools would have somewhere to be stored in. This way, I won’t have to try to look for them elsewhere.


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