What is a Lawn Sweeper?

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Lawn SweeperUsing a broom and dustpan to pick up yard debris is so old school. Using a lawn sweeper is so much easier than conventional methods.

How does a Lawn Sweeper work?

A lawn sweeper is a specialty yard tool that can either be pulled by a garden tractor or pushed by hand depending on the model.

Most use a cylindrical bristle brush which spins as the unit is pushed, picking up sticks, leaves, rocks and straw and flinging it into a bin.

‘When the job is complete, users remove the collection bin and pour it into the trash can. Companies like Craftsman and Agri-Fab make these machines.

Push models have an intake that ranges from 24 inches and up.

If you anticipate working on different surfaces such as the sidewalk and grassy lawn, an adjustable unit is essential. Adjustable lawn sweepers can change their height with a simple turn of a dial or lever. The bristles move closer or father away from the ground in an attempt to catch more debris.

A wide diameter wheel on either side of the unit turns the intake bristles when moving. Since they are human powered, they can venture to any part of the yard without cord limitations. Debris is funneled into a plastic or textile bag in the rear which can be removed for disposal. Some units even fold up for storage.

Lawn Sweeper


A pulling lawn sweeper functions a bit differently

Designed for heavier jobs, these bigger sweepers are pulled across a lawn using a garden lawnmower or tractor. The sweeper is attached to the tractor using a hitch pin.

Once connected, users can adjust the height and begin cleaning. Most are designed to stop picking up material when moving backward. Cutting widths range from 40 inches and up.

As with the push models, these lawn sweepers can pick up all sorts of materials including dead grass, fresh/dead leaves and even pebbles. They are the best choice for cleaning large areas with ease.

Hoover makes an interesting lawn sweeper which can be used on your sidewalks, patios and driveways.

It is a motorless hand-pushed machine which has two rotating brushed at the front. Rocks and other materials which have gathered on any hard surface are scooped up and stored in the debris chamber.

It is different from a conventional push lawn sweeper in that it is intended for use on flat surfaces and less for lawns. The Hoover unit glides across the ground on caster wheels.

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