John Deere Snowblower Models

John Deere is well known for their tractors and heavy equipment, but did you know that they also John Deere Snow Blowermake high quality snow blowers? John Deere snow blower is designed to pick up snow on driveways and sidewalks without the need for shoveling. Two types of snow blowers are available- hand pushed and tractor-mounted varieties. Both use an auger to break up snow and push it out through an ejection chute. Higher end models up the ante with an impeller which works in conjunction with the auger to throw the snow farther and faster (Referred to as a double stage snow blower). Let’s take a closer look at the snow blowers that John Deere makes.

Hand Pushed John Deere Snow Blower

Hand pushed models are used in a similar way to a lawnmower. Large diameter pneumatic wheels allow users to work over uneven and otherwise difficult terrain. All models are equipped with a gasoline engine designed to operate in cold and wet environments. In single stage models, the engine turns an auger (the screw shaped part at the front) which both picks up the snow and forces it through the discharge chute. The snow flies to one side, piling up out of the way and clearing the path. The single stage models typically employ a 5 to 8 horsepower engine. Double stage snow throwers add another element to the pick-up process, an impeller. The impeller takes up the job of throwing snow through the chute, splitting the work with the auger. This results in a more powerful blower that can handle bigger jobs. The clearing path on the double stage models is larger than the single stage John Deere snow blower, allowing users to complete a job in fewer passes.

Tractor Mounted John Deere Snowblower

While tractor mounted snow blowers can cost quite a bit more money than push ones, they become an invaluable resource if you have large tracks of land to clear. These blowers mount to the front of your John Deere tractor and are powered by the tractor’s power supply. A piston lift arm allows users to lift and drop the blower while sitting in their tractor. These models come in both single and double stage varieties. Connecting the blower to your tractor is easy, but keep in mind that each blower is only compatible with certain tractor models. If you have the need for a heavy duty John Deere snowblower system, the tractor blower is the way to go. One accessory I would consider is a plastic cabin. Crosswind can send snow flying in unexpected directions, often on the operator. Plastic cabins attach to your tractor and provide a protective barrier from rouge snow.

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