John Deere 318 Tractor

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The John Deere 318 tractor is designed for lawn and garden use, sporting an Onan 2 cycle gasoline engine with 18 horsepower.

Model 318 has both commercial and consumer applications, able to mow vast tracts of landscape or use a variety of special attachments such as snow blowers and plows.

John Deere 318

Attachments compatible with the previous 300 and 140 series can be used on this newer 318 John Deere.  This two-wheel drive tractor is assisted with a front power take-off (rear PTO is optional) and hydrostatic power steering.

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The John Deere 318 was Created as a Successor to the 317

Many new upgrades were added to the 318, including increased comfort, hydrostatic power steering and a smaller turning radius of 26 inches. John Deere started from scratch with this new model after the public relations issues associated with the 317 model.

They produced an amazingly powerful, comfortable and dependable tractor.

The 318 is still highly sought after in the tractor market and has excellent resale values. Over one million units of the 318 were sold, out performing all other models.

Features of John Deere 318

Here is the main features of John Deere 318.

1. Engine

The powerful 18 horsepower Onan engine delivers the power needed to haul just about anything you want. The engine sits on a rubber mount, reducing vibration and increasing comfort. The twin cylinders operate smooth and efficiently. Fuelled by a 4.5 gallon tank, the 318 carries plenty of fuel to start and finish the job. Two different Onan motors were used in manufacture- the Onan B43G from 1983-1987 and the Onan P218 from 1987 onward. Both are air cooled, but the P218 has a slightly higher rated RPM (3500/3600) and displacement (43.3/47.7ci).

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2. Attachments

All attachments that were used on previous models can be used on the John Deere 318. In addition, two new tools were added to work with the 318, including a two stage blower and front broom.

The 318 had a rear frame design change, allowing optional the 2000 RPM rear Power Take-Off to power these handy attachments:

  • Rear Power Take-Off driven tiller (48 Inch)
  • Hydraulic Tiller (30 inch)
  • Rear mount grooming deck (50 and 60 inch sizes)
  • Rear Power Take-Off driven material collection system (one featuring hydraulic dumping)
  • Number 44 front mounted loader

3. Battery

A single onboard 12v battery packs 255 cold cranking amps. It is charged by a 20 amp alternator.

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4. Transmission

The 5 qt. hydrostatic transmission features infinite forward and reverse capability. The forward speed clocks at 7.3 mph, and the reverse at 3.7mph.

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