Setting Up An Inflatable Pool

Inflatable Pool1) Location

Inflatable pool owners should be picky when it comes to installation location. Inflatable pools are made from vinyl which, while durable, can be punctured by rocks and sticks on the ground. Choose a location for the pool which is more than big enough for the pool and pump. Grassy areas are great because they are not likely to contain sharp debris. Avoid areas which are covered by a tree, as falling leaves will constantly fill the pool and need to be cleaned.

2) Tarp

Begin by laying down the protective ground tarp and pressing out all the wrinkles. The tarp will extend a couple feet around all sides of the pool, serving as a place for people to set their shoes and towels.

3) Set the Pool Down

Unfold the inflatable pool and set it in the center of the tarp. Two or more people can be used to stretch the liner flat and make sure all the wrinkles have been removed. An equal amount of tarp should be present on all sides of the pool. Also, you want to orient the pool so that the pool pump outlet hole is in a convenient location, particularly near a power source.

4) Install Support Beams

Larger inflatable pools require metal support bars to be installed on the sides. Follow the directions to install the bars in the proper manner. The poles will likely be assembled with spring loaded pin & hole locks on the ends of the poles.

5) Inflate the Top Ring

Use an electric or double-action hand pump to fill the inflatable ring with air. It should be firm to the touch, but not over inflated. The top ring will rise as the water is added to the pool.

6) Connect the Pump

Filtration systems are connected to the holes on the sides of the pool. These pumps are set in close proximity to the pool and have an intake and outtake hose. Each of the hoses must be connected to the pool before filling, otherwise water will flow out. The hoses are connected using threaded couplings and washers.

7) Fill with Water

Place a garden hose into the pool and turn it on at full speed. Watch the pool as it fills up, making sure that the walls are not bunched up. The inflatable ring will lift the walls up as the water rises. Once the walls have reached maximum height, turn off the water.

8) Accessories

Now is the time to assemble your inflatable pool slide and ladder if you have one. You may now add an initial chlorine shock treatment to start sanitizing the water. Chlorine maintenance can be done by placing a floater in the water filled with chorine tablets. Keep a water tester on hand to frequently test the chlorine and pH levels of the water.

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