10 Swimming Pool Myths Busted

Swimming Pool MythsWorking in the swimming pool industry as a pool cleaner, I have many years of experience and knowledge related to swimming pools, and I am constantly surprised with some of the comments that are made to me by, or potential, swimming pool owners and real estate agents. Here is a list, from pool pumps to swimming pool myths busted from real experience.

  • Swimming pools do not add value to a home when selling. On average, Australian homes with swimming pools fetch 8% more than their counterparts. In hot climates, homes with swimming pools sell faster, and homes with swimming pools sell extremely well in Summer. This myth is totally busted.
  • Waterfalls into the swimming pool are costly and a waste. A waterfall can actually cause more aeration in your swimming pool, help with the flow of water and therefore good to the cleanliness and health of your swimming pool. Myth busted.
  • Bigger filtration systems are better. A swimming pool pump is design to deal within a certain range of water, to operate at maximum efficiency and be the least costly. The right size is better in terms of a composite view, that cost efficiency is important. Myth busted.
  • Maintaining a swimming pool is expensive. With proper regular maintenance and the wide range of products in a competitive market, keeping an average swimming pool can be as low as 25 dollars a month. Myth completely busted.
  • Exercising in a pool is the same as normal exercising. Exercising in a swimming pool keeps the body cooler and allows for movements that are not possible out of it. Water also creates drag and adds to exercise while providing support. Many exercises can be implemented with superior health and safety benefits. Myth busted.
  • Urine revealing chemicals. Despite all claims to the contrary, they do not exist. This is a ploy in many public swimming pools to make, particularly children, refrain from urinating in swimming pools. However greatly effective and good to use, this myth is busted.
  • Chlorine turns blonde hair green. When hair turns green it is because of exposure to copper. There may be copper in your water from copper piping or algaecides that contain copper. Myth busted.
  • Rashes, painful ears and stinging eyes are caused by chlorine. Rashes and painful ears are caused by bacteria. Stinging eyes are caused by incorrect and high PH levels, and by chloramines, and not directly by the level of chlorine. Myth just about busted.
  • Swimming pools are only good for half of the year. With easy to install and very cost effective solar powered systems, pools can be used all year round for health benefits. Cold water can be very invigorating and you will feel that you are better able to handle the colder winter months if you swim regularly. Myth busted.
  • Swimming pools stink of chlorine. Even with large doses of chlorine, a swimming pool will not smell of chlorine. The smells that you are observing are what is known as chloramines, which are reactants with chlorine disinfectants in your swimming pool such as perspiration, sun screens, colognes and the like. Adding more disinfectants will rid any pool of this smell. Myth busted.


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