6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm Without Spending Lots of Money

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Maintaining a pool is quite different from enjoying the aura that owning one brings. You soon discover that your beautiful pool is capable of taking up all your time, money, and more. Keeping your pool nice and warm throughout the year can also be a struggle. But fortunately, there are several cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways to keep your pool warm all year round.

Whether you have an above-ground pool, an inground pool, or prefer your swimming pool indoors or outdoors, there are many solutions for keeping your pool warm.

Read on to learn about some of the eco-friendly solutions we love!

6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm Without Spending Lots of Money
Install a Solar Pool Heater• System is designed to be used on above-ground or in-ground pools
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You, my dear friend, are about to be introduced to environmentally-friendly methods of keeping your pool warm, without having to part with hundreds of your hard-earned dollars.

6 Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm Without Harming the Environment

Eco-friendly tools aren’t only a great option to keep your pool warm and clean. They also don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Here are 6 eco-friendly ways to keep your pool warm throughout the year.

1. Install a Solar Pool Heater

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm
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This is perhaps the most eco-friendly way to heat your pool. And yet, it’s also an inexpensive method. If you’re in a location where you have lots of sunlight, this method is also very effective.

A solar pool heater makes use of the sun’s rays, converting them to heat and in the process, keeping your pool very warm and comfortable.

It also costs you less, because this kind of heater uses light from a free energy source i.e. the sun.  

They are also pretty easy to install, and when combined with other supporting pool heaters, you have the best results (for periods when the sun isn’t out).

2. Use a Solar Heat Pump

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm
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It’s best to use a variable speed pool pump instead of a single-speed pump.

Getting a solar heat pump is one decision that can never be wrong, environmentally speaking. This is because if you chose a gas heater, you’d be expending more energy on the environment.  

You need to also think in terms of speed when choosing a heat pump for your pool.

Whichever way you look at it, pool pumps are usually the biggest users of the energy of all the pool equipment, and variable speed pool pumps are able to help reduce energy consumption because they only make use of the amount of energy needed to complete any task.

Single-speed pool pumps, however, cannot select how much energy to use for any given task.

3. Get a Pool Cover

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm
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Leaving your pool uncovered is not a very smart move if you’re thinking of conserving heat.

When you leave it uncovered, water evaporates at a very quick rate, and you also lose heat. It’s essential to cover up your pool with viable covers.

4. Use Energy-Efficient Lighting

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm
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There are so many pool lighting options these days; many of which are environmentally friendly.

Good examples are LED lights and solar lights, replacing traditional incandescent lights without batting an eyelid. They also use a lot less energy and perform way better.

5. Don’t Forget — Landscaping Matters

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm
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What has your landscape got to do with keeping your pool warm, you wonder? Well, good question.

How you handle the landscaping surrounding your pool, has a critical impact on the environment.

For example, you can reduce energy consumption and water evaporation by planting trees and shrubs, using them as windbreaks and in a manner similar to genius, keeping your pool very warm.

6. Convert to a Natural Pool

Ways to Keep Your Pool Warm

Transitioning from a chemical pool into a natural pool can seem like a leap, but it’s one in the right direction of eco-friendliness.

This means you use plants rather than chemicals, and biofilters. Would you love to reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s your chance to!

Interested in a salt water pool? Learn more about how salt water pools work!

Wrapping Up

When you realize the vast amount of ways you could be eco-friendly with the usage of your pool, you discover, to your utmost delight, that you can be one of those people who make the world a better place with their actions!

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