Garden Hose Hanger

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We hope this guide will help give you an idea of what type of hose hanger is best for your needs. 

There are a lot of things outside the home that need proper storage solutions to keep tidy. Garden tools, pool toys, hoses and more can make a yard look messy and cluttered if not stored properly.

Garden hoses in particular can pose quite a problem when trying to store them neatly. No matter how carefully you try to roll them up onto the ground, they have a tendency to kink and twist in unexpected directions. The obvious solution is to use a hose hanger to effectively store your garden hose.

Garden Hose Hanger

What is a Garden Hose Hanger

Hose hangers are made out of varying materials like steel or plastic. Users wrap the hose around these hangers between uses to keep them off the ground where they can become a tripping hazard.

Some hose hangers offer extra features like wheels for portability and recoil handles to wind the hose into the hanger. Hangers are easy to install and look great in the yard.

Garden Hose Hanger

Plastic Hose Hangers

Suncast Garden Hose Hangout• Space saving
• Mountable
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Racor Hose Rack• Durable
• Multi-use

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Liberty Garden Reel• Made of durable heavy gauge stainless steel with brass hose connections
• 5 feet of leader hose included

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Suncast Garden Hose Hangout

Suncast makes a variety of great hose hangers that mount to the wall. They attach using about two heavy-duty screws that require a pilot hole before attachment.

Their “hose hangout” comes in a sleek taupe color that perfectly complements any garden or yard. At around eight dollars, these hangers are cheap enough to place one at each hose spigot, one for the front and back yards. Users wrap the hose around the central post between uses.

Garden Hose Hanger
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This keeps the hose off the ground and stored in a near-perfect circle. When ready to use again, simply unwrap the hose the opposite way it went on. The Hose Hangout is capable of storing up to 150 feet of 5/8 inch hose, more than enough for most yards.

At the top of the rack is a handy garden hose storage shelf that can be used to hold items like spray tips. Durable poly construction ensures that this garden hose hanger will last for many years. If desired, the hanger can be removed from the wall and moved to a new location.

Metal Hose Hanger

Racor Hose Rack

Garden Hose Hanger
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Metal hangers attach to the wall just like the plastic ones, using a set of screws to mount it to the wall. Typically, once you mount the rack, it cannot be moved without removing the screws.

The “interchange” garden hose hanger from Racor changes all that with its wall dock adapter. Users can move their hanger between areas of the home by removing it from the specialized adapter. Hoses can be brought indoors during the wintertime to keep them safe. In addition, the Racor rack can be used to store other hoses and cords like pressure washer hoses and extension cords.

This rack is made from solid steel coated with epoxy to protect from rust. Some people prefer metal racks from plastic ones for greater strength and durability. It is also a matter of personal taste, as metal racks can appear more industrial than their plastic counterparts.

Hose Reels

Liberty Garden Reel

Garden Hose Hanger
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A hose reel can provide added convenience over a hanger by allowing users to roll up their hoses using a turn-handle. The reel from Liberty Garden Products features a central drum which the hose gets wrapped around.

Users turn the rubberized handle to roll the hose up quickly and efficiently. With a hose reel, yard tenders no longer have to wrap a hose around a rack which can take precious time. A reel allows for more uniform wrapping than when done by hand.

Up to 200 feet of 5/8 inch hose can be stored on this reel. When you’re ready to do some watering, simply pull on the hose and the reel will let it out. The entire unit is crafted from durable heavy-gauge steel coated with a protective layer of paint.

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