Garden Hose Storage Solutions

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Let’s take a closer look at the different garden hose storage solutions available today. Garden hoses can be one of the most difficult yard tools to store.

Some people try rolling their hose into a loop on the ground only to have the hose kink in ten places. Extreme heat can make hoses become too pliable and soft, making it difficult to work with.

Extreme cold can make the hose become brittle and more prone to developing kinks. There are many hose storage products available that not only keep hoses properly stored but look great while doing it.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

A common hose storage solution is called a hose rack. It is simply a plastic or metal hanger in which users roll the hose up on. They mount onto any wall outside or in the garage. Another great solution is the hose reel.

A hose reel is a box with a handle that rolls up the hose and stores it out of sight. There are also decorative hose reels that mount to the wall like a hose rack.

For people who want a simple solution, a hose pot or basket can do the trick. A hose pot is simply an open pot or wicker basket in which the hose gets rolled up in. 

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Hose Rack

Hose racks vary slightly in shape and materials but serve the same basic purpose- to provide a place to roll up your garden hose between uses. These racks require minimal installation and attach at a height you specify. They are typically installed right next to or above the outdoor water spigot.

Hose racks can be as simple as a piece of molded plastic (such as racks from Suncast) or feature additional conveniences such as an interchangeable wall mount (as seen with the Racor Walldock Hose Rack).

Every rack has a specified capacity on how long a hose it can hold. Check the capacity before purchasing a wall rack to ensure it can handle your hose’s weight.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

There are some cool features you can look for if you don’t mind paying a bit more. Some hose racks have a handy storage compartment built into the front, great for storing garden gloves, hose adaptors and plant pruners. A hose-end clip is a handy feature that is used to hold the end of the hose between uses so you can always find it and don’t have to bend down.

Hose Reels

Hose reels offer an additional convenience over wall racks, in that they feature a handle which rolls the hose up for you. A hose rack requires users to hand-roll the hose over the mount, while reels have a handle which does this for you.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions
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Hose reels come in many shapes, some a simple plastic box while others are more decorative. Besides the convenience of a reel system, this garden hose storage solution hides the hose out of sight and lends a more professional feel to a garden or lawn.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

As with the hose rack, these reels can only handle a certain length of hose (this will be clearly specified on the package). To use, you need to connect your hose to the port inside the box. Next, the reel box needs to be connected to the wall spigot. Then reel up the hose using the handle on the outside. When you’re ready to use your hose, simply pull on the hose handle and pull it out.

Hose Pots / Baskets

Basic yet functional, hose pots come in several different forms. The most basic is simply wicker or ceramic pot. Users coil up their garden hose inside.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions

Hose pots blend in well with gardens and exhibit a very earthy feel. Some hose pots are a combination of a pot and a reel, blending the best features of the two, as shown in the picture on the right. Hose pots offer the flexibility of being able to be moved around if needed.

Coil Keepers

Coil Keepers provide a way to store extra garden hoses that you don’t immediately need. It consists of two Velcro bands which wrap around a coiled hose, acting as a hose hanger.

A loop strap allows the hose to be hung on any sturdy hook. They are easy to remove and apply and stay on strong. Many people use these straps as a semi-permanent garden hose storage solution.

Garden Hose Storage Solutions
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