Hot Tub Gazebo

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A hot tub gazebo can provide relief from the sun while swimming in a jacuzzi or hot tub.

These gazebos consist of a protective cover which can be made from a variety of materials including fabric, metal, and wood.

Gazebos such as these have a classy appearance and blend in well with their surroundings.

The shade itself is supported by four sturdy legs which mount permanently into the ground.

Although portable gazebos can be used over a hot tub, they are less than ideal because they can be blown away easily.

Hot Tub Gazebo

These gazebos come in two forms- open and closed.

The open versions have openings on all sides, while the closed versions have walls which create a private enclosure.

Open Sided Hot Tub Gazebos• Opening is adjustable 78" to 82" W for versatility
• Slatted top provides plenty of shade

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Closed Gazebos• Allowing for comfortable use year-round.
• The hot tub keeps the temperature inside the room toasty

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Open Sided Hot Tub Gazebos

New England Arbors Liberty Pergola

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Open sides gazebos for hot tubs have an airy feel being that all four sides are open to the air. If privacy is a concern, special privacy panels are featured on some models.

These panels have a thatch design which are only a few feet tall, allowing you to see out while still maintaining privacy. Open sided models allow users to communicate with the hot tub occupants no matter where they are in the yard.

However, wind chill can be an issue if the temperature is cold outside.

Many of these gazebos have enough room on the sides to place benches and tables under the shade.

Hanging lights and potted plants can be hung from the sides of the gazebo for an added decorative touch. The addition of GFCI protected lights can make for a safe way to illuminate your hot tub at night.

Closed Gazebos

Octagon Garden Gazebo

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For people who want ultimate privacy or simply want to create the best hot tub entertainment enclosure, a closed hot tub gazebo is the best choice. Often called recreation rooms, these gazebos provide not only overhead protection but side walls too.

The hot tub keeps the temperature inside the room toasty, allowing for comfortable use year-round.

A full complement of entertainment furnitures such as table, chairs and even a portable refrigerator and TV can make gazebo style rooms the hot place to be.

Many models have Plexiglas windows on the sides to allow light in.

Also, look for models featuring a skydome which lets sunlight in through the roof. Enclosures like these keep bugs out for a comfortable experience.

Hot Tub Gazebo Assembly

Hot to gazebos must be assembled on site. Unless you are working off plans, these gazebos come with all the hardware necessary for a trouble-free assembly.

The legs usually need to be bolted to the ground to prevent the gazebo from toppling over in the wind.

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