Karcher Pressure Washer Parts

Karcher Pressure Washer Parts

These are  the most reliable cleaning devices around. However, no machine is immune to Karcher Pressure Washer Partsbreaking down after extended use. When a part breaks on a pressure washer, it is important to replace it as soon as possible and not use the device until it is fixed. The high pressure water inside the machine can fire out of the machine from a broken trigger or line, causing injury. Fortunately, a full line of repair parts are available for these units. Whether you are replacing a cracked Karcher hose or want to upgrade your sprayer head, Karcher has the part for you. Replacement of these Karcher pressure washer parts is easier than it might seem. Take a look at some of these parts to get an idea of what you might need.

Trigger Guns

An essential pressure washer part, trigger guns are responsible for giving users full control over the intensity of the water jet. Attached to the end of the hose, trigger guns are ergonomically designed handles that have a control trigger. Water flow is controlled by pressing the trigger in, increasing in pressure the more it is pressed. The water spray turns off completely when depressed. A variety of spray nozzles can be attached to the end of a trigger gun. To ensure that these attachments are compatible with your trigger, check the threading on the end. Also check the threading on the hose end when buying a new trigger to ensure compatibility.

Karcher Hose

Out of all the Karcher pressure washers parts that can be replaced, damaged hoses can be the most dangerous. Hoses can crack over time, causing high pressure spray to shoot out the side. This can happen unexpectedly right after the pressure builds up when the trigger's valve is closed. To replace the hose, you must determine what diameter and thread hose you have currently. This would be a good time to get a longer hose if needed.

Spray Tips and Nozzles

Spray tips allow users to customize their pressure washing experience. Nozzles change the way water flows out of the sprayer head. Basic sprayers shoot water out on a straight line, but this can be limiting. For applications like washing the car, a fan spray head can work a lot better. Fan heads shoot water in a wide arc- perfect for cleaning off leaves from the driveway or removing dirt on stucco walls. Specialized heads have extended necks which can give users an added reach. This is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach gutters. Sprayer heads with brushes on the end can give sidewalks and brick a good scrub.

For best compatibility, always choose genuine Karcher pressure washer parts when shopping for new components. It is much easier to match Karcher parts with your machine than searching for a generic part.


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