Tips for Buying Garage Door Screens

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When you want to keep bugs and dirt out of your garage while still letting cool air in, a garage door screen can come in handy. These screens are made of material similar to those used in sliding door screens. However, they are much Garage Door Screenslarger and cover an entire garage door opening. Garage door screens mount quickly to the top of a door opening and do not obstruct the opening and closing of the door. Whether you work in the garage or have a birthday party, these screens are extremely effective at keeping pests and dirt out. The best part is that the screens let a cool breeze in and allow light to come in.

How Garage Screen Doors Work

Screens like these allow users to transform their garage interior into an additional living space. Work in the garage, host a party or detail the car with the garage door open. Adults can see kids play out front while staying behind their protective veil. The highest quality garage door screens offer double stitched edges and zippered doors. Double-sided zippers allow users to enter and exit the garage without lifting up the screen every time. When you are done using the garage door screen, simply roll it up and clip it to the top of the opening. Users can then open and close the door without interference from the screen.

Standard sizes are available and some companies will craft a custom size for non-standard garage openings. In addition to use on garages, these screens can be used on other structures such as awnings, gazebos, RV’s and more.


These screens mount to the exterior door frame where it can’t get in the way of the moving door. Most screens require no tools for installation which is an added plus. The first step is to inspect the door for peeling paint or excessive dirt. Clean the area with a damp cloth to remove particles which can affect the adhesion.  With a friend’s help, unroll the product and hold it up to the desired hanging point, usually an inch or so above the garage door top. A line can be drawn on the wall to act as a guide when applying the tape.

Cut off one-foot strips of the included “hook and loop” tape, aligning each piece in a line across the top. One piece at a time, line each strip along the guide line you drew earlier. Depending on the product, the tape may need time to cure before achieving full strength. It can be further secured by applying galvanized nails or staples over it. Starting at one end, attach the screen to the tape until you get to the opposite end.

Some screens have a slot at the bottom which users can slide a metal or wood pole into. This keeps the screen weighted down so it doesn’t blow around in the wind.

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