3 Deck Railing Ideas

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3 Deck Railing Ideas

Before building a new deck, looking at examples can help to gauge what style you want to build. Whether you’re into contemporary, country or rustic deck styles, there is something for everyone.

The following are three of the most widely used deck railing ideas which you can use to prepare for a new railing project.

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Rustic Deck Railing

One of the coolest deck railing ideas around, rustic-style railings have a strong natural look which blends with natural environments perfectly.

Rustic railings consist of a hardwood framework with natural tree branches on the place of conventional balusters. The branches need to be relatively thick to create a safe barrier for children and pets.

Some designers choose to leave the branches bare, while others like to sand them down and paint them the same color as the rest of the deck.

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To position the branches into place, large notches are cut into the top and bottom railing beams. The branches are simply aligned top/down into the bottom beam and sealed into place with the top beam.

Glue may be used but is not necessary. The functional benefit to using branches is that they never need refinishing and rarely need cleaning.

Contemporary Deck Railing

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Deck RailingContemporary deck railing ideas are in abundance, as most decks utilize the contemporary design. This style has a strong use of metal, particularly for use as balusters.

Many contemporary railings use wooden beams for the posts and upper/lower horizontal beams. The wood beams are usually quite simplistic and feature little to no curvature or intricate detail.

After all, contemporary deck railing designs tend to have a minimalistic feel.

The benefits to having a contemporary fence include ease of cleaning, ease of repair and quick build times. It is not uncommon to see contemporary railings made completely of metal.

Country Style Deck Railing

Deck RailingWhile not all country style decks are painted white, nothing says “country” like a white picket fence. If your home exhibits a country look, a while deck railing may be the perfect suitor.

To achieve a smooth finished look, such railings must be sanded and planed smooth.

Paint is applied using a hand brush, roller or better yet, a paint sprayer. A common practice is to place decorative caps on every vertical post.

Lighted caps are available which use solar energy to illuminate. While the pure white exterior may be difficult to keep clean, deck ideas like this are some of the best.

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