How to Clean an Outdoor Swing?

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A sprawling lawn, a house, and a garden will certainly be a great place to spend time with the kids or just to relax, especially if have an outdoor swing. The common problem with it is that it accumulates dirt from natural sources over time.

The best option that you can do is to clean it periodically. This will help maintain it in good shape and prevent insects from making a nest in them. During the summer months, one of the common problems that you will encounter will be paper and southern mud dauber wasps nesting in them. This will happen if you do not take the time to clean it. In order to help you make sure that you properly clean it you must follow these simple steps.

6 Simple Steps to Cleaning an Outdoor Swing

Simple Steps to Cleaning an Outdoor Swing
  1. The first step to take is to soak the whole set with water. This will help ease out your cleaning task, especially in removing mud and bird droppings. Use a hose in soaking it to save on time of work.
  2. Use a plastic brush to remove heavy-laden dirt while rinsing it with water from the hose. This will prevent dirt from spreading on other areas of the swing.
  3. A cleaner is a great help in this cleaning task. To effectively use the cleaner you must follow label instructions. It is common for these cleaners to be mixed in water so make sure that you place the recommended proportion in a pail.
  4. It is best that you start brushing outdoor swings you work your way downward. This means that you will have to start from the top to the bottom. When you brush do not forget to dip it on the cleaning solution that you have mixed on the pail when brushing the swing. Rinse it well with clean water from the hose while brushing to be time efficient.
  5. Make sure to have water continually pouring in to continually flush the dirt while you continue to move towards the lower area of your wooden outdoor swing.
  6. Other swing sets require a new coat of sealer to be applied once you are done cleaning it. It is best that whether you will need to apply a sealer or not that you must make sure that the swing set have dried up completely. It will usually dry up depending on weather conditions. Other swing set manufacturers provide a manual on how to maintain and effectively clean it. Make sure that you read your manual as well.

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