Solar Screens for Windows

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Reducing glare and protecting your home from excessive sunlight is now made easier thanks to new innovations in window shades and blinds. These days, solar screens for windows are very popular.

If this is your first time to hear such term — a solar screen for windows, then here are a couple of facts about solar window screens:

Solar Screens for Windows

What are Solar Screens?

Solar screens are also known as solar shades. Basically, they are designed to reduce glare, preserve views, and limit solar heat gain. These window covers are a special type of roller window shade that have different ranges of screen openness that allows you flexibility in light control.

The Reasons Why People Use Solar Screens for Windows

Solar shades have been proven to come with a lot of advantages. Included in the lengthy list of benefits are these three major positive notes:

  • Unlike regular window shades, solar shades won’t block the view whenever you want to minimize the lighting in a room. There are many types of solar shades; and essentially, you can keep out the sun without shutting the view because they have a unique level of opaqueness that allows you to still see what’s outside.
  • Solar shades are stylish and very modern. Because they come in different shades of color, and they can also differ in solar screen material; you have a wide range of options to choose from. These days, you can even get your solar screens personalized (e.g. have your company name printed on the screen, etc.).
  • Solar window screens can protect you from ultraviolet rays. The materials used for solar screens are designed to retract sunlight and protect you from ultraviolet rays. It just doesn’t end there. Did you know that the scorching rays of the sun can not only damage our skin, but it can also damage the furniture? So if you have solar shades on your windows, you can also be confident that your indoor fixtures are protecting from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Another big advantage of having solar screens is that they are energy efficient. Typical window blinds can only keep the glare out, but not the heat. On the other hand, solar screens can not only keep the glare out, they can also keep out a portion of the heat. So in other words, you can save a lot on electricity because you won’t need to have the air condition units at full blast.

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