Advantages Of A Rubbermaid Storage Shed


Storage solutions come in many forms, but none so refined, sturdy and intuitive as the sheds by Rubbermaid. The company Rubbermaid has many years of experience creating high quality consumer goods ranging from Tupperware to storage totes. Their shed line varies widely in shape and design, suiting a wide range of needs. All of their sheds are made with heavy duty plastic construction. This isn’t your typical plastic, either. The intelligent design is constructed using high grade polyethylene polymers, Rubbermaid Storage Shedwhich don’t chip or crack. Their sheds are not only space conscious but cleanly as well, with a variety of indoor uses as well as outdoor. Let’s take a look at some of the shed models that Rubbermaid offers.


Rubbermaid 3749 Vertical Shed

Sleek and compact, this model is intended to store long objects and keep them out of the way. Long handle tools fit perfectly into the internal compartment, keeping them safe from weather and wear. To keep tools from sliding around, the floorboard of the shed is gridded to keep them in place. The handle ends sit snugly in these grooves until you are ready to use the tool again. Several shelves are included to customize your storage space. This vertical oriented model takes advantage of previously unused space with its tall design. Seventeen cubic feet of storage volume accommodates quite a bit of storage. The doors can be locked for security and to keep dangerous tools and chemicals away from children. These types of sheds are also referred to as Rubbermaid storage cabinets and can be found at most home improvement stores.


Deck Box 5E39

While referred to as a deck box, this product is Rubbermaid shed in a low profile form. It sits on your deck or patio to provide a place to store outdoor items. The raised floor ensures that water can never leak in and damage your goods. Seven easy to assemble panels make up the unit, each made out of the same high grade plastic that Rubbermaid is known for. Eighteen cubic feet of space provides plenty of room for toys, tools and more. The interior is accessed from a hinged top door. A prop bar conveniently holds the door open for you. An optional shelf can be attached to the interior using the molded grooves.


Horizontal Rubbermaid Sheds

Similar to the deck box, the horizontal shed design accommodates anything you can fit inside, regardless of the weight. The low profile design ensures that it takes up as little space as possible while holding an impressive 32 cubic feet of stored material. As with the vertical oriented model discussed above, this unit has a grid floor to keep your stuff from moving around. Upon receiving your new Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed, it will need to be assembled. The interlocking panels go together with ease and can be assembled quickly. The doors can be locked with a padlock you provide. If portability is needed, Rubbermaid carts can be placed under the structure to roll it to a new location. As you can see, Rubbermaid outdoor storage sheds come in all shapes and sizes for varying needs.


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